How to Clean Between Oven Window Glass

Since writing the post on how to clean the oven, I have received so many questions about how to clean between oven window glass, so today I am finally posting a tutorial for you!

Step 1: Remove the drawer from below the oven.

Step 2: Build a cleaning contraption.  Luckily I had saved a wire hanger from the dry cleaners, for just an occasion like this!

I straightened the hanger and then attached a cleaning wipe to the hook on the end.  Use a rubber band to secure the wipe, to make sure you don’t lose it in between the glass!

I recommend using a glass cleaner wipe, such as these Windex wipes.

Step 3: Lay down on the floor and look under the door of your oven.  You will see slots between the oven door and the  window glass, that look like these.

Step 4: Slide the cleaning “contraption” up through the slats.

Push it up between the oven window glass, cleaning from side to side as you move it up, farther into the door.

Step 5: Pull the cleaning “contraption” out of the slots when you are done cleaning between the window glass.  If your glass is really dirty it might take a couple of wipes to get it all clean.  I was surprised to see how dirty mine was!

Step 6: Enjoy your clean, streak-free oven door!

I found the information for this tutorial on this forum.


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  1. Now I know why the glass still looks terrible even after I’ve cleaned the inside and outside of the glass. I seriously did not know that it was possible to clean between the panes of glass on the oven door. I don’t think I would have ever thought of lying on the floor to look up under the oven door.
    Thanks for the tip :)

    • I tried this method but broke 2 hangers. Tried anyway, but couldn’t get at it as well. Most oven doors come off, so no need to lay on the floor.

      • I just did this! I remembered seeing this on Pinterest, Thank you for posting! I used an extra long paint stick since I didn’t have wire hangers. Worked great for anyone not having luck with the hangers.

      • That’s a great idea!

      • Took our oven door off and when trying to put it back on my husband broke the glass. So, maybe it’s better to lay on the floor.

      • Be careful taking that oven door off!! The hinges are on springs. I had one clamp shut on my hand and needed seven stitches!!

    • chloie Nelson says:

      Great idea going into the kitchen to try this out and I will post the outcome.

    • Bonnie Hilley says:

      Now, tell me how you get up off the floor!!!

    • Maureen says:

      My oven door comes off, you don’t have to lay on the floor, I have a Sears glass top.

    • It is much easier to just take the oven door right off and take out the glass. If you do it properly and take your time, you won’t break the glass.

    • All conventional ovens have an oven door that will slide straight up off the hinges. Why not take the door off and turn it upside down instead of lying on the floor looking up. When done slide the door back onto hinges and your are done and not in the floor.

  2. Anna, wouldn’t it be easier to just pull the door off instead of lying on the floor…

    • You could do that too. :) I didn’t mind lying on the floor.

    • You can take the door off???? 😀

      • Yes most ovens you can , open door only slightly, and lift up it will remove from hinges. Look up your manual on line if you don’t have one. I don’t like to do it this , because I think over time of removing the door you loose the tightness. But I’m going to try this tip above my door has had drips in between glass since I first used it, and a girlfriend has the same oven with the exact same drip inbetween glass.

      • yes!!!

    • A lot of oven doors don’t come off (mine for instance)

      • Your door does come off.
        I have never seen an oven that you couldn’t take the door off.

      • If you don’t know how to take the door off just read your manual. If you don’t have your manual any more or can’t find it, go on line and put in the search engine your type of stove name along with the question how to remove oven door. Example: How to remove oven door on a GE oven. Joseph is correct, all oven doors come off unless you have an oven that is really really old.

      • check your manual. Mine didn’t just lift off like the older ones did, I had to drop the little “latches” on each hinge, then it came off super easy.

      • Jeanne, thanks for the latch tip. We couldn’t figure out how to get the door off until I read that. Wa La! I had tried to do it laying on the ground and got some of the gunk, but nothing like when I took the door off and could really see what I was doing.

  3. Awesome! I totally needed this! Pinned!

    • Worked great had a place on each side of the oven door, very small, but was able to get into and clean. So happy to know this, as I was going nuts not being able to get it clean. Thank you.

      • Awesome, you’re welcome!

      • OMG!
        Thank you Anna, you can’t imagine how crazy this has been driving me for years and now that we are considering selling the house I wasn’t sure how i was going to clean those drips up!

  4. I cleaned the outside of the door and got some product on the inside. It’s been driving me crazy all summer. Thank you so much for sharing this – it’s going to make me feel a lot better once I get it cleaned out!!

  5. Ugh – I just checked and there is a screw-on grate I’d have to get off to access it. Not sure I’m that dedicated. At least under the oven got a good vacuum :)

  6. Anne Marie says:

    This is a wonderful idea – thanks – Happy New Year to you and your family.

  7. That’s super clever! I had never even thought to clean there. For a greener solution you could use a cleaning cloth dampened with homemade glass cleaning solution. I’m going to give this a try soon. Great post. :)

  8. Hi Anna, I have the same oven so I tried this. It was a bit streaky so I investigated a little more and discovered if one removes the 3 screws under there yiu can lift out the whole front glass panel, which gives you full access to all glass surfaces! Thanks so much for your tutorial. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have figured this out!

    • My husband contacted the manufacturer of our oven (Frigidaire) and they told him how to do it by removing the door, also removing those screws and getting to the glass that way. It was a lot of work but it has remained clean for at least 9 months now and I have used the oven often. I remember that the glass got all steamed up and left a large areas of white streaky residue behind the first few times I used it when it was new. Odd.

      • I think taking the door apart and removing the two pieces of glass is the most effective way to clean. There’s one caveat to this method: the inside glass is tempered so it will withstand the heat of the oven, the outside glass is not. Just be sure you keep track and put the tempered piece back on the inside.

      • I agree with your husband, the only way to get the cooking residue off the inside of that glass it to take the door apart and CLEAN it, My Frigidaire was a pickle the first time I did that, because I didn’t remove the door from the oven first. and those screws were SO hard to get at! After I found out how easily the oven door lifts off, cleaning well was a cinch..

  9. at least worth a try for sure.

  10. These doors have screws that can be removed to allow you access to the inside glass. Cleaning through the vent opening is crazy frustrating. Just remove the screws and have full access to glass and thoroughly clean.

    • Removing the screws is a snap – just don’t loose them because I can tell you from personal experience they are a ‘custom’ screw and one cost me over $30 to get a new one….

  11. This post made me laugh. I had no idea that was how you clean between the glass. Maybe I’ll just leave mine dirty.

    • Haha, well at least now you know in case something ever spills down there. :)

      • Thank you Anna, as the other girls, this has been driving me crazy! I agree with you Anna, I would rather clean it as you have suggested – I’m too concerned I would lose the tightness of the way the door is sealed. God bless.

    • I agree with you but my big problem is there is no drawer in my stove. just moved recently and who would think there would be no drawer. my last stove had no glass so never had to worry about cleaning it—20 years later still clean(HA HA) HAVE a good day

  12. Thank you for this great idea! Yes you can take the door apart… I have, BUT, it was a pain in the butt. It took a lot longer than what this will take and when putting the door back together and back on….EVERYTHING has to be alighned EXACTLY or you run into problems which was time consuming for me. I will definitely be using this idea…I have put off cleaning this due to the troubles it was taking it apart….so thanks again for this post., now off to cleaning I go.:0)

  13. The spots on the glass have been making me crazy for 2 years- I literally have tears of joy that you discovered this solution. I just did it and it worked like a charm!!!! Thank you!!!

    • Yay! I’m so happy I could help! :)

    • A Pisciotta says:

      We have the same exact oven and I have asked all the salespeople where ever we have gone as well as calling the manufacturer and even repair people-no one knew of a way to clean this. I cannot even begin to tell you how frustrated I was about the spots in between the door-drove me insane! I cannot wait to try this.
      PS Manufacturer told us the only way was to remove the door, but did not recommend it-guess I’m not that brave! Thanks for the alternative!

  14. I would much rather do what you’re suggesting than take the door apart, which would be a big hassle AND void my warranty! Going to give this a try, but not sure how far I will get since mine is in the wall (no drawer to remove, no access to the bottom like yours… I do have vents at the top of the door, so we shall see!). My oven is a thing of beauty but the glass is just gross… can’t wait to see if this will work for me! :)

  15. thanks for posting this. I have the same exact oven and it is horrible to keep clean, esp betwn the glass.

  16. Patt Butti says:

    Dear Anna, Inside my refrigerator crisper drawers, there is a double plastic front on it. Things leak down inside this and I’m unable to clean it out. Got any ideas?

    • Can you find where the leaks are getting in? Once you find the source of how the leaks are getting inside the plastic, I would use a similar technique to the oven glass to clean between the plastic on your drawers.

    • I have the same problem. What I do is spray the heck out of it with all purpose cleaner, wait a bit then place it under the faucet with the hot water running on it. I have a faucet with a hose which makes it easier to direct the water right on it. Hope this helps.

    • I had refrigerator bins like that. I used a dental water pick to blast the crud out. Works great.

  17. Just a word of warning… I tried this and my oven has insulation in the door and it is blocking these slots so I accidentally moved the insulation. I’m not going to try any further

  18. Great tip! I didn’t know that…should have, but didn’t. lol
    Debbie :)

  19. Robin Wilson says:

    Anna – thanks so much for passing on this info!! You are the best.

    PS: Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll sent me!

  20. Anna!
    Your so smart…….I have been married for 39 years,consider myself a good cleaner and I NEVER knew you could clean between the glass of an oven! Thanks I will keep that in mind!!!

  21. Great stuff, always wanted a way to clean those blasted over doors, I’m stoked. Thanks

  22. Thank you for this Anna! It worked well and now the dust that has been driving me crazy for years is gone!

  23. I love these blogs, this oven door cleaning is a great idea I will be putting it into action then maybe I will be able to see what I am cooking!

  24. We just self-cleaned this exact oven and the plastic vent area is now looking burnt! It is stained brown and we cannot get it clean. Any suggestions?

    • Yeah mine does that too, I hate it. A Magic Eraser will get it off. :)

      • I have the same oven. Mine has the burnt areas on top of the door too! And I feel like the whole door doesn’t have a snug fit when closed. Maybe the previous owners took the door off to clean the glass :) Any one else have the non-sealing issue or an idea of how to fix it?

      • I’ve tried a magic eraser on the burnt spots on top of oven door from the self cleaning option. Didn’t work on mine. Any other ideas? Thanks!

      • I use Arm & Hammer toothpaste to clean tough spots on my cooktop, I think it should do the trick for those tough spots too. I know it sounds crazy but it really works! Here’s my post on it”

  25. whati'vefound says:

    It always amazes me how many people do not know that almost all oven doors come off. Self cleaning ovens – not likely. But the rest – usually do. Some of the newer ovens may have a little “handle” type lever on the hinges that may need to be flipped down first, (do both hinges) but not all. Just open the door all the way, grab on both sides firmly about half way down and lift up slightly then pull out. Set on table or counter to work instead of laying on floor. This also makes it easier to reach the back and roof of the inside of the oven when cleaning it.

  26. Brilliant. I love getting things REALLY, REALLY clean whenever I clean them, which may not be that often. But when I want done, I want it done right. Thank you for the step by step instructions!

  27. Marguerite says:

    We took screws out, removed a pain of glass, cleaned it back. Put back together. Now the drawer closes in too far/ not flush with stove front. Can anyone help!?

  28. I can’t wait to try this. I thought I’d have to take my door apart. Thanks!

  29. I opened the door to clean in between and could never get it back together right with the rubber around the edge, and I’m pretty handy, frustrating!!!

  30. wow…cool thanks

  31. Beth Spencer says:

    I love reading your site!!

  32. Great tip! Thanks so much for this helpful tutorial! The pics certainly make it easier!

  33. Amazing. I would never have thought of doing this! Happy EASTER & happy prepping, in a squeeky clean kitchen!

  34. Thank you for this post! It is very helpful! I look forward to tackling my oven door too! I repinned it! :)

  35. Maryann houlihan says:

    I have wanted to know this answer for 37 years. Always a cleaning buff and hated the dirty glass. All that time and it was so easy. Thank you!

  36. Melanie says:

    I am unable to access the page about how to clean between oven glass because this comment box is blocking the bottom of the page. Please advise.

  37. Makabaggins says:

    I wish I knew this before reading another blogs page… It’s only four screws to take the glass off the door…. And $150 to replace the glass after you break it:(
    This is a winner in my book! Thank you!

  38. Cindy D. says:

    Oh Thank You, Thank You! Last week I looked at my oven door and wondered why the door was so dirty. I just cleaned it! Then I looked closer and saw the mess was between the 2 layers of glass. I thought I will never get in there, but you have saved the day. Thank you.

  39. Tried again. This time used clorex wipes. Guess what, it worked. I also found that after I took off the door that it was easier to clean if I put door at a slant rather than lay it flat.

  40. all u have to do is remove door of oven. tilt door out lift off clean and replace no struggle this way.

  41. Wouldn’t it be much easier to just remove the door,then laying on your backon the floor,the door will com off easy enough

  42. christina voth says:

    Most ovens have three screws at the bottom of the door to remove the trim piece that holds the glass on, remove screws, remove glass clean & replace. Much easier!

  43. I take my oven door off and lay it on the countertop or table and clean it the same way. This is easier than having to get on the floor

  44. I love this!! I can’t get on the floor though so think I’ll just take the door off and turn it upside down! Thanks :)

  45. Cristal Campbell says:

    what is the best product to clean shower stalls I think I have tried everything and although some scum comes off their is always some that wants to hang in there. Thank you

  46. I can see this as a way to clean between the glass but why not just take the door off and lay it on the floor to clean it rather than having to lie on the floor and look up. Most all oven doors can be removed.

  47. Hi All.

    Ever wonder why it gets so dirty in there in the first place. It made me crazy until I figured it out.

    I eventually realized that it was steam condensation from NOT preheating the oven long enough to warm the glass through.

    After taking the oven door apart several times (mine is old and has many screws and painful layers) it struck me when I noticed condensation one time. I now preheat a little longer and have never had the problem again.

  48. Thanks for the tip. . I tried the hanger and it worked but there are still 2 drips inside the double pane that I just can’t reach. I also have some gunk spots from self-cleaning. Arrrgh !I called our local Maytag repair center (just down the street) and they said if I bring the door in they will clean it for $25. After all the time I’ve spent I figure $25 is worth not having to take the door apart and put it back together :). Now I have more time to work on the dingy vinyl floor in the laundry room. Any tips for that :).

  49. Oh thank you soooo much for this cleaning tip! I have been trying to hide my oven doors with dish towels hanging on the handles because I thought it was hopeless! It will be a BIG relief to get this job done!!

    btw- I am a 1st time visitor, and I’m already in love with your site! Can’t wait to read and learn some more!!

  50. THANK YOU – This is SO timely as we are renting out our house and just getting ready to do a big clean and I had NO IDEA how to clean that in-between part of the glass!

  51. Any ideas on how to clean the space between the microwave door window?

  52. Jacqueline says:

    You are awesome. I was so ashamed of my nasty oven in my cute kitchen. I thought I would have to buy a new stove. I can’t remove my glass like some of the other people on here, so this is a life(&money) saver. Now off to my mom’s with my cleaning contraption;)

  53. This is great! That window of the oven has driven me crazy forever!!! I honestly cannot wait to get home and try this!

  54. Wouldn’t it be easier if you took the door off the hinges first and turn it upside down or even lay it on the kitchen table? just saying…

  55. You can also slowly open the oven door, there is a natural stop there for leaving the door open when broiling. You can now lift up the oven door and lay it on a flat surface. I use my table with a protective cover on it. Now you can access the bottom of the door without laying on the floor.

  56. I took my oven door off and then apart to clean it. The moisture bead was back in a week. Can the glass be sealed in some way to prevent this? Some type of caulk that would withstand the heat?

    • I would ask someone at an appliance store. I don’t want to tell you something and then have it start a fire in your oven. :/

  57. I dread cleaning the oven…this is really helpful though, thank you!

  58. luckyinwv says:

    I have had my husband take the glass out a couple years ago but never again! We had major trouble putting back together.Thank you for this great tip! I will try it tomorrow :)

  59. Kathleen says:

    Thank you so much!! I ve been wanting to do this for so long and didnt know how to get between there.

  60. How can you clean between the glass on a microwave, or can you? I think they are sealed.

    • I haven’t found a solution to this, because my door doesn’t come apart and I can’t get the glass out, sorry. You can try You Tubing it.

  61. I used a dryer vent cleaning brush (it has a long, flexible handle) I wrapped it in a cleaning cloth and doused it with window cleaner. I didn’t have to take the drawer out or the door off. I pulled the drawer open, and just squatted down to feel for the openings in the bottom of the drawer. I noticed on my oven door that that are vent slots at the top, and I guess that’s how the drips get in there. Wonder why they make them that way? Thank you for the tips! happy with a nice clean oven door…

  62. Maryanne Clark says:

    For years I’ve been hoping there is a way to clean between the oven glass never thought to look
    under the oven door. I even asked a man once who I thought was very bright, but he had no answer.
    I hated to look at the over not be able to clean between the glass.
    Thank you very much for being so inventive.
    As I always heard and say, necessity is the mother of invention.
    I’m one for inventions especially when you can recycle and reuse.

  63. GeorgiaLes says:

    I like the idea; I’ll have to try it. However the idea brings back memories of me taking my oven door apart over 20 years ago so I could clean inside the glass. I did get the glass clean but I had a helluva time getting the door back together. I sat on the floor and cried because I wished my dad was still around to help me put the door back together. Eventually I got it together and did get the door together but it was quite an ordeal. I won’t do that again.

  64. Danielle says:

    Yes!!! Thank you!

  65. I love it, except you left out the fact that you can take the door off, then turn it upside down. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis so bad that laying on the floor would be awful, mostly when it came to getting back up! :)

  66. Thank you so much that has been bugging me for years!!! you are brilliant!!

  67. Thank you soooo much Fabulous idea!!!!!

  68. Wow. I had no idea you could clean the glass that easily. I will try that. Great idea.

  69. elizabeth baker says:

    Isn’t it easier to remove the door rather than laying on the floor, what I do is remove the door it just slides off, lay it on table remove the four screws that hold the pieces together . clean the glass and put the two pieces back together screw in place put door back on

  70. Oh My Gosh! My oven window has needed cleaning since just after I bought it which is YEARS AGO! I’m on vacation now but can’t wait to get back to try this! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  71. I just take the door apart it is very easy

  72. Ok going to try this. Now I have a over the stove microwave that the window looks dirty/burnt. Any ideas?

  73. I was so happy to find this! I have been wondering for a long time how I could ever clean between the glass on the oven door. I thought I would just have to buy a new stove! Thanks for saving me the expense.

  74. I just take the handle off the doors once a month and pull the 2 door pieces apart and clean the other side of the glass. Been doing it for about 5 years now and haven’t had any adverse affects to the oven.

  75. Jeanette Huddleston says:

    I am so excited to try this. I am going to do it first thing tomorrow. Kudos to you for sharing!!!

  76. I have abug in the clock area of my stove how do you get it out?

    • How the heck did it get in there!? :) I think you might have to call and ask the appliance store, I’m not sure about that one, sorry.

  77. I only just had something spill and get between the glass and wondered how I was suppose top clean that! Thanks

  78. O.K. what happens when you clean your oven door & the baking soda & vinegar seep between the glass [bad seal i guess] and your oven is wall mounted with NO drawer under? i need help!
    signed terrible housekeeper

    • Oh no! Well since we recently moved I also now have wall mounted ovens and when you open the oven door there is a slit at the top, similar to how there’s a slot in the bottom of my other oven. You should be able to clean it the same way, just coming from the top instead. :)

  79. Thank you soooo much for this information! I’ve got drips between the glass that have been bugging me for YEARS. Can’t wait to try your method.

  80. This does work and I am very grateful for the post! Was hard work, but I can see thru oven glass again without drips running thru glass. They had been driving me crazy. I resorted to a ScotchBrite streak free cloth for windows, rubberbanded to a hanger to get more cleaning surface to finish up after using many Windex wipes. Thank You!

  81. Forgot to say, I sat on a footstool and used a mirror on floor to see openings instead of laying on the floor.

  82. i do not have them openings

  83. I am so glad to know this. I actually have cobwebs between the glasses in my oven door, and they have been there FOREVER! This is getting done tomorrow.

    • So do I! I have always been so embarrassed by it. I have many people over for meals and entertaining. I went to look at mine from underneath and found a very large slit all the way along the glass. I removed the cobwebs in seconds! I will do a thorough oven cleaning tomorrow. Thank you so much for the help. I called the manufacturer and they told me only a service technician could take the door apart and clean the cobwebs.

  84. thanks been trying every way did not think about the door leften out great!

  85. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I moved into my home several years back and there was a very annoying amount of yuck between the pieces of glass on my oven. Hated it, always looked dirty. I read this post and immediately took apart my oven – my door actually comes off with a bit of muscle. Glass now sparkles!!! You’re tip was amazing!

  86. How do you clean the glass on the oven door? Thank you for you answer.

  87. This was awesome! Thanks so much. One more thing that bugged me but had no clue how to clean!

  88. oh my goodness! Thank you so much for the info! I was just about to start unscrewing and taking apart my oven to get between the glass! The spots inside were driving my nuts:)

  89. Bettye Hayden says:

    My oven is built in and doesn’t have a drawer. Anyway to clean between the glass on this type of door?

    • The oven in our new house is built in too and instead of having slits in the bottom of the door it has them on the top. Take a look at yours and tell me if it doesn’t have any and then I can look up a post another blogger I know wrote, about taking the door apart.

  90. Joy Cjhristie says:

    Love this information!
    My oven will look fabulous by Thanksgiving!

  91. margie hayduk says:

    No website yet! just want you to know I am 3 months shy of 60 and this is the first time I have seen how to clean inside oven glass!

  92. I never knew there was a way to clean between the oven glass. Thanks A LOT

  93. I’m going to try this – this is so cool! I didn’t know one could clean between the glass – DUH! I would rather not take the door off – works for m! Thanks, Anna! Now I have new hope of getting the two lines of pancake batter cleaned out!!!

  94. TalleySueNY says:

    That’s my very stove! And it has a drip of some sort inside the oven door. Thanks!

  95. Kathy Spicer says:

    Thanks! I’ve wondered for a long time how I was going to do this!

  96. Melina Yrojo says:

    Thanks for the tutorial on streak-free oven glass

  97. I did not know you could get to this without disassembling the door!

    Does anyone know how to access this part with a wall oven (no drawer underneath)?

  98. This has been driving me CRAZY for the past couple years. I don’t have so much gunk/streaks as I do cat hair in there!! OMG it’s so embarassing. I suppose the heat pulls it up. I did not realize there were slats at the bottom, and mine has huge slats. Getting my vac and small hose and finally getting that hair out of there. Yea, we have long haired cats, and we love them. But not the hair!




  100. Loved this hint….and the ideas from all others. I need all the help I can get to clean my house quickly, efficiently. Thanks a bunch!!

  101. can this be done on a self-cleaning oven? I sure hope so!

  102. I paid an appliance repairman to have the glass cleaned between my oven door and now it is badly streaked again. I can’t afford to keep paying to have someone come and take the door apart to clean it. so needless to say I was so glad i came upon your tip on pinterest when looking over the top pins of 2013. This streak has been bothering me and I have been covering it by hanging a towel on the door handle. Thanks for sharing.

  103. Any suggestions for an oven with no drawer? Mine is a double oven and the glass is FILTHY!

  104. Deborah Mobberly says:

    I never knew how on my old stoves. I have a new stove now so I will know how if it gets dirty. Thanks so much.

  105. Alita DeVere says:

    OMG you are a life saver! I never knew this, and thought my Grandmother had every trick in the book! Fabulous tip thanks 😀

  106. Santina Tadduni says:

    Nice, will try this

  107. Omg so happy to find this pin, have been covering soiled glass with fancy towels forever. can’t wait to run out to get windex wipes. Thanks for sharing!

  108. Great idea! But what about the interior oven glass surface that has baked on splatters, etc. What a mess! Other family members did the cooking for about a year and I cannot get it clean. I did a search on your website but nothing came up. Can you help, Anna? By the way, you have a beautiful family.

  109. You Rock!!!

  110. Carol stock says:

    Thank You!!!! this has been driving me nuts

  111. I am going to try your oven glass cleaning tip, and sure do hope it works as easy as it looks. Thankyou.

  112. this problem has haunted. I hang oven cloths and tea towels over the door to mask the window. I will try this. Thank you.

  113. jamice owens says:

    I am so thankful to have found this info. I’ve gone almost nuts trying to figure this out and was thinking of purchasing a new stove simply because the glass was dirty. There is one issue…how am I going to get up off the floor (kidding-but wondering). Again, thanks for the info. Looking forward to a clean oven door.

  114. Catherine BTW says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! This has been making me crazy for YEARS!!! ;-D Catherine

  115. jennifer skinner says:

    freakin genius! mine has this cobweb of nasty inside I hate sooooo much I was gonna use it as my big excuse to get a new one. Thanks for that tip! I have the exact stove so I’m sure it will work yay!

  116. Even ServePro didn’t know how to clean this — I’m impressed!!
    Can’t wait to try!

  117. Awesome possum! I did this for my mother and scored major brownie points. Neither one of us knew this was possible.

  118. I KNEW there had to be a better way than to take the entire door apart!
    Had no idea there were little vents down there, and yes, your method worked splendidly.
    Thank you for saving me hours of frustration!
    And I love my clean oven glass!

  119. Thank goodness for pinterest! I have been wondering how to do this for awhile now… though honestly I haven’t investigated how at all. I am going to investigate further this weekend. I have a healthy supply of annoying wire hangers from the drycleaner, I would be happy to have a few fewer!

  120. I found your blog through….THANK YOU! This is perfect. I’ve always wondered how to clean that area….I am going to try this tomorrow. Thanks again!

  121. There are 4 screws that you can easily remove from the bottom of the door and the glass comes off for easy cleaning.

  122. Sybil Hyde says:

    Hi Anna,
    Thanks for the tip. I will try it, however, I’m a senior and I’m not sure if I get down I can get up. lol Bad knees is a bummer. A great way to have my grandson earn extra money.

  123. Could you please give me an idea on how to wash walls and ceilings without climbing a ladder? It is getting almost impossible to do it with a rag & bucket.

  124. Cathy Kennedy says:

    Very cool! I am saving this link so that I can this very thing. My oven glass really needs this bad. Thanks for the tip!

  125. I have never known how to clean that and it always frustrated me. Thanks for the tip!

  126. thanks for sharing this. I was thinking about take the door now I don’t have to.. thanks so much.

  127. Can u tell me how to clean between microwave glass? Will the oven tip work for microwaves?

    • Hey this is Monique Anna’s assistant. I am helping her answer some of the comments. Her is Anna’s response:
      I have not tried this tip on the microwave glass. I’ve owned a few different microwaves and I’ve never been able to figure out how to clean inside of the glass. If it’s really dirty you could probably take it to a local appliance store and ask them to clean it. Sorry I can’t be more help for this one! :)

  128. Thank you so much.I took mine a part an it took me 45 minutes for the smaller one…

  129. Bill Marsh says:

    Very cool, thank you.

  130. Naomi jolly says:

    I am so glad to have found this . My oven door has a huge streak all way down and i am sure going to try this . i had no idea there was an opening . I dont know how the streak got between my glass ? thank you so much .

  131. Agostino k says:

    Good idea! But I’ll rather do it the other way buy taking a part the oven door seein that you’ll, be a ale to clean all 3 peaces of glass there and it only take about 20 min to take it apart and bit it back together!

  132. Oh thank you!!! I clean houses by day and sell Pampered Chef any other time. I have one client that has asked me on a couple occasions to clean ‘that’ area…and I’ve told her I could not get there…now I can! Oh will she be surprised the next time I clean her home! (or I may email her this and ask her if she can do it…it may take me more than my alloted time) Either way…perfrect!

  133. Debbi Onischuk says:

    such a neat idea… must try when I get home !!!

  134. Dora Winburn says:

    what can I do to take the sticky off of my refrigerator and stove hood?

    • mreynolds says:

      Hello Dora,

      This is Monique, Anna’s assistant. This is a great question. Anna is working on a post to answer this question and it shoud be on the blog next week some time!

  135. I have a double oven. There is no drawer. What then?

    • Hey, I am Monique, Anna’s assistant. I am helping her out by answering some of the questions. Here is her response: I have a double oven in our new house and there are slits (similar to the ones in the pictures) at the top of the door, instead of the bottom. Look for them and see if you oven has them, if it does you can clean it the same way. I will be writing a post about this soon since it’s a popular question. :)

  136. Great! Now only if someone could figure out how to do the same for a microwave.

  137. Works great

  138. My oven is in the way and height is great for me. Opened the door and across the top are spaces that are just short of 2 1/2″ each and it worked great. Thank you so much.

  139. ron drover says:

    In most ranges the oven door will pull out of the hindges quite easily making the job even easier. Great tip.

  140. This is something i will surely try.
    Now, how do you get whites white again?.
    I tried, iron out, oxi clean, javex and vinegar.

  141. Marsha Napier says:

    Thank u so much. I really needed this.

  142. How do you clean in between. Storm windows?

  143. Thanks – and you would be RIGHT about the door becoming loose over time.

  144. Carrie Medford says:

    I was just trying to figure out how to get my oven glass clean about an hour ago! Thanks for this! Gonna get to it now!!

  145. wow, this is a crazy idea…just unscrew the two handle screws! The glass plate comes right out…PLUS one can clean the lip where the glass bottom is seated! Skip the hanging upside down and TRYING to maneuver the hanger!

  146. Ponytailmom says:

    I read the posts and scrolled like crazy.. Sooooo what if I have a double decker oven? I am thinking I am doomed, since the oven is over 10 years old.

    • Hey, I am Monique, Anna’s assistant. I am helping her out by answering some of the questions. Here is her response: I have a double oven in our new house and there are slits (similar to the ones in the pictures) at the top of the door, instead of the bottom. Look for them and see if you oven has them, if it does you can clean it the same way. I will be writing a post about this soon since it’s a popular question. :)

  147. Julie Townsend says:

    I would just like to know how it gets so dirty inside there anyway. Always puzzled me. My microwave gets dirty inside the double glass. I made my husband pull it all apart, maybe not such a clever idea but it worked and it has been checked since. Guess I was lucky that time.

  148. Mary Comadoll says:

    I have a wall oven. How do i clean in between the glass on that? I love ur idea for the regular oven but I don’t have one of those…please help!

    Thank u!!!

    • mreynolds says:

      This is Monique, Anna’s assistant. I am helping her answer some of these questions. Here is her response “Try looking for the slits (similar to the ones in the pictures) at the top of the door, instead of the bottom. Look for them and see if you oven has them, if it does you can clean it the same way.” Anna will be writing a post about this soon since it’s a popular question. :)

  149. Helen Engel says:

    great tip love it

  150. Anna thanks for the tip.
    Why take the door off when its more work.
    I have the very same oven thats in the picture so it was easy to clean.
    Thanks again.

  151. Linda tanner says:

    I gave one little streak between the glass can’t wait to try this today.

  152. How did you even come up with a crazy idea of doing this to clean the inside of the oven window? It’s brilliant, but wow! You rock.

  153. I don’t care if I have to lay on the floor! I cannot wait to give this a try! The glass in my oven has been bothering me for years! Finally a solution!!!

  154. Barbara Carbonneau says:

    This is something I love to know, But some people cannot lay on the floor so have you ever tried suing a good sized hand mirror, I will try it and thank you for the tip.. .

  155. dolores poston says:

    How can inget built up Grease off top of my stove where the control knobs are it is black in color and grease shows on it sooo much. Ive tried sooo many cleners to no avail. Thanks

    • mreynolds says:


      This is Monique, Anna’s assistant. This is a really great question. I will go ahead and add it to the list of Anna’s “Reader’s Questions”. Be on the look out for a blog post on this topic soon! Thanks for reading Ask Anna!

  156. Michelle Cowin says:

    Hello Anna! Blessings to you! Thank you for your site, and thank you for not being ashamed to profess your belief and faith in our God. I’m trying to surround my self with believers in every aspect of my life. Thanks for the blessing of meeting another Sister, and a Sister who can teach me to clean my oven at that!

  157. I have this same oven. Looking for suggestions on how to keep the slats at the top and around the handle clean, seems like there is always crumbs in there! I try to clean it with a cloth but cant seem to get in there as the handle is in the way and very narrow, I am going ot try cleaning btw the glass, the drawer slides out pretty easily! Great tips! Also have others used the “self cleaner”? I turned it on one day and it just stunk so bad! Wondering how long that lasts or how many time it takes to not smell like that! So bad I could taste it!

  158. Diane Keip says:

    Why couldn’t just take the door off and do this. It slides right off.

  159. Always wondered:)

  160. Daphne. Duff says:

    I was so happy to see the cleaning of the glass in the oven door….super,

  161. Bennie Keene says:

    WOW Thank you.

    • Charlie Pierce says:

      The first thing to do is borrow a bowling pin and whack every engineer involved. A woman engineer (or any 6th grader) would likely design the door better. After all, we have been able to get to the moon and back! Manufacture vaulted vents on the sides instead of funneling stuff down into the window. Safety: the hinges have strong springs. Lower door parallel to floor. After pulling the two release tabs down (use a sturdy toothpick so as not to break fingernails,) locate the door in the partially opened notched broil position, then pull the door straight off the hinge slides. If so equipped pull two shelf wires out of holes. Leave the hinge slides jutting outward. After cleaning the glass any way you want, put two shelf wires back into holes in the door, ease the door back onto the two jutting hinge slides, lower door parallel to floor and push two lock tabs fully upward. Done!

  162. Huguette Morin says:

    How to clean the rope around oven door ?

    • mreynolds says:

      Hey Huguette,
      This is Monique, Anna’s assistant. This is a really great question. I will go ahead and add it to the list of Anna’s “Reader’s Questions”. Be on the look out for a blog post on this topic soon! Thanks for reading Ask Anna!

  163. Can you do this to self cleaning ovens, aren”t they sealed?

  164. can you tell me how to clean the glass at the top of the stove, I have a large drip of something there. I mean where the controls are located.

  165. Do you have to unplug stove first?

  166. I wouldn’try this if stove electric without taking door off

  167. You can pull the door up and it will come off of the hinges. I haven’t attempted to
    clean mine yet but a friend of mine showed me how it just pulls up off the hinges. There are screws there and it looks like if you unscrew them you can get to the glass to clean it. If not you could still use your method after you removed the door and it would be easier to get at that way.

  168. tim sauder says:

    doors on ovens come off in seconds and go on the same way. Just open and then lift and pull.. It would make it easier then the drawer out and upside down method.

  169. Suzanne Holmann says:

    Thank you so much for this tip!!!

  170. thanks i am going to try this

  171. Kathy Custer says:

    Wouldn’t it be easier to take door off and lay it flat on counter or table? Most oven dooers will slide off if you open them partway and lift them up.

  172. Michelle Phillips says:

    I thank you for showing me how to clean my oven glass liked that thank you what else have you got for idea let me no okay

  173. It’s a lot easier just to remove the two bolts holding the panels together the glass is between. Clean the glass put panel back and tighten the bolts.

  174. Connie Henderson says:


  175. diana burnham says:

    THANK YOU for that tip on cleaning the window in the oven. Always wondered how to get to that.

  176. Thanks that was a great tip


  178. Joyce Scott says:

    Hi Anna, I am going to do my oven door the way you did your’s. Thank you for the information. Do you have any clue’s about how to get the shine back on laminate floor’s.
    I clean mine with Bona cleaner and poished once with Bona polish now I can’t get mark’s off and my floor is not shiny anymore.
    Thank you

  179. If you’re carful, you won’t have those drips. There are slots in the top of the door that are the reason for those drips. Be careful when you’re cleaning that moisture doesn’t drip into them.(or food)

  180. This is fantastic. Never in all my years that you could clean between the glass on the oven doors. I will have to try this. Thanks so much for your tutorial on this. :) <3

  181. Hi Anna !
    Thanks for all your great tips!
    My question is very frustrating….what is the best way to clean the grill under the fridge? I will always own a dog, so I’m combatting hair as well. My vacuum is to big even with the upholstery brush, and a skinny bristle brush wont touch it….It really is building up with no hope in sight :( Its overheated twice…SOS
    Thank you,

    • Hey Beth, this is Monique Anna’s assistant. Usually on a refridgerator the grill at the bottom should be removable. You might have to look for a couple screws that are holding it in but most of the time it just clicks in. Once you have it removed you can probably let it soak in the sink or bathtub and give it a good scrubbing. Be prepared though, these are one of those spots that rarely get cleaned! Hope this helps!

  182. I have a question that I need help with? I have a white laundry washing machine. The corner pocket “where you are supposed to put the chlorine bleach” is making the area around it very yellow. It looks a bit unsightly. Is there a way to get it back to the clean white color, with out taking away the white paint sheen?

    Thank you, Ila

  183. Seriously!! I never knew this! Going to try it today! Thank you so much!

  184. Martha Beason says:

    My oven does not have a drawer under the oven. Any suggestions?

    • Hi this is Monique, Anna’s assistant. I am helping her answer some of the questions. Her is Anna’s response:I have a double oven in our new house and there are slits (similar to the ones in the pictures) at the top of the door, instead of the bottom. Look for them and see if you oven has them, if it does you can clean it the same way. I will be writing a post about this soon since it’s a popular question. :)

  185. Monty Thornburg says:

    Tired this first but could not get the baked-on food off the glass so I ended up taking off the oven door. I looked up the make and model of my oven on-line to get a detailed drawing of parts because some of parts came loose from the door when I took it off. Took some time but I got it cleaned and put back together.

  186. Jeannie Moore says:

    I am so excited to try this , I was going to do the take the door apart but worried I might not be able too. Thank you .

  187. sandra smith says:

    wow, thanks for the tip.

  188. Do you know how to get a locked oven door open if there is some food in it?

  189. I will need to try this. Now if someone could tell me how to get the brown stains off my stove vents from the self cleaning oven.

  190. James Katkus says:

    Great tip, thanks!

  191. so i have a double oven and no bottom wondering how it would work to clean mine?

    • Hey there,
      I am Monique, Anna’s assistant. I am helping her out by answering some questions. Her is her response:
      I have a double oven in our new house and there are slits (similar to the ones in the pictures) at the top of the door, instead of the bottom. Look for them and see if you oven has them, if it does you can clean it the same way. I will be writing a post about this soon since it’s a popular question. :)

  192. Very clever Anna! Those grease drips were making a clean oven look dirty!

  193. Peggi Tebben says:

    That has been driving me crazy that it looks like something is dripping down the glass on the inside. I will try this first thing in the morning. Thanks.

  194. Love your site, first visit here. I have a question: you have on your Pinterest a board about pinning. My issue is deleting old stuff??? Please let me know .

    • Hey Kathleen. This is Monique, Anna’s assistant
      Are you referring to deleting things old pins off of Pinterest?

  195. Suzanne Menou says:

    I love cleaning , organizing and decorating too. I think we are going to become good friends, Anna !

  196. This may work great but I have built up grease as this stove is supplied by my landlord.How can I get the grease from between the glass and the baked on crude on door,sides,top,back and bottom of oven. Also I have tried to clean the grease from under the burner ring on top of stove as well as the baked on crude inside the the drip ring to no wont come off.Any ideas?

    • mreynolds says:

      Hey Debbie,

      This is Monique, Anna’s assisitant. I am helping her answer some of the questions. Here is her response: She is not sure how to get grease from between the oven glass other than taking the oven glass off. She suggests googling your brand of oven to find out how to remove the glass. For the rest of your questions, Anna has written a great post that includes all of that information. Check it out here:

  197. I have been looking for instructions on how to do this for months.

  198. Connie Muir says:

    Thank You I have tried and it works wonder.

  199. this is great info.. thanks

  200. Any way to clean between the glass on a microwave door?

    • Hey there, I am Anna’s assistant and am helping her answer some of these comments! Her is her response:
      I’ve owned a few different microwaves and I’ve never been able to figure out how to clean inside of the glass. If it’s really dirty you could probably take it to a local appliance store and ask them to clean it. Sorry I can’t be more help for this one! :)

  201. Thank you Anna- something did not know & even went back to store were it was purchased. Lady there said she only sold them, didn’t repair. Same Answer I got about a GE Refrigerator.. Thank you for helping! Enjoy your day! Jean

  202. Debbie Parkinson says:

    I did not even know you could clean between the glass on oven glass thanks for sharing

  203. I have many stains from red soda, to kids vomit on my rugs. How do I get the stain out of my cream colored rugs?

  204. I’m so glad to find this I have not tried it yet but I definetly will ,been trying to figure out a way to clean it

  205. amazing I am going to try it thanks!

  206. Kitty Weaver says:

    a face book friend posted this and it’s just what I’ve been needing. When I moved into my apt. there was already a smudge between the glass on the oven door so I thought well I don’t know how to get it clean either, then my friend posted your answer. I am soo glad thank you for your knowledge

  207. Thank you. I have that problem for 5 years. Now I can clean it I’m so excited to try it.

  208. any help you can give me on how to get a plastic shower stall clean-lots of soap scum and years of not being cleaned (I think the old owners did not put much if any effort into cleaning)
    thank you

  209. with most ovens you can pull off the door to make this easier. then slide it back on.

  210. Jeremy Gebro says:

    Hello, although I like the way you have cleaned your glass there is a simpler way.

    The handle screws are the only thing holding the glass on. if you place tape on the edges of the glass to hold it in place, you can remove the handle, the top portion slides up and off. You can then remove the glass and clean both sides. this will leave you with a perfectly clean glass. Just be careful not to break the glass. Its about 75.00 to 100.00 just for the glass.

    When you are putting it back together remember to clean the top cover of grease and debris. 😉

  211. Emma Lambert says:

    I love all the cleaning notes that I see posted,thank you so much.

  212. Nila Cooper says:

    Liked the idea of how to clean between oven glass.

  213. Vicki Kielsmeier says:

    I have never had a gas stove and oven before. I read the instructions on cleaning,but it says I can’t use anything but water. I can’t get the oven clean if there is a spill. How do I clean a gas oven and stove

  214. Yea! This worked!!! I don’t have to look at those ugly drip spots any more! Thank you so much for sharing this information.

  215. Donna Hartigan says:

    what a wonderful idea I am so excited I know this will be useful 2 a lot of people thank you what 2 find more ideas for some helpful ideas thank you very much.

  216. How do you clean the glass in the micro-wave.

    • Hey this is Monique Anna’s assistant. I am helping her answer some of the comments. Her is Anna’s response:
      I’ve owned a few different microwaves and I’ve never been able to figure out how to clean inside of the glass. If it’s really dirty you could probably take it to a local appliance store and ask them to clean it. Sorry I can’t be more help for this one! :)

  217. james reynolds says:

    How do ya clean between double pane Glass?

  218. Lori Larsen says:

    Thank you so much for this info! My dad has this same type of oven and I tried to clean it but was quite frustrated. I just sent him your info and hopefully he’ll be able to get to it – or someone else but at least its a start. Thank you so much!

  219. Didn’t know that, thanks

  220. Find a man to remove the door. It literally takes 2 minutes. Instead of struggling with this for 30 minutes and getting poor results. If your an adventurous lady, find a quality phillips screwdriver and just start unscrewing things. Putting the door back together you may need some assistance because it has a spring that holds it in place. I did it myself but it was a little tough with one person.

  221. Will definitely try the solution for cleaning oven glass. My question is how do you clean the surfaces of the microwave and the stove (other than the actual cook top surface) which seems to be made of some sort of poly finish over the black. I cannot seem to get it clean.

  222. Patricia Cassidy says:

    Love this information. Never knew before.

  223. Caron Warner says:

    Thank u so much for this info. We bought a used stove that had this issue. I have severe sleep apnea so look for ways to make cleaning easier but sufficient. One big job I’m facing is cleaning my wooden kitchen cabinets of greasy build up. I would appreciate any info u can share. Again, thanks!!

  224. Why not just take the oven door off. Very easy just open it to the first stop which is about 4 inches open and pull up on the door and it will slide off the hinges and then you can lay it on a counter to clean the inside of the glass.

  225. i take the whole door apart tho i may try this new method

  226. Gertrude Miller Slabach says:

    I have 2 overns: one is convection and one is not. They are built into the cabinets and do not have a drawer under them. So I have no way to get under them by pulling out a drawer. Both have the streaks. They are both self-cleaning but of course that doesn’t help with this problem. Any suggestions?

    • I have a double oven in our new house and there are slits (similar to the ones in the pictures) at the top of the door, instead of the bottom. Look for them and see if you oven has them, if it does you can clean it the same way.

  227. How can one clean the black tea ring off of the inside of coffee mugs? I have tried my Bosch dish washer, vinegar and baking soda and scrubbing with dish soap. The ring is stubborn!

  228. Susie Walton says:

    I think this is amazing and thank you for your great tips. My problem is I have a Maytag Gemini Double oven and all the tips to clean inside the window are never for the way my oven is built. This is a free standing oven not a built in. Any advice on how to clean inside the windows on this model of oven? Thanks so much

    • I have a double oven in our new house and there are slits (similar to the ones in the pictures) at the top of the door, instead of the bottom. Look for them and see if your oven has them, if it does you can clean it the same way.

  229. linda voisine says:

    Oh my gosh that was the best information I have heard in along time.Will use it soon as I clean for other people as well as my own.Thank you again.Linda

  230. I don’t know about yours, but my door comes off. Just open to notch for broiling, put hands on either side and lift off.

  231. Ann McReynolds says:

    The very top of my oven door has to brown spots from heat from the oven. I have tired every thing to remove or lighten them…Bleach help some but still am not happy.

  232. I once asked a repair man how I could get the stuff that got down thru the window and he said he would have to take the door apart that that might ruin the seal – so thanks for the tip I will try it this weekend

  233. Pam Schuler says:

    Great idea. I Have been using those foil pans in the bottom of the oven to catch drips. I am thinking the foil may cause the oven to not heat evenly. I read the other day about an oven liner. What is best to use in the bottom of the oven. I have a wall oven. Any and all ideas appreciated.

    • I wouldn’t use the foil, I tried that once and it melted to my oven. :/ I’ve never really thought about putting something down there (other than that one time with the foil) so I’m not sure. Sorry I can’t help more.

    • I’ve been using the oven liners from Bed, Bath & Beyond for years. The one by Chef’s Planet is more expensive but worth it. It lasts twice as long. I always buy two. I cut the second one into a liner for my toaster oven and a liner for my microwave. I love them.

  234. Kim Steadman says:

    I have my hubby unscrew the front from the back and clean the inside glass. :)

  235. BGoldsmith says:

    Anna, thank you so much! I had fixed a Blackberry Cobbler this fall. When I bent over to put the pie in the oven, I hit the pan on the door and I mean this was a 9 X 13 pan of Blackberry Cobbler. I finally got my stove all cleaned except inside the window of my oven door. I never thought to look on the bottom of the door for a way to get to the window. Thank you and I will let you know how it goes when I try it.

  236. Gloia Hueons says:

    My oven is a double oven and doesn’t have a drawer underneath. It cost too much money to be having smudges in between the door. I think it was a malfunction way to build the door where moisture could into it. Any other suggestion how to get into there without taking the door apart as I don’t believe that would be a wise move.

    • I have a double oven in our new house and there are slits (similar to the ones in the pictures) at the top of the door, instead of the bottom. Look for them and see if you oven has them, if it does you can clean it the same way.

  237. Oh, I am definitely going to try this!

  238. Cool! I usually just make my hubs take apart the door. But for quick cleaning, I’ll remember this! Thank you!

  239. Sure glad you sure an incredible God. I do too!

  240. Use caution! I just cleaned my glass, but I got the cleaning wipe stuck between, when the hook got caught coming out. I had used two rubber bands to make sure the cloth was secured. When I pulled the hanger out, I pulled so hard the other end popped up and hit me in the nose. The glass really looks good after I spent several minutes poking the cleaning wipe around (trying to catch it on the end of the hook). I always have drama whenever I try new things…well, old things too. :-)

  241. Very creative. Now if I could only find a way to clean in between double paned windows. Sadly, I think one has a leak but my landlord is not going to replace it. Hard to see out but it’s not causing damage (that we can see) so he won’t get it fixed.

  242. sandra owens says:

    Thank you. I now know how to finally clean the glass in my oven. I have a wall.oven and this method should work.

  243. All well and good, but I need to know how to clean between double pane windows.

    • I don’t think you can. When you have something between your double pane window it means the seal is broken and it’s time to replace them. Sorry. :(

  244. Even easier, remove the oven door and sit on a available space and clean it standing up. That could work better for me. The idea is wonderful I always wanted to know how to clean that part on the stove.

  245. michael r. pierce says:

    as this is a great idea I’m thinking it would be easier if as you will know you can lift the door off with a small jerk and pull and replace as easy. I would pull up the door lay it on the counter or bench……saves the bending and kneeling if your an older person, works gr888888.

  246. Debbie Rison says:

    I have a double oven. Can I use this technique on it. I spilled cornbread batter between the glass. I really don’t want to take the door apart. Thanks!

    • Yes you can. I have a double oven in our new house and there are slits at the top of the door. Go down through those, instead of going through the bottom. :)

  247. I made jello and spilled some of it on the glass in the refrigerator. Now it’s underneath the glass and I can’t get rid of it. What do I do? Thank you.

    • Hey Trish, this is Monique, Anna’s assistant. Usually in most refridgerators all the shelves and drawers are removable. You might actually be able to push the glass up off of the shelves to clean underneath them becausee I know liquids have a tendency seep into the joints of the shelves and drawers. Yuck! Let us know if you have any other questions!

  248. Another tip: If you notice the drip when it happens–our oven was new so the drip was obvious—pour a small amount of warm water into the vent at the top of the door. That’s how the drip got between the glass, so I just followed suit. Catch the excess water at the bottom with a towel. The drip washed right out with the water, with little or no mess/effort.

  249. I tried this method and it worked very well.I used water and vinegar for the cleanser then the same technique with a dry cloth.Thanks so much for the great tip.

  250. I think that would work, but I’d get my hubby to remove he door! That’d be a lot easier and the doors are simple to take off and replace!

  251. How to clean the control push buttons on the top of the stove?

  252. Wonderful tip- also, if your oven door is removable, you can slide it off, lay it on the counter and then no bending or stooping- easier for seniors and people with problems bending.:-)

  253. Sally Thornton says:

    really good instructions with pictures as to how the cleaning

  254. What happens if you do not have a drawer at the bottom I have a double oven small up top and larger on bottom how do you get to the top glass from there

  255. why dont you just unscrew the screws in the glass and 1 comes off

  256. good idea on cleaning oven window, but i have a cabinet with doorsso i cant get to it,

  257. I just wanted to leave a note to thank you for this tip on cleaning the insiode of glass oven doors!! I have been anguishing for months about taking the thing apart..or (gasp!) hiring someone to come in and do it, provided I could even find someone. I have beenb resorting to the hanging of the dish towel over the glass when company comes over! Your trick worked very very well..I couldn’t get mind prefect;y clear, but it is SOOOO much better, no milky streaks.. anyway, thanks again for taking the time to post this..Bless you.

  258. Harold S. Gryder says:

    Wouldn’t it have been easier to remove the door from the oven and place it on the dining table so it would be less of a strain on older people with stiff joints etc. ?

  259. irene baker says:

    This probably works even better if you can lift the door off like mine does,, I think I will give it a try

  260. Loved the tutorial on how to clean the oven door glass! Now I have another “oven” question for you: How can you clean a self-cleaning oven without using the self-clean program? My landlord provided an electric (UGH!) oven, but I have never been able to make the self-clean function work. No, he did not have the owner’s manual, and the stove is probably 20+ years old. I have tried to obtain the manual to no avail. I was able to sweep out the burned overflow from the bottom, but am afraid to use any kind of oven cleaner on it for fear of ruining the oven surface. I’ve heard you should never use these products on a self-clean oven, but what are you supposed to do when self-clean is not an option?

  261. Sharon Ayers says:

    My question is how does drips get in there in the first place if the opening is in the bottom of the door? Just asking.

    • There are little slots on the TOP of my oven door. I’ve always thought it was a poor design, although I love the oven other than that. My mom bought the same one in Wisconsin, and my sister bought it in Atlanta, I bought it in San Antonio. We didn’t even consult each other! It’s really nice, but then we found out about that problem, which I commented on below.

  262. why didn’t I think of this? i unscrewed every screw and took the whole thing apart. barely missed dropping it on the floor, PLUS it took about three hours. you are a genius!!

  263. Bonnie Gaston says:

    Great idea! If you just lift the door off it’s hinges, you can lay it on a counter and access the clean slots without taking out drawer. Easier and more accessible… Just read comments and see others that also say remove door..

  264. thank you for sharing how to clean the over door widow

  265. I will give this a try

  266. Michele Davis says:

    I will try this. I have a problem trying to clean my black refrigerator. It is new. When I wipe it, it always leaves a silhouette of where I wiped.
    Is there something special I should be using??

    • Hi this is Monique, Anna’s assistant. I am helping her out by answering some of the questions. What product are you currently using on you black fridge? Have you tried using glass cleaner? One that is streak free? I would suggest wiping it down with whatever product you use and then try using the glass cleaner. Or if it is not overly messy and you just want to get rid of some smudges than skip the cleaner and move onto the glass cleaner! Please let us know if you have any other questions, thank you. :)


  268. What if you spray over cleaner between the two sheets of glass?

  269. Jannie Combs says:

    Hi Anna, Thank you so much for this tip, about cleaning the glass in the oven door.. You don’t have any idea how much this drive me crazy, I even told my hubby to take apart the door for we can clean this glass and he can’t take apart don’t know why, but think you said go through the slats, I should try that.

  270. THANK YOU so much! My mother and sister and I all have the same oven, (coincidentally) and the vent slots are on TOP of the door, so drips fall right in! The very first time I wiped across it with a sponge, the drips went in, and the window has looked horrible ever since, and that was over two years ago! I think it’s going to take some work, but I’m going to get that window clean! I can’t wait to pass the news to my mom and sis!

  271. debbie johnson says:

    amazing.. i havent tried it yet but i’m anxious to see how well it works

  272. Mary Karnstedt says:

    Now if someone could tell me how to get my oven door to close all the way again.
    All of a sudden, it won’t close and the light stays on.
    We took the door off and couldn’t find a solution.
    The hook for locking it when it cleans itself is in its usual position, but the slider bar to move it won’t slide over.
    It IS 25 years old. Maybe we just need to replace the whole thing anyway.

  273. Thanks so much for this tip. I keep hanging a towel over it because it’s so unsightly. It looks wonderful and was very easy to do.

  274. Monique Gabriella Anderson says:

    Have not tried this yet about cleaning between glass for the stove. But it sounds amazing and will definitely try it… Never knew about the holes under the door. Thank you

  275. What a grate idea!!!
    Thank you!!

  276. Marcia Surratt says:

    I have this very problem and the bottom draw has jumped the track, so it will make entry into the oven door bottom easy. Thanks for the idea.

  277. h., frazier says:

    take the door off, most oven doors will slide off by opening a little bit and pull the, door up .

  278. Britini Wright says:

    u can also clean between the windows from the top of the oven door too. there is slots on top that go right through the to the glass so that u dont have to lay on the floor or take the door off.

  279. You are absolutely a life savor! I purchased a ceramic top, self-cleaning stove almost 10 yrs. ago. I love almost everything about the stove, but the only design flaw that drove me crazy was the vents behind the handle on the oven door. You can’t clean near those vents without drips going down between the glass windows. I took the door apart to clean it twice now. You don’t even want to know what’s involved in doing that. It required two people and the second time one of the clips that hold the inside of the door on broke. We managed to get it back together, but said we’d never do it again because it would certainly be broken for good. The glass is a mess right now and makes me grind my teeth every time I look at it. It’s getting hard to see inside the oven. A friend of mine shared this tip and I flipped when I saw it!! I’ve talked to scads of people over the years about it that couldn’t help me, including the place I bought the oven from. No one knew what to do (other than taking the door apart). You are a lifesaver. Thanks! I’m going to go clean that glass right now!!

  280. What do you do if you don’t have a broiler oven on bottom as I have a double ove with small one and then the large one. Would love to know if you have any suggestion for that style. Thank you.

    • Hey this is Monique Anna’s assistant. I am helping her answer some of the comments. Her is Anna’s response:
      I have a double oven in our new house and there are slits (similar to the ones in the pictures) at the top of the door, instead of the bottom. Look for them and see if you oven has them, if it does you can clean it the same way. I will be writing a post about this soon since it’s a popular question. :)

  281. Looks GREAT this I will try…Thanks

  282. Marlena Rogers says:

    I just wanted to personally thank you for this fantastic tip! I have been so frustrated on how to go about this lately and just happened to see your post on FaceBook! Thanks so much!

  283. Thanks so much for this tutorial!! I bought a new stove in July 2013, and the oven window needs cleaning. I am definitely going to try this!

  284. Sara Smedley says:

    This is so helpful. Cleaned my oven and stovetop today and wished for this so will complete the task tomorrow. Thanks for the tutorial and the idea.

  285. Wow, I always thought that those were vacuum sealed like insulated window glass. Thanks for the tutorial!

  286. that’s good info….now figure out a way to clean all those little plastic vents on the front of the door. I’ve got dogs and they bring in lots of dust….all those little vents get tons of dust built up on them and look like crap! I’ve used a toothbrush….it’s a pain!

  287. hi Anna I just found your site and would like to thank you for the tip….I have a question for you….I have a dog and I give it a bath once a week and make sure I clean after it but the room I leave her in at night still has a wet dog smell in it and I hate using air sprays and chemical cleaners to over power the smell what is your advice to take care of this problem?

  288. Hello, Miss Annam

    Thank you for this “how to clean between the glasses of the oven door. I have this new stove and first time I cleaned it, the soapy water got in there. For 3 years I have had to hang 2 drying clothes to hide them thank you, thank you , thank you!
    from Rose

  289. Tammy Loretta says:

    Instead of having to lay down to clean it I would take the door off and put it on the side the idea of using a hanger is good thanks!!

  290. I put an old sock over the wire and used it like a windshield wiper with spray cleaner looks great thanks for the tip

  291. Tina Rushing says:

    How do you get the stuff on the stove top eye burner pans cleaned.

  292. Martha Howe says:

    I am so excited to get this tip. I flipped a cherry pie upside down getting it out of the oven. I cleaned up best I could, but some of it must have seeped up between the two glasses. I can’t wait to try your tip. Thanks! I love household tips–Please keep them coming.

  293. Does this include Self-Cleaning ones also?

    • This can be done on any kind of oven. I wouldn’t recommend taking the door apart because you don’t want to risk breaking the seal, but this method won’t hurt anything. :)

  294. I would like to thank you for your tips: I had a cleaning company for years and this is a great tip for all. I will pass it on. No this is my first time.

  295. Mary Turner says:

    Thank you. I never would have dreamed that cleaning between the glass layers was possible.

  296. That is a great idea, but it would be so much easier if you took the door off also and laid it across a table to clean. For those of us who have trouble bending or kneeling. Thanks for the tip.

  297. Very interrsting

  298. I think a much better idea would be to get the manufacturers of these doors to build one that has no way for the “dirt” to get between the two pieces of glass in the first place. Seems to me that this idea is a possible solution, provided that the ‘wire’ doesn’t scratch the glass since it is uncovered and would be a big risk! Also it takes a lot of scrubbing to remove anything on the glass especially once it has had heat on it.

  299. Vicki Smith says:

    An appliance dealer quoted me a price of $60 to have them clean the door! I’m trying your method! Thanks for the info.!

  300. I scanned several of your comments to this post, but did not see it addressed. Is it correct that this works with any self-cleaning oven? A few people posts comments regarding taking the door off and pulling out the two pieces of glass to clean directly. Can this method be done with a self-cleaning oven without messing up the tight seal needed for self-cleaning?

    • This can be done on any kind of oven. I wouldn’t recommend taking the door apart because you don’t want to risk breaking the seal, but this method won’t hurt anything. :)

  301. Hi!!
    Thanks for the oven glass tip!! I’m wondering.. How can I get my burner inserts clean again?? I’ve tried several things and they still look bad.. Thank you and have a great day!!

  302. Charlotte Newton says:

    How would clean between the glass on a ‘built-in’ model range?

    • mreynolds says:


      This is Monique, Anna’s assistant. She suggests checking to see if your oven has slits (similar to the ones in the pictures) at the top of the door, instead of the bottom. Look for them and see if your oven has them, you can clean it the same way. Anna will be writing a post about this soon since it has been such a popular question. :)

  303. Dallas Vavra says:

    What cleaning solution would you use to clean the pans under the electrical burners for an electric stove.. What cleaning solution would you use to clean the inside of a very dirty oven for an electric stove. I have successfully used a mixture of vinegar and water 50/50 to clean the inside of a microwave, just by heating a bowl of the above solution to create steam for about 3 minutes. at which time you can just simply wipe off any grime on the surface inside the microwave oven as if it was just put there no matter how dried up,it previously was. It works grate on the microwave oven. Can it also be used on an oven for an electric stove? Or do you have a greater solution???

    • Hi Dallas,

      This is Monique, Anna’s assistant. For the pans under the electrical burners you can try a water/ baking soda mixture that might help take off some of the grime. Be sure to remove them from under the burners before cleaning 😉 As far as cleaning inside the electrical stove, here is a link to a great post that Anna has written about cleaning your oven! Let us know if you have any other questions!

  304. You might want to note that most over doors will lift off so you would not have to lay on the floor. You can place it on the counter or table and clean it very easily.


  306. Judy Coleman says:

    I have an under the cabinet Whirlpool oven, MOD. RBS3059DD2, and I am unable to get the door off to clean between the glasses. My oven has a plastic lip under the door I was unable to see holes. I has no drawer and sits directly on the floor. Any ideas? Thanks, Judy

    • Judy,
      This is Monique, Anna’s assistant. Anna suggests seeing of there are any holes on the tops or sides you might be able to use. Anna will be writing an additonal post about different oven types since this is such a popular question! Stay tuned!

  307. What if you don”t have a drawer under neath?

    • I am helping Anna respond to some of the questions. Anna suggests checking for slats at the top of the door, instead of the bottom. If you oven has them, clean it the same way. Anna will be writing a post about this soon since it’s a popular question. :)

  308. I have a jenn air double oven how would that work?

    • Hey Marie,
      I am helping Anna respond to some of the questions. Here is her response: I have a double oven in our new house and there are slits (similar to the ones in the pictures) at the top of the door, instead of the bottom. Look for them and see if you oven has them, if it does you can clean it the same way. I will be writing a post about this soon since it’s a popular question. :)

  309. How about Genn-air stoves?, can they be cleaned the same way.

    • mreynolds says:


      This is Monique, Anna’s assistant. Anna is not sure about specific models of stoves. She suggests checking to see if your stove has slit on either the top or bottom. If it does then it can be cleaned the same way as in the post. If it does not, she suggests looking up your model on google to find out how to clean it. Sorry we could not be more helpful!

  310. Luana Forrester says:

    I have just hated my oven door ever since it got dirty in between the glass. I have an oven built into my wall so it doesn’t have a drawer to remove. My main concern is that it also is a self-cleaning oven & I am worried about getting an electrical shock. Should it be ok? No electrical wires up in there? :)

    • Luana Forrester says:

      I read all of the above & am so excited to go look for the slats in my oven door even @11:19 p.m. at night….I’m talking sooo excited. Thank you so very much!

      I do have another cleaning question. Our shower door is some kind of plastic, almost like glass, though. It’s @least 20 yrs. old & has water-like stains on it. I have used baking soda & everything I could think of to clean this water stain cloud off the fiberglass? door.. Any solution? I think I love this site already! :)

    • mreynolds says:

      Hey Luana,

      This is Monique, Anna’s assistant. I am helping her answer some of these questions. She mentioned that there should not be any wire up in there so there is no need to worry about electrical shock. Hope this help :)

  311. Thank toy for taking the time to show people how to clean your glass window In the stove.

  312. Wish I knew this when we lived on Military housing. I took the door apart and they were amazed how clean the oven was!

  313. Janet Thomas says:

    I ALWAYS wanted to know how to do that!! Thank you thank you

  314. sandy tani says:

    great Idea! ty

  315. Watersisland says:

    Yah, I was surprised that anything could have gotten in-between the layers of glass. I guess the ‘self cleaning’ locking slot allowed something to slip in somehow. Anyhow, I just removed the six screws on the inside of the door which allowed the whole face to come off. It really wasn’t that hard at all; in fact… it was probably easier than attempting to swipe at it with a rag and coat hanger through the bottom opening. Start to finish— 25min’s max. The oven depicted looks exactly like mine (even ‘white on white’) which is a gas stove—Frigidaire Gallery.

  316. I cleaned mine the other day after spilling milk down the front.. My stove had screws on the top that loosened the glass, so I remove them and cleaned the whole thing and then put it back together. Didn’t have to remove the door, just the glass piece on the front. Much easier than trying to maneuver a wire hanger in that space.

  317. cheryl ulrich says:

    how do you clean the glass on the wall oven?
    how do you clen your hairbushes?

    • mreynolds says:


      This is Monique, Anna’s assistant. Regarding your wall oven Anna suggests checking your oven to see if there are slits (similar to the ones in the pictures) at the top of the door, instead of the bottom. Look for them and see if your oven has them, then can clean it the same way. Anna will be writing a post about this soon since it’s a popular question. :)
      Here is a link to the post that Anna wrote about how to clean your hairbrushes:
      Hope this helps!

  318. Ileen Patrik says:

    So why would you not remove the oven door turn it upside down and clean it???

  319. Thank you so much for the oven door cleaning trick!! I actually have a spider web between the glass! Can’t wait to try this.

  320. Christine C says:

    Great Tip–Thanx 4 Sharing!!! I will try it

  321. Mine doesn’t come off . One thing I hate ! Well anyway , gonna try under the door thing . Hope the slots are there . Couldn’t figure out how the big splash got there . Thought I had to take the door apart !!!!

  322. Awesome idea thank you for the tip

  323. I just read thru instructions and perhaps this could be easier……If you open the oven door appx 4 to 6 inches until you reach that first stop, you can lift the door off the oven by pulling straight up and lay it on the table/counter and then you would not have to get under the door to the slot or remove the drawer. (If there is an easy way to clean, I have usually found it).

  324. felicia says:

    awesome don’t know why i didn’t think of that

  325. used a Swiffer wipe, worked well

  326. NOTHING drives me crazy enough to do this!

  327. Darlene Winger says:

    My oven doesn’t have a drawer underneath the window. Maybe I have to take the door off?

  328. I will try to clean my oven door today. thanks for the tip

  329. Holy crap (sorry) so simple if I’d taken the time to really look at the door. Thank you

  330. I couldn’t believe it when I saw “how to clean between your oven window glass and window. I had been asking everyone if they knew how but no one had an answer. Thank you so very much.

  331. Mary Schneider says:

    Should have had a manicure.

  332. I can’t wait to try this. I keep pretty dish towels on the handle of the oven to hide the glass.

  333. Millie Reece says:

    Thank you for that information. I have often wondered how to clean my oven glass without taking the door apart. I will certainly use the advice and get my oven door clean.

  334. Hi, I have the same stove….and I believe the door lifts right up off of hinges. I think it would be easier to lift if off and turn the door upside down……..but thanks for the great tip, I did not know we had acsess to this glass……….

  335. The easiest way for me was to op en the oven door and there should be a couple screws on each side of the outermost part of the door. Unscrew them and lift up and you will have complete access to cleaning with your hands.

  336. Sue Shaw says:

    Looking for how to clean inside oven when its an old stove hasn’t been clean in years;
    have tried oven cleaner, sos pads with comet?? and scraping big chunks

    thanks for your help

  337. Ivy M. Miller says:

    OMG thank you thank you thank you ! We just moved in to a rental and the stove/oven was to put it nicely NASTY lol. I have cleaned all of it except the glass in the middle ! I just figured it was there to stay and hang my tea towel in front of it !

  338. nora lane says:

    Will try this needed to two years ago.

  339. ok Lets make this EASY. If your oven door looks like this one, try this. The handle and the white bar. with the vent slats are held in place with two screws. Open the door all the way, using the right type of screw driver, mine required small and square, remove those two screws. Remove the handle and gently slide the vent cap off. Take them to the sink and clean them too making sure you dry them completely before reassembling. The outside glass door and the inside oven door will separate like a sandwich. Close the inside door and give them both a good cleaning. After vaccuming out pet hair and dust I cleaned the glass with vinegar to cut the grease with a streak free shine. A second pair of hands is required to put it back together. One person to hold it together while the other one tightens the screws. Looks like new when you’re done!

  340. What a great way to clean the glass in your oven without having to take the door apart..
    Thanks, Kim

  341. Thank you so much …. will try this and get back to you

  342. Any clue how to clean between the glass on a microwave?

  343. Thank you! The stove in the article is just like mine. Can’t wait to get home and finally get the spilled stuff of the glass. I could not picture me removing the door or the glass. I had resolved myself to living with the spill stuff on the inside.

  344. love your recommendation on how to clean between glass on oven door. God bless you for your help. Ive been trying to think how I could take that door apart. You are a God sent hallmark.

  345. genious thankyou

  346. I think a person could use a gun cleaner rod or a tiny long wood dowel rod. With the wood dowel I thing a person could put an eye screw at the end of the wood rod. Then put a rubber band around the cloth and through the round eye of the eye screw and fasten.

  347. Leslie Carter says:

    Hi, this is brilliant. I am finishing my spring cleaning and it’s just what I needed. And don’t take it in the wrong way but the fact that your nail polish isn’t perfect works wonders for your credibility! Fantastic.

    • Haha, okay good. :) I’m definitely not a blogger that takes time to do my nails. :)

      • I noticed that, too, and had the same reaction — this is a lady that really WORKS around the house!!! Thanks for starting this blog though. I’m not sure the wire hanger will work as I feel like I have to have actual contact with the glass so as not to have streaks, etc. I’ve gotten a LOT of ideas if the hanger doesn’t work. THANKS!!!

  348. You can take the glass off to clean it as well. At least I can on my oven.

  349. you know the glass plates are removable right?

  350. Thanks for getting me going. My oven was not the same as the one pictured and it is a Whirlpool but it’s really old. I hated seeing those drips inside, especially when the sun shone on the door.
    I got so angry when I couldn’t do the coat hanger thing that I took the door off; not entirely…mine has two screws on the top and two on each side at the top. Once I unscrewed the two at the top, presto! The door came apart and I could easily clean it. I had to be careful to line the screws up again, but really no problem-o. Thanks. If I hadn’t attempted to do it with the coat hanger, I would never have tried the door removal and I was able to clean the entire door inside as well.

  351. Darla T. says:

    I was so ready to take off running with this but ran into a major dilemma, I have a double oven and the doors don’t come off. By any chance do you have any suggestions? The top is a self cleaning oven but the bottom one is not and the glass is driving me somewhere I don’t want to go.

    • Our new home has double ovens as well that the doors don’t come off of. I found a slit at the top where I can get down in between to clean the glass using the same method. I would open the door and look down to see if yours is built the same way.

  352. This was really neat how to instructions.

  353. Anita Begley says:

    Wish i had seen this tutorial sooner. I took my oven door apart, and when I tried to put it back together, it didn’t go back very easily. Now there’s enough of a gap between the door and the opening that my baked item does not get the right temperature to cook thoroughly.

  354. betty phoenix says:

    I cant wait to try this

  355. Thankyou!!!
    I have always wondered how to get this done! (I knew there had to be openings somewhere – how the heck did the darned dirt get in there to begin with???) Appreciate the tip!

    • Exactly what I was thinking . . . HOW did spaghetti sauce get IN BETWEEN the glass at the church fellowship hall? And now they expect me to get it out? I’m gonna investigate removing the door first of all and then how to get to the inside of the glass. This article gave me IDEAS anyway ! ! !

  356. I tried this! I had a drip/streak down in between the window of my oven for years – drove me nuts! I will have to say: First of all – REMOVE the oven door, rather than try doing this laying on floor. Secondly, the clothes hanger method didn’t work for me, instead I used a thin wooden yardstick. And I didn’t have Windex Wipes, but instead used a thin (flour sack) dish towel that I had sprayed generously with Windex. I pushed the dish towel around with the yardstick (just make sure to hang onto the edge of the towel so it doesn’t get stuck in between the glass!) Alas – – the drip/streak is GONE!!!! YAY!!!

  357. Worked okay for me- my oven door does not remove easily, so I took out the drawer and sat infront of the oven. My wipey-type cloths were not enough, so I wrapped my Norwex microfiber around the end of my poking device, and it worked well. It was still hard to get ALL the spots, but much better than it was (after milk spilled down in between the panes several months ago). Thanks!

  358. This just blew my mind! I have been driving myself crazy for years trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, and how I could never get the glass clean. Thank you, thank you!

  359. Deb Scherer says:

    I found the tutorial one the glass cleaning very informative. Do you have a hint for the vents on the oven door that are behind the handle? I have tried small paintbrushes, qtips, toothbrushes and it never looks clean. Wondered if your vinegar trick from window tracks might work. Any more ideas?

  360. Marie Keough says:

    Actually, I just opened the oven doo,r removed the screws from the corners of the inside frame of the the oven door, took the inside portion of the door off, so much easier to do a thorough job. I could not believe how lovely my oven door looked after wards!!

  361. Mary Ellen Brubacher says:

    Thankyou I certainly will try this.

  362. victoria says:

    Just FYI..Most oven doors are easily removable. This procedure would be much easier when the door is removed.

  363. Instead of laying on the floor why not just take the oven door off and set it on a table . would that not be easier???

  364. I had several self-cleaning ovens prior to my current GE and never had a problem with any oven, prior to this one. The first time I self-cleaned this one, grease somehow got in between the two glass panels on the oven door. GE sent someone and he took the entire door apart. Prior to this stove, I NEVER had a problem with grease getting between the two pieces of glass, whether by cooking or self cleaning the oven. By e reading all of these comments, I’ve come to the conclusion that ‘THEY JUST DON’T MAKE THEM LIKE THEY USED TO!!’. What a shame. This should NOT happen!!!!

  365. Most oven doors come off so you lay it on the counter. easier eh or huh

  366. kathym says:

    I’m not sure what amazed me the most about this post! The amazing tip that I would never have thought of and that will save me from the neurotic reaction i get ever time i look at my oven door,,, or the fact that your stove cupboards and floors are exactly like mine!!

  367. I have older double wall ovens….I am anxious to see if this will work with them.

  368. The came off easily on every oven I have ever owned by just opening the door partially and lifting it straight off. That would sure beat standing on your head or lying on the floor to do this.

  369. Thank you for the tip..

  370. I clean our church fellowship hall and have agonized over the oven door glass for 18 months. First I’m wondering HOW did they get spaghetti sauce in there and second, HOW do I get it out? I feel like I don’t do a complete job when I can’t get it clean and they might be thinking I’m ignoring it.

    I, too, have asked sales people and they just look at me like I’m stupid. I’ve checked the top part of the oven door – but never underneath. I have seen screws that “could” release the glass but was afraid that if I did it, I could never get it back together !!!

    I’m also in the market to purchase a smooth top stove, but I”m wondering if the owners’ manual has instructions for cleaning in between.

    So grateful for this article — it has given me ideas ! ! !

  371. maryiln says:

    I have had a stain on the oven for 3 yrs. Thanks for the info. It worked. I used Lysol

  372. Ben Jacobs says:

    A low kettle boiling below might also work, maybe not as well, and a alittle more messy.

  373. Awesome I always look at my oven door and wonder if I should take it apart to clean the glass ..Now I know how ,,Thanks

  374. Love the info on cleaning in bertween oven glass. My query is: how to gwt nail polish off upholstery?


  376. Pamela says:

    Thx Anna! Never thought it was possible, funny how we just accept it as dirty unless we find a truck like this! Thx!

  377. Ruth O'Connell says:

    Think it would be a lot easier to just remove the glass

  378. sally fitzhugh says:

    How does the glass get dirty? it is closed in, mine is awful didn’t know how I was going to clean it unless I taken the door apart, THANKS FOR THE INFO,

  379. Eluise says:

    It would be easier to remove the door from the range; just lift it up and out. Thanks for the cleaning tip

  380. Martha Monroe says:

    So glad you put this on face book I have needed this for so long thank you

  381. Pearl Galiz says:

    Very neat trick on cleaning oven door between glass…

  382. I think my mom use to take the glass out and clean it. Never asked her how she did it.

  383. Why not remove the door?

  384. Christine Borgese says:

    Oh my Gosh…I was just looking at my oven the other day wonder how I was going to clean between the glass…and here the glass angel has cometh!! Thank you so much!

  385. Margaret lafleur says:

    I did not try it yet but will soon.thanks

  386. Cheryl says:

    DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT take apart your oven door to clean inside the glass. I tried to do it from underneath, but the drips were too baked on. So I ignored warnings that it would be really hard to put back together, and took the door apart. This is the end result:
    This is going to cost me a lot of money, or else it’s new stove time (so even more money). Don’t say you weren’t warned..

  387. Thanks, have that exact stove wondered how to clean the glass, without removing door. Can’t wait to try it.

  388. Would love more ideas like this!

  389. Chris Stripling says:

    Why not spray Windex up in there then wipe it out?

  390. thank you so much! I was fretting and fretting about my dirty window oven door, and just hired a handyman to come next week, at nice little $$ tune…so you saved me $$, and thank you so much…

  391. Joan Rudd says:

    What if you have a wall oven that doesn’t have a bottom drawer?

    • There should be an opening at the top. The ovens in our new house are wall ovens and they have openings on the top of each door.

  392. bob marshall says:

    Sorry, but I clean houses for a living ( end of tenancy ) and it is far quicker to undo a few screws and clean the glass with warm soapy water

  393. Adrian Snyder says:

    is there a way to do this for a microwave as well?

  394. Dinah Lewis says:

    I think most oven doors simply lift off when you open the door to the first catch and lift the door off. Might save having to lay on the floor.

  395. The bigger question is… how does it get dirty between the glass?

  396. Rochelda says:

    How do you organize cords

  397. Virginia says:

    I will certainly try this and let you know how it works.

  398. Sherie Gibbens says:

    Oven doors do come off. Just grab both sides and lift outwards!!!

  399. Most oven doors can be removed. Open the door a couple of inches until it latches/sticks in place. Grab oven handles near connection points, and pull up vertically. The door will slide off the hinges on each side. Hinges will be in a 1:00 o’clock postion on the right and 11;00 o’clock on the left. Door weighs like a 20 pound sack of potatoes (estimate). Set door on table or counter and proceed to clean. Check and move hinges to 1:00 and 11:00 position if needed. Slide door back o over hinges. Two people may bee needed to remove and replace depending on your strength and ability.

  400. Oh my lanta!!!

    And how many years have I been wondering how to get that one spot I thought I’d never get????

    You’re RIGHT!!

    There IS an opening there and tomorrow will be the first time in 15 years!!!! It will be CLEANED!!

  401. Miriam Colden says:

    This is one I’ll have to try, the window in my oven looks like who done it and ran.
    So thanks for the tip .

  402. Thanks for the information I really appreciate it. I did not know how I was ever going to get that clean. I have a self cleaning oven, but the glass never comes out real clean.

  403. Debbie Noble says:

    Help! I have masking tape I used to map out 3×5 rectangles on industrial type carpet in my classroom. It is not coming off in one piece. Instead, it’s coming off in little pieces. Any uggesions???? I thpught about trying duct tape on top then pulling or goo gone but didnt want to damage the carpet.

    • I would use ice to freeze it, just like you’d do to get gum off the carpet. Once it’s frozen it should peel of easier, or at least without leaving residue. Once the tape is off use a small amount of Goo Gone to spot clean. DO NOT use duct tape, that will only leave more sticky stuff on the carpet! :)

  404. Thanks so much for the tip! I had been asking several appliance stores, lowes, menards etc… They all told me, unless I took the door apart, there was no way to clean the glass inside. I saw the holes but really didn’t think much about it after realizing there was no type of fuzz buster device know to mankind. Ha get the word “man”. oops. :) It works great!
    Thanks again,

    PS now, how do I keep surface mold on my interior walls to keep coming back? It washes right off but I don’t know what causes it. I have a dehumidifier. Please help.

  405. Who knew this was even a thing? I will definitely try it, though. I’d love to be able to see without opening the door again.

  406. Love this oven door has bugged me 4 years.

  407. viola lane says:

    that is good, been looking for that on facebook.

  408. you can also pull the oven door off if its gas, and lay it on a table and do that type of cleaning, might make it easier

  409. steve marsh says:

    Don’t most oven doors lift off the hinges so you can put them on the counter top? That would make the cleaning process much simplier

  410. It worked! I had some tomato soup drips that had been around for YEARS, but they came off with a little wiggling of my wire hanger wand! Thank you!

  411. abigail says:

    I am so glad you posted this! I have a little something between my glass and I couldn’t figure out how to get it…was tired of people (me included) trying to to pick it off the glass!

  412. Actually most stoves made in the last 15 years you can take the off easily without tools and turn it upside down to do this. Open the door to clear the stove top and grab the sides of the door and pull straight up. It beats lying on the floor to do this and makes it much easier to clean the inside of the oven with the door off.

  413. What if you have double ovens

  414. I am so excited to find this out because I have a teatowel hanging to cover the glass cause it is so dirty. I even showed the kids and said there is no way I can clean it. I can’t wait to clean it. Thanks so much.

  415. David Pierce says:

    I have a Used Moffat Oven, Model MSS6077W-1, Type B45. I tried to take the Oven Door off to clean the inside of the oven as there was something built up that wouldn’t come off with the Self Cleaning. I looked on Moffat’s Website for how to do that but only the right side unlocked so now I have a Problem where the right side wants to pull out everytime I open the Oven door and Moffat has Nothing on there Website for how to Fix this Problem, and upon Emailing them they will only discuss it over the Phone but I do not have a Phone, I do hope that you will be able to Help me.

    • mreynolds says:


      Hi I am Anna’s assistant, Monique. Unfortunately, we do not have experience with this brand of oven and would hate to give you the wrong information about fixing the oven. Our best suggestion is to explain to the manufacturer that you do not have a telephone and see if they can work with you! Sorry we could not be of more help :(

  416. Marlene Eichelberg says:

    MY stove top is black, it has so much grease and dirt baked on, what can I use to clean that off and get my stove to be black and shiny again?

  417. lonetta veselsky says:

    many yrs. ago i pulled the door apart . i started to clean the glass it broke in many smallpieces. it cost me 150.00 for new glass. i will try your way .

  418. Berdine says:

    What aboout the microwave, do you think it will also work?

  419. Carol Casner says:

    I have a double oven and just checked to find that the bottom oven has the slots in the top of the door. I will be trying this soon.. I can’t figure out how the inside gets so dirty. I’ve never encountered this problem with ovens I’ve had in previous homes.


  421. i always wondered how to get to that dirt/mess whatever it is! thank you so much, i will pass this on to my girls, thanks again!!!

  422. Donna Kennedy says:

    Thank you so much!!! I was wondering how on earth to clean it!!

  423. Anna, what is your best cleaner for white grout in a shower. I have tried ll brands and every homemade cleaner and all the sprays, but still fight it ever day. and it is not that bad! just anoys me I can’t keep it clean.

  424. what happen if it streaks? then what I think I will leave it the way it is until the rest of you all do it and wright back in on how it work …lol

  425. Rose Hansen says:

    Most models you can take the oven door off and turn upside down to clean.

  426. Rose Hansen says:

    Take the oven door off and turn upside down

  427. Thank you. I have been wondering how I could do this.

  428. Victoria B says:

    This is the hard way! The door of the oven slips off and then you can try the coat hanger thing, but with my oven something had leaked into the door and cooked on. I had to unsrew the inside of the oven door and clean it that way.

  429. Thanks for helping to clean the oven door, DO you have any ideas how to get hard water deposits off a glass shower door?

  430. Pam Allmon says:

    Why not take off door and do it. It would be a lot easier

  431. This would be ok if you were alone but my husband removes the screws and holds the two sides apart while I throughly clean the entire inside of both sides. It is really simple and fast also.

  432. Valerie says:

    Hi, I have a lot of grease spots on my stainless steel stove. How can I get them off?


  433. christi leik says:

    How would use clean the oven glass if u have a double oven?

  434. Missy ward says:

    Why not just take the over door off? that is what we did and then laid it on the cabinet top and washed using your method!

  435. I have that same stove, but my oven door will not stay closed. I hate it!! The light stays on. Is yours like that? What can I do?

  436. My oven does not have drawer underneath. It is built into the wall. My oven door can be taken off, so that is how I go to the open slots on the bottom of my oven door.

  437. Noella Bird says:

    Hi Anna,
    Thanks for the oven window cleaning instruction photos, who would ever think you could ever get up there.
    At the bottom of the page I read about you, and noticed you said you serve an incredible God, and I was wondering if he had a name?

  438. Vivian Davenport says:

    Good to know. I thought cleaning between the glass was impossible. Going to try this right away. Thanks.

  439. LOVE this post!! I had been begging my hubby to take the door apart so I could clean it because it’s terrible! He refused, saying there’s a seal that has to be made between the two glass panels and if the seal is broken, all the heat will leak out. So I just dealt with it, but it was a Constance source of stress. Now, mine is worse than most and I have to do this more often, because this little access holes you spoke about are ON THE TOP of my oven door, not the bottom; meaning every crumb, piece of sausage from the pizza, oil spatter and whatever else you can think of migrates right down in those holes and stays. I have the bottom holes too, so I used my vacuum tool there to pull as many of the crumbs out as possible, then cleaned from the holes on the top (easier on my back). This has obviously been a cleaning idea available since the invention of ovens, but like me, I guess most don’t think outside the box for solutions 😛

  440. How do you clean grease grime from the stove top and all its parts?

  441. My stove has 2 ovens. the top one is a small conventional oven and the large one is a convection. How do I clean between the glass on both of these ovens since I don’t have a drawer to pull out?

    • Look at the top of the doors for a slot. I have double wall ovens in our new house and there’s a place at the top that I can get in for cleaning. :)

  442. melissa says:

    Why not just unscrew the 2 pieces of the doors and clean it that way?

  443. Marissa says:

    thanks for your suggestion…… I could never get past step one…. getting that darn bottom door off ! any suggestions?

    • Yes Marissa, check with the Manufacturer, but on every oven I’ve had… Open the door like you were going to broil and pull straight up. The door sits on two arms so you have to pull in the same direction and angle that the door is open.

  444. What a great thing to know. I definitely plan to give this a try. Just as a point of information – most, if not all oven doors come off. Sure would be easier than laying on the floor.

  445. Pat Richardson says:

    I have a Maytag double Oven /no bottom door. I am afraid to try to remve the oven doors.

  446. I’m going to try this out.

  447. Thanks, I wanted to clean my oven windows so bad but was so unsure about removing them.

  448. suzanne huckaby says:

    Is there any way to also clean between double window panes that have clouded due to condensation? Can hardly see thru them

    • I don’t think there is a way, I think once the seal has been broken and water gets in there, that you have to replace the windows. Sorry.

  449. Thank you so much! I could have used this in my last apartment after I dropped an uncooked pumpkin pie while placing into the oven! What a mess!! I got it all except for what got trapped between the glass. It always bothered me!

  450. Bonita Cortese says:

    I LOVE YOU! There has been a long drip forever from top to bottom of the glass between the window in the oven door. I was going to try taking the door apart to get at it. Fortunately I checked the “magic machine” to see if there were instructions to do that and, viola, there were your instructions! How I wish I had thought to look into this sooner! I’ve kept a dish towel hung on the oven door for at least 5 years to cover it up. And to think there were these nifty openings in the bottom of the door all this time. You made my day. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

  451. Most over doors come off, this would allow you to lay the door on a towel, to protect the glass from touching a hard surface, it’s probably easier then laying on your back on the floor to get up inside.

  452. Or…. get your husband to take the door off the oven, slide out the glass and then clean it. Then get him to put it back together. It really is not that hard to do and gets the glass sparkling clean. I have to clean the ovens in my 2 rental properties after each tenant and I find this works best. No worries about getting anything stuck between the glass and you don’t have to lay on the floor.

  453. Dorothy says:

    My stove is a Maytag Gemini, double ovens, so no storage drawer. I can get the the slot on the smaller top door, but not sure how I would get to the one on the bottom door, short of laying the stove over on it’s side. ..and don’t know if I can do tht by my self

  454. Is there a easy way to clean the caulk around the edge of the bathtub? Mine is constantly turning black and anything you put on just “drips” down into the tub.

    Also have stains on bottom of tub from the map we put down to stand on. At one time we used to leave it down and it made all kinds of dirt stains and now i cant get that clean no more.


  455. Pat Hall says:

    I’ve had my glass cooktop stove for over 16 years and have black spots on a couple of the eyes. Is there any way to get rid of these?

  456. Helen Levac says:

    I am going to try this method of cleaning my oven window for sure. I often wondered how I was going to clean between the glass. Thank you for the tip.

  457. About a year ago I was having a cleaning fit and decided to clean the glass inside my oven door. I checked it out and saw that only a few screws were in the way, no biggie! So I removed the screws tipped the glass out (it stuck to the door, gross) and lifted it out. cleaned the glass to my hearts content then ran into problems when I tried to put it back together. Turns out I broke to plastic pieces that support the weight of the door when I removed it, also the handle had screws that were previously overtightened and stripped. So my need to have a clean oven resulted in a little over a hundred dollars in parts, oopsie!
    In conclusion now i have learned to shrug off the little things! (not really but it was a lesson of some sort)

  458. Genius! Worked like a charm…..

  459. Danielle Pirkle Poettker says:

    Or the easier way is to just pull up the door and remove it. Turn it upside down and then follow your directions to clean between the glass. No laying on the floor then. My gram showed me how to remove the door to clean the oven better, but adding your tip to clean between the glass makes cleaning the oven an even better job. Thank you.

  460. Gerda Parr says:

    I don’t suppose you have a way to clean the glass on wall ovens? I have two that are on top of each other and they don’t have drawers…

    • Gerda- This is Monique, Anna’s assistant. Anna has a double oven in her new house and there are slits (similar to the ones in the pictures) at the top of the door, instead of the bottom. Look for them and see if your oven has them, if it does you can clean it the same way. Anna will be writing a post about this soon since it’s a popular question.

  461. Over the years, on most of the electric ovens I have had, the oven doors LIFT off, maybe making your great coat hanger cleaning idea easier. Just pull open the door about 7″ to where you would rest it if you were broiling, then lift the door UP. The door will be very heavy. And you reverse it to put the door back on. I hope this helps some of y’all.

  462. It was driving me crazy that I couldn’t clean the glass. I am definitely going to try this :)

  463. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I drove crazy to understand how possible it was to clean between the glasses!! Your post save my oven!!
    Have a nice day!

  464. Laura Kettenring says:

    I just took out two screws, the door opened, I clean the whole glass, closed it put the two screws back. Saved the life of a hanger.

  465. Roberta McGowan says:

    Thanks! Never been so excited to clean my ovens!!

  466. Michael S. Douglass says:

    Or you could simply remove the outer glass by taking out four screws!

  467. Lonnie Corbin says:

    I read this for the first time at 11:30 pm, past bedtime, but had to try it! Found a YouTube instructional video to remove the oven door, then used a coat hanger like you did, and a microfiber rag sprayed heavily with Windex and secured with a rubber band. Can NOT believe this after all these years (I am 62). It worked! It really worked! Thank you so much, Anna!

  468. Great idea for cleaning the stove glass.
    Now, any chance you have any ideas of how to clean the fog inbetween the glass on patio sliding doors??? I sure would love to be able to do this. Thanks so much!

    • Hey Jeanette,
      This is Monique, Anna’s assistant. Anna does not have experience with sliding glass doors but the fog had to get in there somehow. You might be able to look for openings like she suggests in the post but that might be hard to extract it from its frame. Our best suggestion would be to refer to your local door shop that makes glass sliding doors. They should have more experience on how doors are constructed and how to clean them! Sorry we could not be more helpful!

  469. ruby barry says:

    I was wondering how I could clean mine it looks so bad I will try this

  470. I didn’t know there was a way to get in there. Thanks so much for the tutorial.

  471. I honestly did not know that I could clean between the windows!
    Thanks for the tip! :)

  472. becky garr says:

    what is an effective way to clean spots out of carpet? I live in an apartment and they refuse to replace the carpet. After it has been cleaned the spots return. Any wonderful ideas?

  473. Didn’t even know there was an “in between the oven glass” to clean! That explains a lot. Thanks for the tutorial. :)

  474. The doors on all ovens on ranges today will come off to aid in cleaning the inside without having to bust a gut cleaning the inside of the oven. There are a few that have small clips that you have to lift in order to remove the door.

  475. Can you or can you not put either a silicone sheet (sold for the purpose) or a foil tray (also sold for the purpose) on the floor of either a gas or electric oven. My mom always had foil on the floor of her electric oven but I’ve hesitated to do that since the burner is under the floor of the oven.

    • mreynolds says:

      Hello Linda,
      This is Monique, Anna’s assistant. Anna suggestion is to use a silicone mat or a broiler tray on the oven floor. However, be sure that either item does not cover the space where heat is being coming up from the electric or gas element. Do not use foil because it will melt to the bottom of the oven. Let us know what works for you!

  476. After flipping the hinge locks to remove the door, I tried cleaning from the bottom, but the old Kenmore in this rental house has a metal “picture frame” between the two pieces of glass. I ended up taking the door apart. Simple Green did a pretty good job of degreasing the innards.

    It now looks MUCH better than before. I can see one tiny little swipe mark on the front glass (not that I’m about to point at it), but it sure beats the greasy drip marks that were visible before.

    Thanks Anna, and thanks to all your commenters!

  477. Gerry Mess says:

    Thanks for sharing , How to clean inside the oven door glass … It has been driving me nuts white drips inside never knew it could be reached.

  478. Get some Allen wrenches and Unscrew door from glass. Clean glass then screw back together. Impossible to completely clean with your method especially the corners.

  479. Tom lewis says:

    Most oven doors lift off easy then turn the door over and it makes the job a lot easieri it’s hard on us older people to lay on our backs thank you for the information on how to clean between the glass on oven doors

  480. I just took my oven door off, took it apart, cleaned the glass, put it back together and then put it back on the oven.

  481. thanks, Anna, for sharing how to clean between the windows of the oven door. I didn’t know it was possible. We are trying to sell our home and I hated those ugly drips. Got to work on that tomorrow.

  482. I unscrewed the 4 screws inside the oven door, {Have someone there to hold the top piece of glass} cleaned the inside glass with windex. Let it dry. Screwed the 4 screws back in and…Done.

    I tried doing it the way you explain and I cried afterwards. It was all smeared. I don’t know if I did something wrong but the above way just seems simple to me.

  483. loving leah says:

    Love your website saw you on pinterest.I haves spider between the miicrowave glass-help?

    • I’m not sure I can help you with that one. :( Micorwave glass is sealed so I’m not sure how it even got in there! I’d take the microwave to an appliance shop and see if they can help you. Sorry.

  484. Marie-Helene Bastien says:

    Does anyone know that you can simply remove the glass? You don’t have to take your door apart! The glass is simply resting on the metal ledge (bottom of the door). Just take both hands, place them flat on the glass and slide up! The glass will rise enough to clear the metal ledge. Now you just have to pull it towards you and slide it off! Clean the glass and the inside of the door and put the glass back in place ! Voilà!
    I’m not sure if i’m making myself clear but I can’t add pictures…

  485. This was easy and worked well. I had to finagle with the end of the hanger, but all in all, it took under 10 minutes and worked! ( I didn’t have to lie on the floor. I just sat in front of the stove….)

  486. Renelle Kingsbury Maddrey says:

    Anna, Great idea!! Thanks for sharing this!

    Have you ever found a way to clean regular house double pane windows that have a broken seal? I hate to have to replace the whole window, but also hate not being able to see outside through them, even after cleaning them. : (

    Help anyone??

    • No, unfortunately the only way to fix it is to replace them. :( We have the same problem with the old windows in our house, I’m dreading having to replace them.

  487. i got a huge spill and i was able to unscrew the handle and 1 lower screw and get between the glass. the vent thing did not work for me I couldn’t get the spill out.

  488. sharon williams says:

    This great finally someone has found away to clean between the glass on the oven door

  489. How do you clean the double glass in a built-in oven only. There is no bottom drawer in a built. In cupboard oven. Mine needs it.

    • Loretta,
      This is Monique, Anna’s assistant. This is a great question. We have had many readers ask this question. I think there are a couple options. Some of our readers have found that you might be able to take the door off of the oven and then clean in between the glass. There also might be other slots in the different places in the door that will give you access to the glass. Hope this helps!

  490. Rebecca Simons says:

    What a fantastic tip. I just bought a new range. And could never get that area between the glass clean on the old one. Now I know I can keep the new range clean everywhere.Thank you for said tip. Please keep posting your informative guidelines.

  491. This worked beautifuuly! Thanks so much. I kept postponing this task because I thought the only way to clean it was to remove the door! Never thought I could get to it through the bottom of the door!

  492. Rosemary says:

    wow, who would have thought, thanks

  493. Robin Burgeson says:

    Hi Anna,
    I’m so happy you posted this tutorial. I totally ruined my prior oven taking the door apart to clean in between the glass. I have a new oven, not even 3 months old, and I already have something that dripped down onto the glass. I hardly cook so this is annoying more so! I think something dripped down there when I was cleaning the top of the oven and the top of the door. Anyhow, this will save me!!

    • Awesome, I’m so glad I could help! I know it’s easy to take the glass off but the glass on one of our ovens broke so I know how easily it shatters and I’m just not that brave. :)

  494. evelyn grygiel says:

    I do not have a drawer under
    Drawer under my oven door. It is a two oven range. Do you have any suggestions?

    • mreynolds says:

      Hey Evelyn,

      This is Monique, Anna’s Assistant. Anna has received this question several times. With a two oven range, there should still be small slots on the sides of the door where you can slip the hanger through. Hope this helps!

  495. My biggest question is why in the world do the manufactures make the oven doors in this manner? It is so aggregating! I have taken the door apart and cleaned it that way but I’m certainly going to give your way a shot! Thanks.

  496. This is the most valuable assistance I have received. I replaced the front oven glass in January and it has runs inside the glass again.. Surely I am not the only person with this experience.

    Thank you so much. I truly appreciate your time and inconvenience.

  497. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  498. Carla van Raay says:

    Hi Anna, you are nothing short of brilliant. Thank you so much for your tips: you are contributing to sanity and order in this world.

  499. It is actually easier to just remove the inner pane to clean between them 😉 I found that out when we moved into a house and it looked like someone dropped a bucket of grease in between the panes of glass! I noticed some screws and took them out and the whole door comes right apart. Just be sure to pay attention to where everything goes as you remove it, and you might need some extra hands to hold it all straight when you put it back together (I used a few clamps). It took a total of 10 minutes for the whole job, and that included finding the clamps. And, it turned out PERFECT, looked brand new! 😉

  500. Melanie T. says:

    Thank you so much for this blog. Last August my husband was being “helpful” and while moving a pan of lasagna, dropped it and some got inside the oven glass. It has driven me crazy for the last 7 months. I had no idea there were vents under the door. It looks great now. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  501. You can remove the top handle of the door and then take the glass out and clean it that way….much easier!

  502. Lorraine Fulcher says:

    I looked at your tutorial for cleaning the glass of your oven without taking it apart…I might try it as mine does need cleaning…Thankks

  503. Patricia Hazelton says:

    The door can be removed if you want to do this but not by lying on the floor.

  504. Melody N. says:

    It is even easier if you take the door off the oven first, instead of looking up while on the floor.

  505. Emilia Guerra says:

    I can’t lay on the floor but my daughter that came to visit me could and I want to thank you for the information, that dirty glass got on my nerves but now its clean and I thank you.

  506. Bebiteherm says:

    Très bonne idée, merci pour le bon conseil

  507. Kay Walter-Metz says:

    interesting – will try

  508. howdo u clean the glass in a toaster oven?

  509. Sami JO Frazier says:

    thank you for all your interesting post i enjoy then alot.

  510. I liked Ur ideas. Been looking 4 answers along time!!

  511. Thanks so much Anna for sharing. I just cleaned my glass as you suggested and it is so nice to see a clean glass again. I didn’t realize how easy this was. Thanks again

  512. Any suggestions for double ovens, and cleaning the glass? The one you had posted was very clever. Thank You!

    • Bethany Davis says:

      Hi, Mary! I’m Anna’s assistant, Bethany. Anna also has a double oven and she found a slit at the top where she can get down in between to clean the glass using the same method. You may want to open the door and look down to see if yours is built the same way. Thanks!

  513. This was exactly what I needed! All other tutorials I found said to dismantle the whole door!
    I had Clorox wipes handy and they did clean the glass but unfortunately left lint behind!

  514. Every pet owner knows that hair gets between the two pieces of glass and it is a major PITA to get out. My door come s off and apart but putting it back together correctly aligned can be a real challange so I’m going to try this.

  515. Love the oven glass tip. I will be looking for more tips. Thanks!!!!

  516. Sharon Ricci says:

    What makes this easier still is taking off the oven door. You just open it and pull out. The vast majority of doors come off this way. Then you can lay the door on a towel on your kitchen table and clean it without stooping or bending and you can easily see the vents.

  517. thank you it was very interesting

  518. I have wondered for years how to clean the class in the oven door! A huge thank you for this tip.

  519. I just tried this and my oven door looks great. It did take some patience to maneuver the coat hanger.

  520. Great tip!!! I just did it and it works perfectly!!!

  521. Fyi- you can remove door by opening to first hinge stop and gently pulling then place door on counter or preferred location to avoid laying on floor. Much easier on the back and knees.

  522. that is awesome!! very innovative, and $$ saver. kudos to you!!!

  523. This works!

  524. Debra Ramey says:

    Love this idea!!

  525. You lost me when you said lay down on the floor.

    Seriously?? LOL

    I wouldn’t know how to get down there…and heaven help me trying to get up again.

  526. no for people with bad backs nor tiny kitchens where laying down is impossible but love the idea

  527. It never even occurred to me that cleaning between glass could be done. Amazing! I am as far from a perfectionist as one could get, but IF I get around to cleaning anything, I want it done well. Anna, you are a gem!

  528. I cleaned between my oven window glass following instructions from another pinterest site. It instructed you to remove the two screws found at the top two corners of the oven door (found on the INSIDE of the doors, ) The two layers of glass easily separate from one another. The entire expanse of glass is accessible to completely and easily clean it as if it were laying on your table. The screws are easily replaced. Looks good as new.

  529. Jo Uncapher says:

    how do u clean glass between oven door if u have a double oven?

    • Bethany Davis says:

      Hi, Jo! I’m Anna’s assistant, Bethany. Anna also has a double oven and she found a slit at the top where she can get down in between to clean the glass using the same method. You may want to open the door and look down to see if your double oven has the slit on the top as well. Hope this helps! :)

  530. Just to let you know,you can take your oven door off, just open 2-3inches and pull up on door and it should come off. Be careful it’s heavy. And thanks for the info I’m going to try it

  531. The tip sounds food. I shall give it a try. My question, however, is how do you get the metal racks clean?. It is a self cleaning oven that works great but I have to take the racks out before starting the cleaning process. Thanks for the help.

    • Bethany Davis says:

      Hi, Rena! This is Bethany, Anna’s assistant. Anna said that she actually cleans her oven racks in the self cleaning cycle on her oven, but if you don’t want to do that, she said you can also clean them with ammonia. Place your oven racks in a trash bag, pour some ammonia in and then seal the bag. Leave them in for 30 min and then take them out and wash them off in the sink or bathtub. Hope this helps!

  532. marilyn morgan says:

    Actually you can take the door off and turn it upside down. Just open it till it catches, grab both sides of the door and then pull up. I am pretty sure most oven will do that.

  533. WOW I am so impressed I have always wondered how to clean that. Thank you so much I know what I will be doing tomorrow. Thanks for sharing

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  535. MJFitzGerald says:

    Hi…Wouldn’t it be a lot easier and quicker to take the oven door off and do it???????

  536. elizabeth says:

    I was so excited to get home from work and try this. I have had drips on the inside of my oven for about 1 year. I tried your method with the hanger and the drip was not coming off so i tried it with my yard stick . with a little scrubbing the drip is gone. by the way we just took the oven door off so much easier. Thank you

  537. Anna,
    You are such a stress relief. I have fretted for YEARS over my double ovens glass doors. I read in the manufacturers guide I had to remove the glass to clean them and it was almost impossible to replace them afterwards, so not recommended. I tried your trick and it worked like a dream. It was soooo easy and they are as clean as new. I can’t thank you enough my dear.

  538. How do I clean between the glass on a wall oven

    • Bethany Davis says:

      Hi, Geo. This is Bethany, Anna’s assistant. Check on the top of the oven door to see if there is an opening there. Anna has wall ovens in her home, too, and there are slots on top of the doors instead of on the bottom. :)

  539. marinella says:

    Thanks so much! This is a very useful advice! A hug from Italy, Marinella.

  540. So excited to try this. But as for lying on the floor….maybe I should have EMS on standby?!? Lol.

    Thank you!

  541. M. Bomford says:

    I took the door off and unscrewed the panels. I think it was easier and it also allowed me to really give it a good scrub.

  542. mary Grace says:

    Dosent the the oven door come off & you could turn the door up side down instead laying on the floor to clean it ?

  543. Anna,
    I have a glass top electric stove. How do I get the scorch marks off from boiled over pans? I’ve tried soft scrub and a non scratch scotch Brite sponge……

  544. I tried this and it works! I have a larger space so I used a flat swatter with the wipes!! Thanks for sharing this!!

  545. Uhhh yah, No.
    Just take the door off the oven, unscrew the panels and take out the glass and wash it in warm water and dawn dishsoap.

    A lot more effective and a Heck of a lot easier this way too!

    No need to make it harder for yourself or anyone else.

    • And if you don’t put everything back properly, or not tight enough you have heat escaping from the oven. No, I would never do that.

  546. I was really surprised about cleaning between the glass of the oven. Being 77 yrs. old this I will absolutely try. Thank you so much because my glass on the oven door is so dirty. Now I just have to find a wire hanger. HELP. ha haha I am sure one of my friends must have one. Thank you for that incredible hint.

  547. Lynn Boyce says:

    You are a wonderful source of information. Thank you for your ideas.

  548. Anna, that was one of the best tips ever!! I’m going to try it!!

  549. Hi
    I have tried everything to clean my glass shower doors..can you recommend anything that maybe I have not tried….
    We have manerials in our water but use a softener system.

    • Bethany Davis says:

      Hi, Carol! I’m Anna’s assistant, Bethany. There is a great post written about cleaning a glass shower door that Leah (Ask Anna contributor) wrote here
      Hope this helps!

  550. good tip, thanks! i would be afraid to take off the door so this is perfect for me and my future oven… too bad right now my apartment has a cheap oven with no window :'(

  551. Jennifer says:

    My oven doesn’t have a drawer at the bottom. So how do I clean in between the window?

    • If you open the oven door, so it’s stops at about a 45 degree angle, you can lift if strait and pull it off the hinges. Lay it on the counter or on a table and then you’ll be able to access the opening between the glass. :)

  552. You can actually, and easily, remove the oven door, turn it upside down, and clean it that way.

    Just open the door a bit, lift up, and out. It is a bit heavy, so be careful.

  553. I’m definitely going to do this tomorrow! Thanks for sharing.

  554. Don’t you have to be very careful to not scratch glass

  555. anne rutherford says:

    hi anna,i live in australia altho i am from nz.i dont like the cold.i liked your idea for cleaning the oven glass on the inside.i have usually just unscrewed the inside panel and cleaned it that time the fibreglass came out and i couldnt put it back together about humpty dumpty.thanks very much.anne r.

  556. Barbara Watkins says:

    It works a lot better and easier if you just open the oven door and unscrew the bolts that hold down the inside glass panel. Then you can take it off and scrub real clean and scrub the other panel too. This works great. You have to have the right kind of screw driver or wrench to get it unscrewed but my hubby knew exactly what it needed and had that tool so maybe you could get a little help with that.

  557. Karen Janssen says:

    Now that everyone knows you CAN remove the door from the oven hinges, take a look at this… See the big screw heads on the inside panel of the oven? That whole panel comes off easily and gives you much better access to the glass.