How to Quickly & Easily Clean a Stove top Without Chemicals

How to quickly and easily clean a stovetop without chemicals - Ask Anna

I am proud to be a 3M-sponsored blogger, and as part of my responsibilities, I get the opportunity to evaluate 3M products. All my opinions are my own and all the results you see in the post are real.   I get asked all the time for an easy way to clean the stovetop and …Continue Reading

Outdoor Living Room Reveal!!!

Outdoor living room - Ask Anna

I am so excited, like jumping out of my skin excited, to finally get to show you our outdoor living room!!! Did you see my partial reveal over on the Arhaus blog last Friday? For weeks I’ve been decorating, building and accessorizing the space to make it the perfect outdoor entertaining spot. We’ve already had …Continue Reading

“…Everyone Else Calls a Butterfly” FREE Printable Quote

"...everyone else calls a butterfly" FREE printable quote - Ask Anna

Hello again! It’s Krista and I’m back with another printable for you today. This one won’t change the way you clean and organize your life, but it’s a good reminder. One that I’ve needed lately. My niece just turned two. She’s a bubbly, vivacious and energetic little girl. She just became a big sister about …Continue Reading

Outdoor Living Room *Sneak Peek*

Outdoor living room with Arhaus - Ask Anna

When I was planning the outdoor kitchen/living space, I knew I wanted a cozy place for people to be able to relax. I shopped around to figure out exactly what I wanted and that’s when I discovered Arhaus. I showed you my design board last month and today I am excited to be over on …Continue Reading

Kitchen Demo and New Marble Counters

Carrera marble countertops

I’ve been dreaming about real stone countertops for years. We faked the look in our last house by using Giani Granite but it’s just not the same. When we moved into this house the last owner had installed Granite Transformations and everyone that came over liked them, but I hated them. They were definitely not …Continue Reading

How to Organize the Pantry for FREE

How to Organize Your Pantry for Free

Hi, Susan here from Organized 31. With summer here and the kiddos at home, keeping things organized is a priority. Reorganizing my house and particularly my pantry has been my focus the past week or so. With an organized pantry, my kids can be more self-sufficient and I can find items more easily when I’m cooking …Continue Reading

How to Paint a House Quickly and Easily

How to paint a house quickly and easily - Ask Anna

Last month when we were finishing up the outdoor kitchen I decided that I wanted to change the color of the stucco and get rid of the 80′s tan color. The granite we picked has a lot of gray tones so I thought updating the house to a light gray color would look really nice. …Continue Reading

My Favorite Guacamole Recipe

3-ingredient easy and delicious guacamole - Ask Anna

This 3-ingredient guacamole recipe is so easy and full of flavor. Your guests are guaranteed to love it and ask for the recipe, which has happened to me multiple times! I learned this super simple recipe years ago and I get compliments on it every time I make it for my friends and family. I …Continue Reading

Peach Glazed Shrimp Skewers

Peach Glazed Shrimp Skewers

Shrimp glazed with spicy peach preserves with tomatoes on skewers. These roasted peach glazed shrimp skewers are delicious and perfect for the summer. Hi! This is Andrea from Cooking with a Wallflower, and I can’t wait to share with you this delicious summer recipe. It’s July! Which means that we’re right in the middle of …Continue Reading

Kitchen Organization Ideas for an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen organization tips and ideas - Ask Anna

After our kitchen construction was finished I was eager to stock it and organize it. I remember ages ago, when I moved out into my first apartment, my dad took me to Walmart and helped me pick out everything I’d need in my new kitchen. Keeping that experience in mind I did the same thing …Continue Reading

Outdoor Kitchen Reveal!!!

Custom outdoor kitchen - Ask Anna

I am so excited to finally get to show you our outdoor kitchen! It’s been done for a couple weeks but I wanted to get it decorated before I showed you the final reveal… and it’s time!!! Before I show you the “after” pictures I have to show you what it used to look like, …Continue Reading

How to Organize a Kitchen Coffee Station

kitchen coffee station

Hi! I am Lauren from Mom Home Guide. My husband and I are BIG coffee and tea drinkers — for me, a hot cup of English Breakfast tea with a little milk and sugar is heavenly. My husband and I used to store our Keurig coffee maker on our kitchen counter, but it took up way too …Continue Reading