Planning our Outdoor Kitchen and Living Space!

Outdoor kitchen planning - Ask Anna

Our house is a great house for entertaining but last summer we quickly realized that our pool deck and outdoor entertaining space was MUCH too small for how many people we like to host for pool parties. When my husband and I sat down to make our project list for this year, a deck expansion …Continue Reading

Declutter Your Home Printable Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Hey everyone, Krista again.  I know there are a lot of people snowed in still, but it has been pretty warm out here in the western desert.  My irises are even starting to poke their little green leaves toward all that sunshine.  Having spent the last few months mostly inside with my kids and everything …Continue Reading

St. Patrick’s Day Food and Drinks (alcoholic & non-alcoholic)

27 St. Patrick's Day Food & Drink Recipes (alcoholic & non-alcoholic)

I love St. Patrick’s Day! It’s not really a holiday that we grew up celebrating, other than wearing green every March 17th, but since I’ve been married we’ve had a group of couples that get together every year and have a have a big St. Patty’s Day party. We do silly things like make our …Continue Reading

How to make Perfect Vacuum Lines

Tips and a video tutorial for how to make perfect vacuum lines - Ask Anna

It’s Love to Clean Friday and today I’m here with a treat! I’m sharing a video tutorial and my vacuuming tips for how to make perfect vacuum lines every time you vacuum your home! Here’s a question I received from a reader after writing my post, The Many Benefits of Vacuuming. “HOW do you vacuum …Continue Reading

Cupboard Organization and a Cleaning Tip

Scripture closet 13

I’m not going to lie, organization doesn’t come naturally to me. It is through the Lord’s good graces that I was raised by a mother with such amazing natural skill. I’m sure that it is because of her that I have developed the ability to organize, despite my default. I remember sitting in my room with …Continue Reading

Surprise Inside Birthday Cake and a Palace Pet Party

Surprise inside birthday cake - Ask Anna

Yesterday my baby girl turned six. It’s cliche to say but time really does fly! We celebrated her birthday this weekend with a Palace Pet party, at the skating rink, and my first ever surprise inside birthday cake! I’m going to show you the cake first because I’m excited with how it turned out. I …Continue Reading

The Quickest Way to Clean up Kitchen Messes

Kitchen clean ups made quick and easy with Bounty and Dawn - Ask Anna

One of my favorite things about my job is getting to learn about new cleaning products. A couple years ago I did a post for Bounty and was introduced to the Bounty DuraTowel, which quickly became my new favorite paper towel and is now the ONLY brand of paper towels I buy! So you can …Continue Reading

Spring Cleaning Printable Bundle – 9 kits for $20!

Spring Cleaning printable bundle - Ask Anna

I’m excited to share this brand new, limited time only, Spring Cleaning printable bundle with you! There are so many great printables available in this set, it’s total value is over $121.00 and you’re getting it this week for only $20!!! Spring is arriving & it’s time to open up the curtains and freshen up …Continue Reading

How to Clean Silhouette Blinds

How to clean Silhouette blinds ~ Ask Anna

It’s Friday again (woo-hoo!) which means it’s time for another great cleaning tip. Today I’m going to show you how to clean something it took me 20+ years to finally do. In the house I grew up in we had Silhouette blinds and I always wondered why people would buy them because they seemed impossible …Continue Reading

How to Clean Upholstered Furniture

A simple tutorial, how to clean upholstered furniture

I have been getting a jump on my Spring Cleaning this year because I have been working through a major de-cluttering project.  While I have been getting rid of so many things, it has been natural to deep clean everything as I go.  I was working in my bedroom last week and I remembered that …Continue Reading

Our WHITE Paneled Ceiling!!!

White paneled ceiling - Ask Anna

I know a white ceiling isn’t something people get really excited about but my post today is all about my white ceiling! Let’s start with a nice before picture, which will explain why I’m so excited! Remember this picture from my entryway makeover post? And here’s a good one from right before we moved in. …Continue Reading

My Favorite Steam Mop & a Giveaway!

Why the HomeRight SteamMachine is my favorite (and a giveaway) - Ask Anna

Thank you HomeRight for sponsoring this awesome giveaway!   Welcome back to another week of “Love to Clean”! Last week I shared all my favorite cleaning products, what I’m currently using to clean my home, and today I’m hear to share why I’m naming the HomeRight Steam Machine Plus as my favorite steam mop. Make …Continue Reading