Cleaning Paint off Skin

Cleaning paint off skin {a quick and easy tip} -- Ask Anna

I don’t know about you but when I do painting projects I usually end up with paint all over my hands, and sometimes even my arms and legs! Cleaning paint off your skin can be tough when you don’t have the right product but recently I was re-introduced to Fast Orange, a product I remember …Continue Reading

How to create an Interest List on Facebook (How to see my posts)

How to create an interest list on Facebook

Does it seem like I’ve disappeared off Facebook?  You probably used to see my posts all the time but now you don’t.  The funny thing is that I’ve been posting more on Facebook than every before but less and less people are seeing my posts!  This is Facebook’s way of trying to make us pay …Continue Reading

How to Remove Soap Scum & Prevent it in the Future

How to clean soap scum

People ask me all the time, how to remove soap scum from their shower doors. They literally stop me while I’m shopping, or call me, just to ask me this question, so apparently it’s a bit of a problem!  I wrote a post about this last year but it was a “reverse Ask Anna” post …Continue Reading

Pumpkin Project FAIL

Pumpkin project fail

Last weekend I posted on Facebook that I’d had a pumpkin project failure and everyone said they wanted to see what it was.  So here it is, my great idea turned FAILURE! When I got this Pottery Barn magazine I loved the pumpkin on the front cover.  Of course I didn’t want to spend a …Continue Reading

Fall Rosette Wreath

Rosette wreath for Fall -- Ask Anna

Last year I found this wreath on Pinterest and fell in love with it.  So when Fall came around this year I knew exactly which wreath I wanted to make for my front door.  We live in town so there aren’t a lot of twigs laying around, but luckily I had some tall, decorative twigs …Continue Reading

How to Schedule a Status Update on Facebook

How to schedule a status update on Facebook

If you are a blog or a business that has a Facebook page, did you know that you can schedule your status updates?  I recently learned this and it has been so nice to be able to schedule all my status updates for the day and not have to worry about it anymore!  Having a …Continue Reading

31 Ways to Plan a Fabulous Party: Days 8-14

31 ways to plan a fabulous and stress-free party

Today I’m going to share day 8-14 of how to plan a fabulous party!  Here are today’s topics: * Menu planning * Don’t be tacky * Making your party unique * Decorations * Lighting * Purchasing prizes * Getting your guest excited Menu Planning Food at a party is very important so start planning your …Continue Reading

How to Organize Shoes

Shoe organization -- Ask Anna

Recently I decided to makeover my entryway {again}.  One of my main frustrations with the old way it was decorated, was our shoe storage issue.  I have a “no shoes in the house” rule so all of our shoes are stored near the front door.  The last time I decorated I did a good job …Continue Reading

Do you follow Ask Anna?

Ask Anna on Pinterest

I know so many of you are new here so I want to take today to show you all the ways you can follow me!  There is so much good stuff on Ask Anna and I don’t want you to miss out on any of it. {Click on each of the pictures to go follow …Continue Reading

Sweet and Spicy Pumpkin Seeds Recipe

Sweet and Spicy Pumpkin Seeds Recipe

Yesterday I showed you how I carved my pumpkin and preserved it with silica packets, but now that I’ve carved the pumpkin what do I do with all the seeds?  I don’t know about you but I love to eat the pumpkin seeds from our pumpkins!  I have tried lots of different recipes and this …Continue Reading

How to Keep Pumpkins from Molding After Carving

Keep pumpkins from molding

This is the time of year where we all love to carve our pumpkins with our kiddos.  The bummer is that once you carve a pumpkin it doesn’t last very long because the mold quickly takes over, especially here where I live where the temperature are still very warm. So today I’m going to show …Continue Reading

31 Ways to Plan a Fabulous Party: Invitations

31 ways to plan a fabulous party--Ask Anna

Source Planning ahead is very important when it comes to planning a fabulous party.  The first thing you want to do is to make sure that all of your guests will be able to join you.  Two months prior to the party is too early to send out invitations but it’s not too early to …Continue Reading