Learning to Read by Organizing


My daughter is currently 2 years and 4 months old.  She is very smart for her age and I am finding it tough to keep her challenged and learning new things because she picks everything up so quickly.  I know it’s early but I thought it would be fun to start teaching her how to …Continue Reading



(I don’t know why this didn’t post when it was supposed to this afternoon but better late then never right?)  Today is my 30th birthday!   I can’t believe that I am no longer in my 20′s.  I guess that means that I’m “officially” and adult now. :)  I’m actually really excited about turning 30, …Continue Reading

How to Remove Ink Stains


  A few weeks ago Matt built a fort for Malea out of one of our large sheets.  Malea had a friend over and unfortunately she found a red marker that had been left out.  Oops.   There was marker all over the white sheet, the guest room bedspread and Malea’s teddy bear.  Malea kept …Continue Reading

Tomatillo Roll Up


  This tomatillo roll up is so fresh and delicious, it’s one of my favorite warm-weather recipes!  It contains ingredients that I would have never thought to put together but somehow it works.  I found it a few years ago on Real Simple’s recipe website and I’m SO glad I did!! Of course I made …Continue Reading

How to Organize Medicine Bottles (How to Organize Medicine Cabinet)


Question:  Please help! I have two large shoes boxes overflowing with medicines. I’m sure a few of them have expired, but most are here to stay. The bottles are 85 different sizes. We’ve got supplements, vitamins, and OTC meds for every occasion. And, don’t get me started on the pet medicines. I know this problem is …Continue Reading

Fabulous Shelf Liner


A couple months ago {wow, has it really been that long?} my husband and I refinished our kitchen cabinets.  When we were cleaning them out I threw away all of the shelf liner that I had installed when we moved in, as well as the layers of liner from the past 45 years {gross!!!}.  I …Continue Reading

How to get Tough Stains off Glass

tough stains

  Do you have anything with a tough stain that you just can’t seem to get off?  I love my oil and vinegar bottle set but they are the biggest pain in the butt to get clean because of the narrow mouth.     I don’t know why I didn’t think of it years ago, …Continue Reading

How to Clean a Glass Cooktop


As you know I love to find products that can be used for multiple purposes.  I love my Arm & Hammer toothpaste and since I use baking soda paste (baking soda and water) for so many things around the house, I thought I’d use the toothpaste instead! The first thing that came to mind was …Continue Reading

Amazing Race Party

Amazing Race party - Ask Anna

My project for this weekend was an Amazing Race party.   This weekend we celebrated my husband’s best friend’s 30th birthday! They’ve been friends for over 15 years now!    Our two families love the Amazing Race.  We have a tradition that every Sunday night they come over, we make pizza and we watch the show.  …Continue Reading

Parmesan Tilapia

Parmesan Tilapia -- Ask Anna

  This is a simple recipe that is rich and creamy.  My husband was looking through a Costco cookbook that I’ve had for years and stumbled upon this great recipe.  It’s super easy, fast and delicious: a win win win recipe!  Below is my edited version of the ingredients (since you know how I love …Continue Reading

How to Clean a Plastic Shower Curtain

How to clean a plastic shower curtain

Question: This may be a dumb question but there is one chore in my house that I absolutely detest. It is cleaning the blasted shower curtain. Maybe it’s just me? Mine tends to get all dingy and eventually moldy and I just can not seem to get rid of it. I usually just end up …Continue Reading

How to Clean your Hair Dryer


  Does your hair dryer look like this?     Seriously gross right?  This is one thing that I’m SO bad about cleaning.  I am always in a hurry when I’m getting ready (that’s just how life is with a 2 year old) so when I’m blow drying my hair, cleaning the blow dryer is …Continue Reading