How to Clean the Gunk around the Sink Drain

A super quick tip for getting rid of the gunk around the bathroom sink drains - Ask Anna

I’ve posted this tip on Instagram and Facebook but I though it was finally time that I wrote a post about it because people love this tip! You know that gunk that builds up around the drain in the bathroom sink? Mine is usually a pink-ish color and it looks pretty nasty. Well I have …Continue Reading

10 Things you can Clean with Steam Instead of Chemicals

10 thinkgs you can clean with steam instead of chemicals - Ask Anna

You all know how much I love the HomeRight SteamMachine Plus, right? I talked all about it in my video tutorial earlier this year. But today I wanted to show you 10 things you can clean in your house using the SteamMachine Plus, instead of having to use harsh chemicals. I figured I’d do a …Continue Reading

Painting Bathroom Cabinets with Chalkworthy

Bathroom vanity makeover with Chalkworthy antiquing paint - Ask Anna

When we were building the outdoor kitchen my granite fabricator noticed we had a downstairs bathroom and offered to make me a countertop for it, for FREE! Um, heck yes I’ll take a free countertop from my granite scraps! The only problem was once the new countertops were in they made everything else in the …Continue Reading

How to Organize Homework Supplies for Free

Organize homework supplies for free.

It’s back to school time already (can you believe it?!) and that means it’s time to help our children get ready for school work and homework. Preparation and organization really does lead to success in learning. One of the best ways to start the new school year is gathering all the supplies your child will need to complete homework …Continue Reading

An Easy tip to get Spray Paint off a Car

An easy tip to get spray paint off a car - Ask Anna

This is one of those posts that I never planned on having to write but a few weeks ago someone decided to spray paint the side of my car for me. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite the look I was going for so I reached out to my friends on Facebook to see if they had …Continue Reading

How to Clean Oven Glass so it looks Brand New!

The guaranteed way to make your oven clean as new - Ask Anna

Years ago, when I first started blogging, I wrote a post about how to clean oven glass. Over the years I’ve had lots of people comment on that post, some telling me it didn’t work for them. Wanting to find a solution for my readers I decided to revisit this tip and today I’m going …Continue Reading

DIY Fabric Covered Bulletin Board

DIY fabric covered bulletin boards - tutorial

Hi! This is Lauren from Mom Home Guide, and I am here to share my latest decorating project –DIY fabric covered bulletin boards! My twin daughters got their own rooms this year. I have been having fun adding decorative touches to their new spaces! I recently made them each a DIY fabric covered bulletin board. …Continue Reading

How to Clean Glass Shower Doors (the easy way!)

How to clean shower glass doors the EASY way

Everybody has their own ways of cleaning.  I have noticed that people have different ideas of clean.  And I have really noticed this as I have looked around the internet (Hello, Pinterest!) to find solutions to household cleaning questions.  I often run into “solutions” that just don’t work for my housekeeping problem.  My latest problem …Continue Reading

The Best Way to Organize Your Taxes and keep them Organized for 7 years

How to organize your taxes and keep them organized for 7 years - Ask Anna

I know it’s sort of silly to be talking about taxes in the middle of the year but because my blog has become my business over the years, taxes are always on my mind and it’s never too late, or early, however you look at it, to get your taxes organized. Did you know you’re …Continue Reading

Almond Toffee Crunch S’mores

Almond toffee crunch s'mores, a delicious twist on a classic favorite

Toasted almonds and crunchy toffee bits in every bite of the classic s’mores. This Almond Toffee Crunch S’mores are the ultimate summer snack. Happy Belated National S’mores Day! Hi! This is Andrea from Cooking with a Wallflower. I’m back this week to share with you a twist on the classic s’mores. It’s already mid August. …Continue Reading

DIY Sawhorse Coffee Table

DIY sawhorse coffee table tutorial - Ask Anna

It’s been years since we built our living room coffee table and when it came time to accessorizing the outdoor living room, I knew I would need one. I loved the Ipe wood on the bar so much that I asked my contractor to buy me some more so we could make a table out …Continue Reading

How to Organize Bills and Reduce Paper Clutter

How to organize bills and reduce paper clutter - Ask Anna

I know I’ve touched on this subject in the past, when I wrote about how to organize paper clutter, but today I thought I’d dig a little deeper and give you a peek into my filing cabinet to show you how to organize bills and get rid of some of the excess paper clutter. Are …Continue Reading