How to Clean BBQ Grills {Easy Peasy!}


  A few weeks ago I received this fabulous cleaning tip from my friend, Becky at Organizing Made Fun, which she received from her sister-in-law! Do you hate it when the BBQ grills get so crusted and burnt that they are next to impossible to clean?  I know my hubby has thought about just tossing …Continue Reading

The Best Chocolate Cake. Ever.


    I wanted to make a cake for my mother-in-law’s birthday and Malea helped me pick this recipe from Pinterest.  Turns out this is literally the best chocolate cake I have ever made, and I’ve made a lot of good cakes.  Words cannot describe how delicious this cake really is, maybe this will help: …Continue Reading

Kootie Kovie {CLOSED}


This morning I am excited to giveaway something that so many of us need: a good big.  You probably don’t need a bib but I’m sure that most of you have a messy baby that could use a good bib. Having a good “catch all” bib is so important to keeping, not only your child …Continue Reading

Agape Love Design {CLOSED}


I first heard about this next giveaway in a blog post I read back in May.   The story touched me so much that when it came time for this party I asked Maria, of Agape Love Designs if she would give one away.   I think these necklaces are gorgeous but I love the symbolism …Continue Reading

Lacy Fontaine Photography {CLOSED}


This giveaway is for my local readers!  You are the ones that helped to get Ask Anna off the ground.  You have followed me from the beginning and you gave me great questions to get me started with my content.  I am forever grateful to all of you!  Thank you for your love and for …Continue Reading

Lil’ Luna {CLOSED}


I’m sure you all know Kristyn from Lil’ Luna, if you don’t you are missing out!  Her, and her blog, are so fantastic!!!  Did you also know that Lil’ Luna is not just a blog, it’s also an Etsy shop! A few months ago Kristyn did a giveaway, on her blog, of one of the …Continue Reading

For Your Invitation {CLOSED}


I’m excited about this giveaway because one the shop owners of For your Invitation has been a follower of mine since the very beginning!  Tracie has been a long time blog supporter, encourager and friend so I am thrilled to be debuting her new shop on my blog today!!! For your Invitation is an Etsy …Continue Reading

Nikycole {CLOSED}


This afternoon I have something fun for you!  My long-time sponsor, Veronica of Nikycole, is giving away an adorable pair of fabric flower bobby pins & a jumbo paper clip. I love these bobby pins because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a little cuteness in their hair.  If I won these I’d probably wear …Continue Reading

Tricia Paints {CLOSED}


Tricia Kibler, artist I am super excited about this giveaway!  My good friend Tricia is an incredible artist and when I decided to throw a party she jumped at the opportunity to paint something for you! Tricia’s style is very unique and very beautiful.  The really cool thing is that she started paining right about …Continue Reading

ShenanAgains {CLOSED}


I know you all love free jewelry, but what about one of a kind, upcycled jewelry?  Even better right!?  Well today you are in for a treat because ShenaAgains is giving away, to one lucky follower, an upcycled men’s necktie necklace!  How cute are these!? I just love the way she re-purposes things!  I also …Continue Reading

The House Undone {CLOSED}


I’m super excited about this giveaway because it’s unlike any of the other giveaways.  Have you been over to check out The House Undone?  If you haven’t, you should, because their designs are gorgeous!  I love everything they do and today they are going to give one of you the opportunity to have a room …Continue Reading

Disappearing Molasses Spice Cookie Recipe


  This time of year I love to bake.  I love warming the house with my oven and the smell of something delicious.  I want to share this recipe with you because it is #1 so easy and #2 so delicious.  I call them the “disappearing” molasses spice cookies because they usually don’t even last …Continue Reading