How to Clean a Washing Machine {top loader}


Today I’m giving you two quick ways for how to clean a washing machine. I have written 2 posts about cleaning your washing machine, and they are both listed below. Step 1 To clean the barrel of your washing machine click HERE for the full tutorial.   Step 2 To detail the inside pieces of …Continue Reading

Fridge & Freezer Organization


  Today we are going to be cleaning our: freezers and refrigerators.   Before starting this task, now is a good time to defrost your freezer.  Once it’s defrosted wipe it out and then let’s organize it!   I love to use baskets {mine are from the Dollar Tree} in the freezer to keep similar …Continue Reading

How to Wash Indoor Plants


   Did you know that it’s important to clean your plants? They work really hard keeping the air in our homes clean, so it’s nice if we can make it easier for them to “breathe”.  You don’t want to over clean your plants, too much touching might kill them, which is why cleaning them in …Continue Reading

The Easiest Way to Clean Grout Lines


  I know this can be a tedious task but the good news is that there is a super easy way to clean grout lines!  If you didn’t see my original post on cleaning grout you can view it here. Here’s what you will need: 1. Bleach Pen 2. Sponge (I prefer the green & …Continue Reading

List Plan It: Lists to put Your World in Order

list plan it

  I am so excited to introduce you to ListPlanIt!  This is a fantastic website that has unlimited resources and lists for helping you to get organized!   Here’s a little about them in their own words: has grown from 200 lists and planning pages to around 700! As a member, you have access …Continue Reading

Best Way to Clean Walls & Touch Up Painting

best way to clean walls

  Today is Day 5 of Spring cleaning and we are going to be showing you the best way to clean walls, baseboards, and doors.  & we are touch up painting.   It’s important to not forget about these areas of our homes.  I recommend starting with wiping down the doors, walls, trim, etc. because …Continue Reading

How to Clean Windows: Tips for Washing Windows & More

How to clean windows

The sunshine is here {yay!} and when we look out at the beautiful spring day we don’t want to see fingerprints, smudges, or mildew. Today we are learning how to clean windows! First we are going to start with washing our windows and wiping down our sills.  Traditionally you think of washing your windows with …Continue Reading

How to Clean Vents


  Today we are going to learn how to clean vents by washing and waxing them!   I know it sounds crazy but this is another one of those fun things I learned from my mom.  It’s important to wash your vents at least once a year but it’s good to dust them throughout the …Continue Reading

Spring Cleaning: Eliminating Dust


Our Spring Cleaning task for today is: Eliminating dust! One of the things I love about the sunlight is that it fills your entire home with warmth and makes everything brighter.  However it also exposes things.  It exposes the dust on things that I haven’t dusted all winter long because I’ve been too lazy we …Continue Reading

Spring Cleaning: Cleaning Draperies


  Yay Spring Cleaning is FINALLY here!!!  After many many requests from all of you I have revised my Spring Cleaning posts from last year and will be re-running them for this years Spring Cleaning! I know I may be a little behind the rest of blog world for spring cleaning but I like to …Continue Reading

Giani Granite Countertop Paint Review


I am so excited to share with you one of my latest projects!  Remember this post from a couple months ago when I asked you what color I should paint my countertops?  Well we finally painted them and I am super excited to show you the results!  This is a long post {lots of pictures} …Continue Reading

Vinegar Uses: Natural Beauty Tips


This is the last day of the Vinegar Series {sad face}.  I don’t know about you but I have learned so much from this series!  If this is the first vinegar post you’ve seen then you can go back and read all of them here. Today we are talking about four easy beauty tips. I …Continue Reading