Master Bedroom Closet Organization

Ever since we moved into our house our master closet has been an organized mess. I say “organized mess” because when we moved in I put everything from our old closet into our new one, but never took the time to think about, and organize the new closet to function at it’s best.

Closet organization - Ask Anna

You can see in the before pictures that the baskets didn’t fit the shelves well and there was lots of wasted space.

Closet organization - Ask Anna

I also had my shoes placed in the cubbies that were too small for them so I ended up using more shelf space than I needed to, more wasted space.

It has been driving me crazy for months and now that it’s Spring Cleaning time I decided to take everything off the shelves, start over and do a little master bedroom closet organization!

Closet organization - Ask Anna

I started by measuring the shelves and then I purchased these storage boxes from because I thought they’d add a fun pop of color, and I knew they’d fit better, which meant less wasted space.

After taking everything off the shelves I wiped them down with a disinfectant wipe to clean and dust them.

Closet organization - Ask Anna

Closet organization - Ask Anna


Next I worked on transferring everything in the old baskets into my new storage boxes.

Closet organization - Ask Anna

An important tip is to not just move everything from one basket to another, make sure to set aside things you don’t use or wear anymore. When I was done transferring my items I had a good size donation pile as well. 

Closet organization - Ask Anna

After filling up all my new storage boxes I placed them back in my closet, where I used to have my shoes.

Closet organization - Ask Anna

This is a MUCH better use of space and it looks prettier too.

After moving the storage boxes to the left side of the closet I needed to figure out what to put on the wider shelves on the other side of the closet. I decided since there was more room, and the shelves were taller, I’d put my shoes on the bottom two shelves.

Closet organization - Ask Anna

Don’t worry, I do have more shoes than this, the rest of them are stored out in the garage in our shoe organizer. These are the shoes that I don’t wear as often so I keep them in my closet.

In our old closet I didn’t have very much shelf space so I stored my jeans in a hanging shoe caddy, which is a great way to store items if you are limited on space, but since our new closet has lots of shelf space I thought I’d take advantage of it.

Closet organization - Ask Anna

I used two shelves for my jeans, a shelf for my purses and then I put two more storage boxes on the top shelf for odd and end things, like costume accessories.

Master bedroom closet organization - Ask Anna

I also moved my sweaters to the shelf above my hanging clothes. I like having them out so I can see them, it’s the first time I’ve ever been able to do that.

Our seasonal clothes are stored in plastic totes, and so I didn’t have to see them all the time I stacked them above my husbands hanging shirts, up where I don’t normally look.

Master bedroom closet organization - Ask Anna

I was starting to love the way the closet looked but it still needed something… some bling… like a chandelier. Last year I purchased 2 chandeliers for our master bedroom makeover but then we ended up moving so I never used them. They’ve just been sitting in the garage so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to use one of them.

Master bedroom closet organization - Ask Anna

I’m in love with the sparkle! I’ve always wanted a closet with a chandelier.

Chandelier in the master bedroom closet - Ask Anna

I am so happy with the way it turned out! From an organized mess, to pretty AND organized, I’m very pleased with the results of my Spring Cleaning closet organization project.

Master bedroom closet organization - Ask Anna

What do you think of the makeover? If you have any closet organization tips I’d love to hear them! Please share them with me in the comments!


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  1. I used to sell organizational tools – hoping no one ever saw my own stuff. WHat I learned was that all the tools in the world don’t work if I am too lazy/busy to put stuff away.
    So in the end I tend to live out of my laundry baskets.

    • Haha, so true! I sometimes look at something at my house and think “my readers would hate me if they saw this!” :) I think in the end we can all feel lazy from time to time. :)

  2. I love this post! You have given me som great ideas to try in my closet. I am dying to have a chandelier in my closet too. I need to check into replacing my like. Your closet looks wonderful. So pretty. Thank you.

  3. susan cornwell says:

    I have yet to tackle the master closet my clothes are so disorganized. I have trouble deciding what to hang and what to store in dressers. I have work out clothes work scrubs and church outfits . Any ideas on what your store in dressers?

  4. Beautiful! I wish my closet was big enough to do this so I could do something like this. I live in an older home so the closets were made rather small. And I am too old to move now.

  5. Anna, this transformation is great! Love those orange storage boxes 😀