Office Makeover Bling

Office makeover chandelier - Ask Anna

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated you on my office makeover. I’m not done yet but since my post on the built-ins we’ve installed baseboards, sheer drapes and a little bling. I’m assuming y’all know what “bling” is but just in case you don’t, it’s defined as “expensive and flashy jewelry, clothing, or other possessions“. …Continue Reading

DIY Industrial Shelves Tutorial

Tutorial: how to build industrial shelves - Ask Anna

My laundry room was the first room I ever made over in our new house. It was cute and the charm lasted for awhile but after a few month I decided I didn’t really like what I’d done because I decorated it before getting a good feel for the house and what it’s style was. …Continue Reading

Tutorial – How to Reupholster a Chair Cushion

chair cushion 2

Reupholstering cushions has got to be one of my favorite projects. It’s always amazing to me how much a little time and fabric can update or give a chair a whole new look! I can’t count how many I’ve reupholstered, but I’ve enjoyed the process each time. Here are some easy step-by-step instructions on how …Continue Reading

How to Make your House Smell Good (like a Spa!)

How to make your house smell like a spa - Ask Anna

Last October my mother-in-law took my sister-in-law and I to Villa La Estancia, a resort in Mexico, to celebrate her 60th birthday. It was an incredible place and from the moment you walked in the front doors you felt like royalty. People were there greeting you, saying “welcome home”, everyone was so friendly and best …Continue Reading

How to get Makeup Stains out of Clothes

How to get makeup stains out of clothes -

Today I’m super excited to introduce you to a new contributor for Ask Anna! Meet my blog friend Angelina from the blog JoJo and Eloise. She is amazing and I have followed her blog for a long time, always in awe of her incredible talents, photography skills and adorable children! I am SO excited to …Continue Reading

Birthday Balloon Cake with a Surprise Inside!

Balloon cake - Ask Anna

I’ve made lots of cakes over the years but only for my kids’ birthday parties and a few other things. I’ve never thought of myself as an expert, by any means of the word, but when my husband’s co-worker called me and told me she wanted to hire me to bake a cake for her …Continue Reading

Coat Closet Organization

Coat closet organization - Ask Anna

Our coat closet drives me crazy. It’s full of coats (of courses) and it’s also the place we store our vacuums, mops, etc. so every time I go to pull out a vacuum it gets stuck on a coat, or every time I put away a coat, it knocks over a vacuum (AHHHH!). Well after …Continue Reading

Company’s Coming – Getting Ready for Overnight Guests

4 simple tips to get ready for overnight guests

Are we ever really ready for house guests? We are currently making a lot of changes in our home and all the rooms in our house are in flux.  We are calling it the “7 Year Itch” and no room is safe from our remodeling and make-over-ing. As such, when my in-laws called and asked …Continue Reading

5 Tips for Organizing Box Tops & Labels

Tips for Organizing Box Tops & Labels for Education

Hi, Susan here from Organized 31.  We’re well into the school year and recently I noticed that my junk drawer was overflowing with our collection of Box Tops and Labels for Education.  I’ve found these 5 tips helpful in organizing and managing our Box Tops and Labels as we collect them for our school. Our family faithfully collects …Continue Reading

25+ must-do Spring Cleaning Tasks & Free Printables

Spring Cleaning: 25 Must Do Jobs and Free Printables | Ask Anna

Spring is just days away and it is also time for… Spring Cleaning!  Today I am sharing 25+ must-do spring cleaning tasks and some free printables that I know will be so helpful for you! Don’t worry, I’ve included helpful tips and tutorials to help you along the way! Let’s get down to business! The …Continue Reading

Painting Essentials for Large and Small Jobs (Giveaway!)

HomeRight painting essentials giveaway - Ask Anna

A few weeks ago we FINALLY had our green ceilings painted white. The painters were nice enough to cut in the wall color all around the ceiling but once they did that it made me realize how much painting I still have left to do. When we first moved in I painted the walls but …Continue Reading

Creamy Pesto Vegetable Lasagna Soup

Creamy Pesto Vegetable Lasagna Soup

Lasagna noodles cooked with vegetables in a creamy pesto soup. This delicious and simple to make creamy pesto vegetable lasagna soup is the perfect way to keep warm during the cold winter. Hi, it’s Andrea from Cooking with a Wallflower, and I’m back this month to share with you a recipe for Creamy Pesto Vegetable …Continue Reading