How to Organize a Kitchen Coffee Station

kitchen coffee station

Hi! I am Lauren from Mom Home Guide. My husband and I are BIG coffee and tea drinkers — for me, a hot cup of English Breakfast tea with a little milk and sugar is heavenly. My husband and I used to store our Keurig coffee maker on our kitchen counter, but it took up way too …Continue Reading

Deck Expansion Reveal!

Backyard deck expansion with Trex decking - Ask Anna

I know you’re all probably dying to see the outdoor kitchen makeover reveal, and I’m dying to show it to you, but I’m still waiting for a few things to get here before I can show it to you. (Don’t worry, it’s worth the wait) But in the meantime I thought I’d show you how …Continue Reading

Easy Minion Cupcakes

Minion cupcakes to celebrate the new Minion movie - Ask Anna

I don’t know what it is about the Minions that gets kids so excited (I’m probably just too old to get it) but all I know is that kids LOVE the Minions! I personally haven’t seen any of the movies but my daughter loves them and is excited about the new movie coming out in …Continue Reading

Hunger Games Capitol Party (a Panem themed birthday)

Hunger Games Captiol themed birthday party with lots of ideas for your own Panem themed party- Ask Anna

If you’ve been following me for awhile then you know that I love to throw a good party, especially for my birthday. I threw a 1920′s party for my 30th, a Mad Men party the next year and last year I threw a Celebrity Couples themed party. But this years theme took the cake. We …Continue Reading

How to get Wax off Fabric and Everything Else (Video Tutorial)

A quick video tutorial for how to remove wax from fabric or anything else it might have spilled on - Ask Anna

Last year after my Celebrity Couple birthday party I was left with lots of linens covered in wax from the candles blowing in the wind. This year my party was indoors so we didn’t have that problem, however my friend (who’s husband is a firefighter) tried to light her purse on fire by setting it …Continue Reading

A Simple & Affordable Way to Organize Pool Toys

A simple and affordable way to organize outdoor pool toys and towels - Ask Anna

Now that the weather is getting warm and our deck expansion has been completed, we are living outside more and more. Today I want to show you my super simple, and affordable, solution for how to organize pool toys, goggles, sunscreen, etc. I bought this 3-drawer wide cart (mine is no longer a cart because …Continue Reading

Organize a Summer Grab-n-Go Kit

How to organize a summer essentials kit

I don’t know about you, but my family marks the start of summer as the last day of school. Yea! Summer is here.  That means we’ll be spending lots of time outdoors. Hi, Susan here from Organized 31.  With 3 children, it seems like we’re always running out the door on our way to another …Continue Reading

It’s my Birthday!

Silver leaf birthday cake for a Hunger Games birthday party - Ask Anna

Today is my birthday. I’m turning 34 years old. This weekend we celebrated with a Panem Capitol (Hunger Games) themed birthday party complete with big hair, crazy makeup and lots of sparkle. So of course if you’re celebrating in the Capitol you have to have lots of extravagant food, which is why I decided I …Continue Reading

Outdoor Living Room Design Board

Outdoor living room design board - Ask Anna

I am getting so excited about our outdoor living space! The deck is done, the kitchen is almost done and I’m dreaming about how I’m going to decorate the living space! Next to the kitchen is a large empty space where I want to create an outdoor living room. I can see us spending tons …Continue Reading

Refreshing Cherry Lemonade

Refreshing cherry lemonade, the perfect summertime treat

Fresh cherries muddled in sweet and tart lemonade. This seasonal cherry lemonade is delicious and perfect for the warm summer. Hi! It’s Andrea from Cooking with a Wallflower. This month I’m back with a refreshing recipe that I hope you’ll love as much as I do. It’s June! Which means summer is finally here. Woohoo! …Continue Reading

How to Save Water When Watering Plants & a Giveaway!

How to save water but still water your flowers during a droughtHow to save water but still water your flowers during a drought - Ask Anna

If you haven’t watched the news lately then you might not know that we are in a major drought in California. I wish there was a way we could get some of the excess rain water from Texas and Utah here to California to fill our rivers, lakes and reservoirs, but no one has figured …Continue Reading

How to Get Ink out of a Microfiber Couch

How to get ink out of a microfiber couch, a super simple solution that only takes seconds!

While I dream of someday having beautiful leather furniture, my reality with three little mess makers is microfiber! But, I am A-ok with that for right now. Microfiber couches are inexpensive and easy to clean! I take the cushion covers off all the time and throw them in the wash! I also regularly spot clean the …Continue Reading