How to Clean Tile Grout without Chemicals

A couple weeks ago my friend called me and asked if I had any ideas for cleaning really dirty tile grout. They were getting ready to move into a new-to-them house and the floors were so gross, like greasy, sticky, grimy gross, you wouldn’t even believe it! I thought about my bleach pen method but on a large scale, like over 1000 sq.ft., I thought that would be more work than it was worth. I told her I’d bring over my HomeRight SteamMachine Plus because it is an awesome cleaner and can clean all sorts of things! I’d never used it on grout before but I was sure it would work fabulously, and boy oh boy it did!!!

I want to show you this little video of it “in action” and then I’ll break it down for you in pictures.

The giddy excitement in the video is my friend Beckie, she’s like me and loves to clean, and she was beyond excited when she saw how well the SteamMachine Plus was blowing the black grime right out of the grout.

Here are some before and after pictures that will blow your mind, especially if you have extremely dirty grout in your home!

This is in the kitchen dining room area.

How to clean tile grout without chemicals - Ask Anna

This is the master bathroom. She said she could tell it was deep cleaning because there were all kinds of awful smells coming up from the grout. Gross!! :(

How to clean grout without chemicals - Ask Anna

This is the transition from the kitchen to the hallway. Isn’t that amazing!?

How to clean tile grout without chemicals - Ask Anna

This is the range hood. The entire thing was covered with grease and food particles, it only took me a few minutes to make it look new again!

Cleaning a range hood, before and after cleaning it with the steam machine - Ask Anna

If your jaw is on the floor and you’re wondering where you can get a SteamMachine Plus, don’t worry, there’s a giveaway coming up! Just a few more things we wanted to tell you –

  • “This thing is amazing and everyone needs one!” (Beckie’s mother-in-law and sister-in-law went home and bought one after she showed them how well it worked) :)
  • For cleaning grout this is the fastest method and it saves you from having to get down on your hands and knees to scrub.
  • It not only cleans the grout but it sanitizes it too. The 205 degree temperature kills 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria including e-coli, salmonella, and staph.
  • The tube that sucks the water up, has a metal ball on the end of it, so whether your cleaning the floor, or holding it upright to clean the range hood, you get the same amount of steam and pressure! (Those guys at HomeRight are so smart).
  • Make sure once the grout is clean that you seal it so that it stays clean. You should reseal the grout at least once a year.
  • Here’s a tip she wanted to share for how to hold the SteamMachine Plus, when you’re cleaning grout. At first she was using it like this (as you saw in the video), because it was a very natural way to hold it.

How to clean tile grout without chemicals - Ask Anna

  • But what she found was that it was easier and more efficient to hold it like this. See how much more of the brush is in the grout line? It’s way faster to do it this way.

How to clean tile grout without chemicals - Ask Anna

When you’re done cleaning and sanitizing the grout the handheld part of the SteamMachine Plus pops back into the upright frame and you can steam clean the rest of the floors quickly and easily! This is what I use to clean the floors in our house and I love it. The mop is easy to maneuver and because of the shape of the mop head, it gets into corners and around furniture really easily.

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Here are some other uses for the SteamMachine Plus from my fellow HomeRight ambassadors –

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Disclaimer – This post is sponsored by HomeRight but all opinions are my own, as always. I will always tell you if I think a product is just “okay” but if I tell you I love it then it means I really LOVE it! I have included a few affiliate links to the products I used in this post, if you buy through the link I get a small commission but you don’t pay a cent more than you normally would. Thank you for supporting Ask Anna!

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  1. I might try it on my shower! It needs a very deep cleaning.

  2. Karen in VA says:

    Love it – cleaning without killing yourself!

  3. Anne marie says:

    I would love this machine and would use it to clean all my dirty grout.

  4. Samantha Barker says:

    This looks like an awesome cleaning tool! I can’t believe how great your tile grout looks after using it!

  5. Bathroom for sure! Would love to win this!

  6. This is something I struggle with regularly. And this solution is so easy and a lot less back-breaking than others. Count me in! Fingers crossed.

  7. Jennie Miller says:

    I would totally use this in my bathroom first. The tile on the floor and the walls needs a good deep cleaning!

  8. I would clean the tile/grout in our half-bathroom. That looks like it did an amazing job!

  9. The tile in my 20+ year old master bath.

  10. The first room I would tackle would be my kitchen and the tile floor. Then I would head into the bathroom and attack those tiles and grout lines. Wow I can’t believe steam did all of that!!!!

  11. Looks wonderful! On the amazon web site someone said it works great on glass showers. Did you try it yet in your shower?

  12. I would definitely try this on my bathroom floor tile. My lab loves to be with me wherever I am. The grout where he lays is awful! Can’t believe how great this seemed to work.

  13. I really really need one of these since my kitchen is loaded with tile, and with four kiddos in the household my grout is pretty dark on a regular basis, yuk!

  14. The bathroom my daughter uses would really benefit from this! It can get SO gross!

  15. I would tackle the bathtubs and the ground on the bathroom walls.

  16. Our front entryway could use a good grout cleaning!

  17. for SERIOUS the tile floors…..i have been putting it off bc i don’t want to be on my hands and knees with a toothpaste

  18. Barbara Brannon says:

    WOW! I seriously need one of these! My bathroom tile looks just like the ‘before’ picture above! Sure hope I win – thanks for the giveaway!
    Barbara in TN

  19. Love to try it out!

  20. I would use it in my bathroom.

  21. A few days ago I was cleaning something and thought to myself how much easier it would be if I could steam clean it – what was it??? Oh gosh, so much could be steam cleaned. I wonder if I could use it to clean that seal in the door of the washing machine!? I hate these new style of washers. Ewww.

    I know I need to re-seal my grout, so I’d love to be able to steam and seal it all again. Could you use it in the oven and on the oven door? That would be great, too. I can think of a lot of places I would like to use it. We’re a big family with a good sized house. It would probably get worn out!

  22. I would clean my kitchen floor – exciting to know something would make them look fabulous again!

  23. My kitchen grout!

  24. Would love to win this!

  25. This is so awesome! I’ve been doing it with cleaners that don’t work as good and take way longer! This is so exciting!

  26. David Holder says:

    I would tackle my bathroom.

  27. Definitely the kitchen!

  28. I would clean my kitchen’s tile

  29. Oh my goodness! I desperately need one of these. Thanks so much for the introduction!

  30. I think I would try it first on the kitchen floor. Then the tile entry by the garage. Then the bathroom. And the laundry sink…

  31. That is amazing!!!

  32. I have many grout lines that look just like this. I tried the toilet bowl cleaner with bleach — and while it worked great, my respiratory system took a huge hit, and I had to stop (or die ha! ha!) I want clean grout!

  33. Definitely would tackle our bathrooms first! With 5 boys using them….I feel like, clean has become a subjective term!!!

  34. I would be so excited to use it on my kitchen floor!

  35. I so need one of these for our new place so I can keep the tile grout all pretty!!

  36. Need this for the bathroom & kitchen!

  37. First I will clean tile in bathroom….naturally!

  38. I would tackle bathroom floors first.

  39. Arlene Simpson says:

    Haven’t tried this steamer yet, I’ve gone through 4 different brands so far. Could use a deep cleaning on my tile floors.

  40. Megan Jones says:

    We have so much tile – this would be a life saver in almost every room of the house!

  41. Would love to try it on the shower – so tired of scrubbing!

  42. I would love to clean my bathroom floor with this!!

  43. Lorie Underwood says:

    I just realized how used to dirty grout I have gotten. Ugh! Time to work on the kitchen/dinning area/office. That’s a lot of grout to clean

  44. I would love to use it in the kitchen, bathrooms, and hallways…especially with 2 little kids!

  45. I would love to use it in my kitchen, bathrooms, and entryway…especially with 2 very little boys!

  46. I would love to try this in my kitchen!

  47. I definitely want to try this on my shower grout, its so hard to keep clean!

  48. steve weber says:

    I will be tackling the kitchen floor first.

  49. clean kitchen.

  50. I can’t wait to tackle the (awful) Mexican tile on our first floor when I win (how positive is THAT?!), where we come in from the beach & dog walks. It’s never been steam-cleaned since we moved in 4 yrs. ago, & w/1″-wide grout (who puts in grout that wide?!), it NEEDS it! I’m always grossed out thinking what may live in there (I DO wash it!☺️ Just haven’t steam-cleaned it). Someday, we may have the funds to swap out the tile, but for now, deep-cleaning it with steam will do quite well.

  51. Steam cleaning is therapeutic!!

  52. I’ll tackle the living room first with the SteamMachine Plus.

  53. Chalyse Meiklejohn says:

    I’ll clean my kitchen first!

  54. I so need this to tackle my bathrooms!! With 2 little boys and 1 big one, my bathrooms are so gross!!!

  55. Kristin C. says:

    I would attack the bathrooms first!

  56. the grout in my shower needs a good cleaning!

  57. Omg I wish I had this whIle I was scrubbing the filthy grout of the rental I live in! But we’really buying our first house now and this would be amazing to have!

  58. The downstairs bathroom shower!

  59. Jenifer Lim says:

    Oh my goodness! I would so take this into my bathroom first thing and see what wonders this thing is capable first hand, lol!

  60. Awesome. I would get to work in my bathroom first.
    I have laminate wood floors in my kitchen – can the steamer be used on laminate?

    • You’d have to check with the manufacture of your laminate. I steamed the laminate in our old house but I know some you’re not supposed to.

  61. Tonya Atkinson says:

    My kitchen tile

  62. I would love to have this to clean the grout in my bathroom!

  63. Oh boy do I want to WIN the steam cleaner. I have some yucky grout from previous owners I’d like to get cleaned!!!

  64. My kids bathroom would be the first to get cleaned!

  65. I would tackle my nasty grout in my pebble tile shower floor.

  66. My kitchen!

  67. I need this in my shower and in the entryway…

  68. Wow! I’d love to try this on my grout!

  69. Amy M. C. says:

    I would definitely use this for the tiles in my shower.

  70. Tracy Hoover says:

    Definitely my range hood. I can’t find anything to cut through the sticky grease and grime

  71. Would love to try this in the kitchen.

  72. barbara n says:

    Definitely the bathroom!!!

  73. Trisha B. says:

    I’d definitely tackle our ceramic tile flooring in our kitchen and bathroom first. It looks just like how your first picture did before.

  74. ACK! I wish I would have seen this just a few days earlier! I have someone coming to clean my grout next week! My kitchen tile would be my first stop! 4 kids and a dog that slobbers…you can only imagine!

  75. RANA DURHAM says:

    My kitchen because it gets the most traffic.

  76. Awesome! Grout would be my first tackle! Who wouldn’t just love this?! Thanks for sharing :)

  77. That looks like something I need! Thanks for the chance to win.

  78. I would love to win this to tackle the range hood above my stove top! It is really needing a good steaming. Thanks for the chance to win!

  79. Definitely the bathroom first. I can’t believe I’m excited to clean the bathroom.

  80. I would clean my sunporch………

  81. I would love to try this on those teeny tiny grout lines in my bathroom!

  82. hardwood floors!

  83. I will tackle my kitchen!!!

  84. barleecreations says:

    First I would hit my kitchen followed by the bathroom.

  85. Betsy Barnes says:

    If I won, my bathroom, especially the shower, would be the first place I tackle using the SteamMachine Plus. :)

  86. I have been trying to clean bathroom grout by hand and it is very hard. This machine would be a great help!

  87. Jennifer B says:

    I would love to use this on my shower!

  88. Rebecca Moseley says:

    I’m suddenly realizing how dirty the grout is in my kitchen!

  89. I would love to have this for my shower!!! Looks so awesome!

  90. Cassandra says:

    The kitchen!

  91. I’d really like to try it on the grout.

  92. We close on our home in one week. I would love to deep clean it before moving in! I’d start with the entry way.

  93. This would be wonderful to use on the grout around the tub.

  94. Thank you for the opportunity! I would tackle the toilet first (actually the entire bathroom)….

  95. I would LOVE to have this, and will probably buy it if i dont win it. I would clean my grout that looks just as bad as this!

  96. Keeley A. says:

    I will do my stand-up shower and the tile in the master bathroom!

  97. This is an amazing transformation! Would love to try this on my bathroom floor.

  98. i would definitely use this on my kitchen floor. It looks like the before pictures.

  99. I am going to tackle the computer room first.

  100. I would love this for my kids’ bathrooms.

  101. Christina says:

    I would use this in our downstairs entryway, hall, kitchen, and half bath! I get so tired of scrubbing at the grout with a toothbrush!!

  102. Sharlene Piscitelli says:

    I would definitely steam the tile floors first, especially in the entry.

  103. Elton Parrish says:

    I could really use the steamer by my back door where my kids and dogs have stained my tile floor and door.

  104. I would totally tackle my OVEN first. Thanks.

  105. This would come in handy!

  106. My kitchen, most definitely! My tile grout is a hot mess.

  107. Margaret Best says:

    I am in DESPERATE need of something other than my Shark steam mop to clean my travertine floors and grout!!! I am ready for a REAL steam cleaner!!! Thank you for sharing your tips!

  108. I would definitely clean my grout.

  109. Kelly Pagan says:

    I think my shower grout is beyond saving, but I sure would LOVE to try! So hope I win!!

  110. It would be great to have this! My kitchen counters need it, especially.

  111. I would try cleaning everything!!!

  112. beverly e says:

    I would deep clean my kitchen. Thanks for the chance to win!

  113. i would tackle my Bathroom !

  114. In my kitchen! So hard to keep clean.

  115. I would go over my sticky floors and finally get them good and clean. It seems like no matter how I clean them there is always something I missed.

  116. I would first clean the tile floors.

  117. For sure, I would use this on the wide grout lines on my kitchen floor. We scrubbed for hours and hours when we moved into our new house and could never get them quite white again. I’m still struggling to keep them clean. This tool would be a lifesaver. My little one just started crawling and I’ve been wracking my brain to figure out a fast easy way to keep the floors clean and sanitized. Also, I was wondering if the steam machine is safe for use on hardwood?

  118. I have tile throughout my home and would love to win this.

  119. Joyce Taylor says:

    My kitchen floor!!!

  120. Joyce Taylor says:

    The tile on my bathroom counter. It always seems dirty.

  121. Oh my! We just finished remodeling our kitchen but our tile floor grout looks exactly like the pictures on your blog! I NEED THAT MACHINE! Thanks for the chance!

  122. Christine J says:

    We are cleaning a house that has had the same owner since the 60s. It’s pretty clean, but this would do wonders with the areas that were too difficult for them to clean in their later years. Thanks for the chance to win.

  123. Christine says:

    my wood floors!

  124. Dawn Jones says:

    My bathroom would be first.

  125. I would love to try this in our kitchen; the grout is disgusting and I thought it was hopeless!

  126. Deborah G. says:

    I would start with my bathroom floor!

  127. I would use this on all my grout and throughout the house. I am shocked by the results!

  128. Lauren @ Mom Home Guide says:

    I think I would tackle the bathrooms in my home first!

  129. I kid you not when I say my entire house (except for the bedrooms) is Spanish Tile. I need this in my life.

  130. courtney b says:

    our kitchen floor NEEDS this! :)

    thanks for the chance!!

  131. Definitely the master bathroom would get first dibs.

  132. Would love to win this!

  133. michelle S says:

    I would definitely be cleaning the grout in my kitchen!

  134. Love this! I definitely need it for my shower!!

  135. My floors and the bathroom need the most help! Ugh! Do they need help! lol!

  136. Our bathrooms!!

  137. The kitchen!

  138. Linda Bundrick says:

    My mudroom takes the most abuse with 4 kids and a dog the tiles get grungy , so that would be me first room to tackle.

  139. Megan Nelson says:

    What part of your house will you tackle first with the SteamMachine Plus? THE BATHROOM. Because if it can tackle that terror anything else will be a breeze.

  140. Patrycja Chudziak says:

    I would love to tackle the whole bathroom!!

  141. I definitely want to tackle the grout in my entryway. It’s looking extremely dingy and dirty!

  142. This looks amazing! I have a kitchen floor that I could put it to the test with!

  143. I definitely need this for my shower!!

  144. My bathroom grout would be really clean using this.

  145. A family member was trying to figure out how best to clean the tile in a bathroom in her new home, and I was just about to recommend a steamer. However, a little research turned up the fact that most warranties will not cover damage resulting from steamers, and apparently grout is easily damaged by repeated use of a steamer. So, it might be a good idea to look into that just to be sure, especially if your tile is relatively new.

  146. Looks very clean! You did a great job. That master bathroom went through an awesome transformation. Thanks for sharing!

  147. That’s very impressive!

  148. Too bad that the handle isn’t longer so you wouldn’t have to bend over to clean the grout…that is time consuming

  149. hi I am in cape town , South Africa. Where can I get this awesome machine.