Spring Cleaning + Free Checklist

Spring Cleaning

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! My family and I spent the day with family and soaking up the beautiful sunshine and warm 70 degree weather we had up here in Washington state. I don’t know about you but yesterday the spring cleaning bug bit me and I was in the mood to clean and organize. It all started in the nursery and eventually went room by room until I made my way out into the family room and office area. My instincts told me to stop there or else I would get burnt out and not want to keep going the rest of the week. Lucky you, all of my spring cleaning fever is pouring over and I’m sharing some of my best Spring Cleaning + Free Checklist for you to follow along with.

A lot of these tips I’ve  shared in years past, but I feel they are still a good references to go off of. The best part is the checklist, it will keep you very organized and focused on getting things done.

Spring Cleaning Checklists


Home Cleaning Schedule


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In part of my previous spring cleaning series, here are some of the hottest topics we talked about:

You can also watch me live talking about cleaning and organizing on Good Morning Northwest. In this video I share some of my musthave tips, which include:

1. As you organize, put items into 3 categories- donate/sell, toss or keep.

It works great and helps alleviate stress of trying to figure out what to do with all of that stuff.

2. Next, you want to ask yourself three questions about every item you are considering to keep:

a. Do you/they love it?

b. Can you/they live without it?

c. Does this item have a purpose

If the items meets all three criterion, then it stays, if not, then it either gets donated/sold or tossed.

3. I recommend cleaning the space really good before putting everything back. I use all natural cleaners because chemical based cleaners are harmful for the air inside your home and have been shown to cause autism, ADHD, allergies, asthma, and even cancers in young children. I don’t know about you but I’d rather not chance something as precious as my child’s life, so I use natural products that are safe and effective.

4. As you begin putting items back into the space remember this motto “Everything has it’s place.”

We live by this in our home and this is truly how we stay organized.

I hope you find these tips helpful as you get down to work on spring cleaning your home. You are welcome to email me with any questions.

Oh, and don’t forget to come on over and check out my new blog design and see more cleaning and organizing posts!

Cheers and happy cleaning!


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  1. that time of year again! have the cleaning bug, just not the motivation to get started… the hardest part! 😛 glad you got the beautiful 70 degree Easter too!

  2. I need to get on this list! Thank you SO much for posting this!!

  3. What a fabulous resource. We are trying to purge and simplify in our home and these are so helpful..and totally cute too!

  4. Great checklist! I’m in big-time spring cleaning mode around here so I really enjoyed that!

  5. I love you. I am so hoping to get my rear in gear and clean up all the piles that have accumulated over the winter. Now I just need some energy and spare time!

  6. Great post, thanx Jennifer. & thank you for the printables :)

  7. Susan Tetreault says:

    Thanks for the guideline, Anna. Here’s to farewell to the winter blues and hello to spring cleaning. Sue in Canada.

  8. My husband loves doing the cleaning in our house (sometimes OCD does pay off lol) and I’m definitely going to pass this comprehensive list of things to clean onto him – he started our spring cleaning in February (which is still dead of winter in our parts!) Thanks for all the great information!



  9. Stephanie says:

    Just letting you know I will be sharing your blog and spring cleaning ideas at our PTO meeting this evening. I think you have a wonderful check list us busy moms can follow easily. Thanks for the input!
    Valparaiso, In
    mom of 7

  10. Jacob Saul says:

    It seems like today, the best part was having the five minutes my carpets were clean then came all my dogs!

  11. loving the printables they are awesome. I have linked to them in our current post on last minute spring cleaning

  12. Elizabeth says:

    For some reason, when I click on the link for the PDF to print this… the page comes up blank. Anyone else have this issue and is there a way to either fix it or have this emailed to me? I could really use it! Thanks!!

  13. Great efforts Anna!

  14. My parents havevaclarge house that has gotten away from them. They have always have had a weekly service, but at this point we need someone in to CLEAN.
    The surface is fabulous but behind every picture is a spider web. I will be thereto help with decisions. Right now I am looking for prices and what I get for my $. Thank you! Lisa