DIY Ombre Word Decor


Hey!  It’s Kim here.  Today I’ve got an easy DIY decor project that anybody can pull off – even those of you who claim to be “not crafty”:     Ombre Word Decor.     Incorporating letters, words, and numbers into home decor is a hot trend right now that I love!  Ombre also happens …Continue Reading

Lilla Rose Review


Happy Mother’s Day my beautiful friends!  I hope you are all enjoying your day and that it has been wonderful and relaxing!  To brighten your day a little more I have a giveaway just for you!  This week’s Weekend Warrior is brought to you by Lilla Rose.  Lilla Rose makes beautiful hair clips and accessories …Continue Reading

How to Stay Motivated when Organizing & De-cluttering


I received this question from one of my Facebook readers and I think it’s a great question because I know we all struggle with this to a degree.  Here are her questions: “I am doing the proverbial spring cleaning….going through my closet and cupboards and throwing stuff out in mass quantities….just barely the tip of …Continue Reading

How to Keep Hardwood Floors Clean

How to keep hardwood floors clean

I’ll be honest, I probably only mop about once a month.  It’s hard to find time to mop the floors when I have a busy 3 year old running around the house all day!  However my floors stay spotless by spending about 30 seconds a day cleaning them.  What’s my secret? Washcloths. Source I have …Continue Reading

Kitchen Makeover Ideas and Transformations {2 Years in the Making}


  My kitchen has been through so many changes in the last 2 years.  When I look at pictures of it “way back when” I can hardly believe it’s the same kitchen! In this post I will give you some of my many kitchen makeover ideas and reveal all the transformations my kitchen has been …Continue Reading

How to Bake Perfect Cakes (Baking Level Cakes)


  A few years ago a friend of mine taught me this great trick for baking level cakes, and if gives you a perfect cake every time!  I really hate it when you bake a cake and end up having to cut so much of it off to make it level, so I was super …Continue Reading

An Organized Pantry {Guest Post}


  Hello!  My name is Leanne and I want to thank Anna for allowing me to share my passion for pantry storage with you!   Whether you have one shelf in a kitchen cupboard or a large walk through pantry, I’m sure you can identify with the feeling of not being able to find what you …Continue Reading

Simple & Inexpensive Chandelier Makeover


  This chandelier was in the house when we purchased it a couple of years ago.  I have never liked it but I haven’t had the money to replace it {chandeliers are expensive!}.  I had it listed on Craigslist for a few months but finally gave up on selling it when I didn’t get a …Continue Reading

Canker Sores Begone Giveaway!


I’m excited to introduce you to Canker Sores Begone because this product is an answer to so many of our prayers!  As long as I’ve known my husband he has been burdened with canker sores.  We’ve never been able to figure out what causes them, or how to get rid of them.  When I received …Continue Reading

Guest Bathroom Makeover, the Reveal!


Today I’m excited to reveal my spare bathroom makeover!  It’s been a whirlwind makeover but I’m in love with the way it turned out! Do you remember this post?  My bathroom was sad and had no identity.  It was filled with things from our previous home and, until now, it was the only untouched room …Continue Reading

How to Clean Garbage Disposal


  I’ve got a special guest today!  Please welcome Shari, who blogs over at Turnstyle Vogue.  I stumbled across this post of hers on how to clean garbage disposal and I told her she just had to share it with all of you!  Take it away Shari… One of my daily tasks when cleaning my kitchen …Continue Reading

How to Remove Nail Polish


  I shared this great tip for how to remove nail polish over at Somewhat Simple last month but it was too good to not share with you too! I saw this great tidbit in a Real Simple Magazine and I just had to try it out!  You may have noticed from all the pictures …Continue Reading