Giani Granite Countertop Paint Review

I am so excited to share with you one of my latest projects!  Remember this post from a couple months ago when I asked you what color I should paint my countertops?  Well we finally painted them and I am super excited to show you the results!  This is a long post {lots of pictures} but there’s a giveaway at the end!!!

After reading many reviews, and watching a few You Tube videos, for all the products available for painting countertops I finally decided on the product that I thought looked the best and sounded the simplest: Giani Granite Paint for Countertops.

I contacted Giani and they agreed to let me do a product review.  I chose the Bombay Black Kit because I knew I wanted a shade of gray or black for my counters.

After receiving my kit I got super nervous.  I watched the DVD that came with my kit, countless times to make sure I knew exactly what I was going to do.  Let me just start by telling you that I am NOT creative when it comes to this sort of thing.  I am not artistic in any sort of way, in fact I think Malea can paint better than I can!  I was pretty much terrified that I was really going to mess up our counters.  So when the weekend arrived that Matt and I had scheduled for painting the countertops I watched all the videos again and gave myself a little pep talk.  What’s the worse that could happen, I already hated my counters, at least after painting them they’d be a color I liked.

I am so happy to tell you that painting the counters with the Giani Granite Paint for Countertops was so easy!!!  It was beyond my wildest dreams easy!
Day 1:
I prepped the kitchen by washing the counters and taping them as instructed in the video.

Later that night, after we put Malea down, Matt and I painted on the primer.  He painted all the corners and edges with the included foam brush and I rolled on the primer with the included roller.

The process was quick and easy and we finished in less than an hour, giving us enough time to still watch our shows and enjoy a glass of wine. :)

Day 2: {The day I was so nervous about}
The next morning Matt took Malea out to breakfast so that I could concentrate and sponge the color onto the counters.  I started by pouring my colors onto plates and practicing on the enclosed practice sheet.

I thought for sure this part of the process would take me forever so I kept a close eye on the time for this review.  I started sponging the color onto the counters at exactly 9:05am.  Once I started dabbing the color on I quickly got the hang of it and started really enjoying the process.

{Here’s a picture of one of the counters after applying the first mineral color, and before adding the second color}

I kept stepping back to look at the counters and I found myself getting more and more giddy with excitement.  I kept saying to myself, “man that looks good!” and “who knew I could make it look that good!?”.

After only one hour and five minutes I was completely done sponging on the color!  That includes touch ups, going back and adding color in places, etc.  Done.  Completely done in 1hr 5min!!!  Amazing!  I thought for sure it would take me hours to get the color and design that I wanted!

{The first counter area I painted.}

{Same counter after going back and adding more of the black mineral paint.}

The counters before adding the Top Coat.

Let me start this paragraph by saying that Matt is a huge skeptic.  He really doesn’t enjoy doing these kinds of projects and he’s always so skeptical how how they will turn out.  That being said, when he came home from breakfast and saw the counters he was sooooo impressed.  He kept looking at them saying, “Wow, I can’t believe how much it really looks like granite.”   He said lots of other wonderful things but I can’t remember them all.  Needless to say he was very impressed with Giani Granite Paint for Countertops and how great the counters looked!
Day 2, 4 hours later:
Four hours later it was finally time to put on the first layer of Top Coat.  For sure waiting 4 hours to put on the Top Coat was the hardest part of the whole process!  Matt and I applied the Top Coat together, just as we had the primer, he used the foam brush for the edges and corners and I rolled on the rest.  I don’t think you need two people to do this process but it was easier having 2 sets of eyes to see places we missed or over-applied.  After the Top Coat was applied Matt {the skeptic} and I were both singing the praises of Giani even more!  We were both so impressed with how shiny the counters were and how granite-like they looked!

{Just look at how reflective it is!  I love it!}

Day 2, 4 more hours:
Four more hours and the counters were ready for a quick sanding with 600 grit sand paper and the final layer of Top Coat.  Just as the video had instructed, we lightly sanded all the counters down with sand paper.  Unfortunately there were a few places where the sandpaper {even though super fine} took the paint off and I had to reapply.  It was a quick fix though and after allowing the new paint to dry we added the final layer of Top Coat.
Day 3:
The counters look amazing.  My only complaint {and it’s very minor} is that the counters are not smooth.

{You can see the slight texture in this photo.}

I was hoping that after sanding and applying the final layer of Top Coat that the counters would be smooth like granite.  They look amazing and the color totally looks like granite but when the light reflects off of them you can tell that it’s not smooth like granite.  Honestly I don’t even know if anyone else will notice, it’s just a personal observation.

Overall I am completely satisfied with my newly painted countertops.  I was so impressed with how easy the application and process of the Giani Granite Paint for Countertops was that I would totally recommend this kit to anyone looking to update their counters.  The other thing that is really impressive is how affordable the Giani kit is!  For only $69.95 you can get fresh, upgraded countertops, which is so much less then any other product on the market!
Are you ready to see my transformation?  First let me show you what the kitchen used to look like, remember these?
And here’s the “before” close up.
And now look at my kitchen!!!
It’s spectacular!
Here’s the close up.  I love it!!!
You’re dying to win a kit now, aren’t you!?  The super nice people at Giani are giving you the chance to bring home your very own Giani Granite Countertop Paint Kit!!!  Ready, set, go!  Good luck!!!      **GIVEAWAY OVER**
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  1. I like the way this looks, but I can’t find the colors that I would like to have, plua my counter is very small.

    • There are about 4 colors in each kit so you could mix them to make any color you want. It’s a great, inexpensive way to update your kitchen. :)


  2. WOW! What a genius product! We just bought our first home and while the kitchen has nice updated granite countertops, the bathrooms have laminate that I would love to update to granite or marble. It’s just not in the budget right now. For sure going to research more on this product to see if it would work for us. I really enjoyed your post & blog!

    • Awesome, thanks Janet. I have been really happy with the Giani Granite product. I feel that it’s held up well and I love the way it looks!


  3. I used Giani Granite a little over a year ago……I was impressed at first, but not anymore. Even though we have tried our best to go easy on them, it’s a bit difficult with 4 children in the house. A year later they are chipping. In some areas the pain has come off completely. Granted 95% of the pain is still intact, but you have to be so ginger with them that I’m not so sure it was worth the cost. Maybe yours will hold up better than mine.

    • What a bummer! I’m sorry to hear that. :(


    • Lindsay says:

      Hi Nicole,
      We’re considering using this product. Have you touched up the paint that is chipping? If so, do you think it looks ok? And have you had to be seriously careful the entire year to not ruin the countertop? I appreciate any input. I’m on the fence right now.

    • Lindsay,

      I am sorry to hear that you are having a problem. I will be more than happy to send you any product you need to make the necessary repairs. We pride ourselves on our customer service so don’t hesitate to call us. 800-650-5699.

  4. I love the look of your new kitchen! How does the counter top stand up to daily use and cleaning? Any problems with chipping or peeling?

    • Thank you! I love it too. :) I haven’t had any problems with the counters but I’ve accidentally scratched it a few times with a sponge, while I was cleaning the sink. Luckily there was lots of paint left over so I’ve been able to touch it up. We’ve had in our kitchen for a while now and I would still totally recommend it!

  5. When can you start putting things back on your countertop…the dvd says it cures in 14 days but it also says you can use your countertop as soon as the topcoat dries. so im a little confused.

    • I waited a week before leaving anything on it for more than a few minutes. After 14 days was when I started adding my normal decorations back to the counter.

    • You can use your countertops the very next day but we recommend not placing your microwave or stand up mixers on it until it is completely cured which takes 14 days.

  6. Love your counters. Now that you have had them for a while. How duralble are they. Do they stand up to normal use? My kids are pretty rough on things

    • I love the counters. For our family they are durable enough but we aren’t very “rough” on our stuff. I would recommend this kit to you but I’d suggest talking to the folks at Lowe’s to see if there’s a more durable hard surface, gloss-type product that you could put over the top to make sure the paint won’t get scratched or chipped. The top coat of this kit isn’t very thick so I think you’d get some scratches if you didn’t add an extra layer of something on top. I hope that answer helps. :)

  7. We are looking into buying a new house and many don’t have very pretty counter tops, so I am very happy to find your blog and see the transformation. Very nice! I also love your wall paint color…what color is that and where did you get it from? Thanks!

  8. I luv your kitchen. I have oak cabinets that were installed 14 years ago and still look great. The white formica countertops are stained and yellowed in places and I need a new vinyl floor as well. I need help in choosing them because I can’t find pictures anywhere that are not changing the oak.Hubby doesn’t want me to paint counters but replace and that is expensive. I am afraid it will look too busy when I am done. Ahhh, please help. I have stripped old wallpaper and painted pale yellow/neutral color. There is also oak woodwork.

  9. How well does it hold up??

    • It’s holding up really well! The only place I have noticed it chipping away is right in front of the sink. My belt always rubs against the counter right there so I think if I were more careful I wouldn’t have the chipping problem. Luckily I have enough of the product left over that I could easily touch it up, I just haven’t yet. :) I would recommend the product, it’s an easy and super inexpensive way to redo counters!

  10. They look great. Your countertops look like they have a texture to them. Do they? I want to do mine but they have a texture and Im not sure it will work on them.

    • Yes, the original cheap counters had a texture to them. At first it bothered me that you could still kind of see the texture but honestly I don’t even notice it anymore. I love the way it turned out and I still can’t believe how easy it was! :)

  11. I love tihs stuff! I did it to my kitchen and I just cannot believe it. However my dad came over today and was like “wow, I can’t believe that is just paint.” I would like to redo mine (add in some more black onto what is already done) but im unsure of what will happen. I also want to buy some for my bathroom but I wish it came with a smaller kit! LOVE IT!

  12. Hi Anna,
    Great article. I wanted you to know that I am linking to your page to show to my readers at Its a site for RV enthusiasts but this product certainly does wonders for the interior of an RV.

    Link to page:

  13. Hi Anna,
    Thanks for the great review. I am planning to apply this product on my counter-tops as well. I was wondering how is it holding up after a year ?



    • I absolutely love the way our counters look and I would totally do it again. That being said I do have a couple scratches that need to be touched up, but I have plenty of product left over, it’s just a matter of doing it.

      • Hi there, I have all finished my countertop kit but its a month later and now I am wanting to fix a few spots and add more color. Do I need to sand it before and do the paint and then top coat again? And if so do I just do top coat on the part I touched up or all of it?

      • You shouldn’t need to sand it, just make sure it’s really clean, I’d use hydrogen peroxide to make sure it’s clean and sterile, then add more paint. I would top coat just the spot you touched up and the area around it, maybe like a 1′ square, just so it blends nicely. :)

  14. We just refinished our kitchen countertop with the bombay black kit. It looks awesome! I’m wondering if a 2 part covering like used on a bar top would be a great add on.

  15. Jackie Pease says:

    How many days did u wait to put app on th’s countertops. Like coffee maker microwave. Please let me know thank you

  16. Hi Anna! How do you clean the painted countertops? What can you use to disinfect them?

    • I always used a all-natural disinfectant/cleaner to clean mine. Spray it on, let it set for a few minutes and then wipe it off with a wash cloth. There are lots of great brands out there: Method, Shaklee, Honest, etc.

  17. Hi! I found your blog through Pinterest. Love how your countertops turned out! I didn’t read all the comments and answers so I hope this isn’t repeating anything but I have two questions. 1. Are the counters food safe? And 2. How have they held up now after almost 2 years? Would you do this again? (Ok, that was 3 questions :)
    Great job!

    • No problem! Here are my answers: 1. Yes they are totally food safe. 2. We no longer live in the house but they held up great for the 18 months we were there! I had some chipping around the sink, where my belt would rub up against the countertops but I just added “touching up countertops” to my spring cleaning list. :) There was plenty of product left over. 3. Yes I would totally do it again if I were needed an affordable solution for new counters! I wouldn’t recommend it for tile because I think it looks funny to paint grout lines, however any other solid surface would be great! Hope that helps. :)

  18. thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience. My wife and I discovered this product at wal-mart today, and this blog post is what convinced us to give it a shot!

    I especially appreciate all the photos, and most of all your taking the time to respond to people’s questions and comments. Very cool that the customer service reps took the time to reply as well, it really gives me confidence that we made a good investment.

    We plan to replace all our counters will real granite someday, but this is hopefully going to buy us enough time so we can still love our kitchen while we wait.

    Thank you again kindly for taking the time to share your experience with the product, I look forward to seeing what happens with ours!

  19. Jennifer Marlatt says:

    I have had giani on my countertops for a couple of months now…I love it but i would like to go back in and add some more color…Can I do that even though it has been top-coated?

    • Yes totally! I went back and touched mine up a few times, I always added more top coat on top to make sure it was completely sealed.

      • Would I be able to use Windex or Spic and Span spray cleaner on my bathroom painted countertops? Thank you.

      • I’m not familiar with Spic and Span but I wouldn’t use Windex because of the ammonia in it. I would use an all natural cleaner from a line like Method (at Target).


  21. Laurie Cherry says:

    Hi Anna
    How are your countertops holding up? I have read conflicting reviews. We have started with the primer and am wondering if we should go any farther.

    • Hey Laurie,
      This Monique, Anna’s assistant. Anna moved out of that house a year and a half ago, but had it as her counter tops for two years and she was very happy with it. For Anna, it was a very affordable alternative to the high cost of new counter tops. However, it did scratch if there was really hard use on it but she mentioned it was really easy to touch up. She had plenty of product left over so she just touched it up every six months and it all blended in fine. She would definitely recommend it if you cannot afford any other counter tops.

  22. Frankie says:

    How long have you had your countertops painted? How are they holding up? Do they scratch/chip easily? Have you set anything very hot on the? Do you have to be careful about cleaners you use on them so the top coat doesn’t scratch, dull, or discolor? I like the idea, but I’m worried I would damage them if the paint isn’t SUPER DURABLE.

    • Bethany Davis says:

      Hi, Frankie, I’m Anna’s assistant, Bethany. Anna no longer lives in the house, but here is a direct quote from Anna in response to a few reader questions that I think will help you: “We no longer live in the house but they held up great for the 18 months we were there! I had some chipping around the sink, where my belt would rub up against the countertops but I just added “touching up countertops” to my spring cleaning list. For our family they are durable enough but we aren’t very “rough” on our stuff. I’d suggest talking to the folks at Lowe’s to see if there’s a more durable hard surface, gloss-type product that you could put over the top to make sure the paint won’t get scratched or chipped. The top coat of this kit isn’t very thick so I think you’d get some scratches if you didn’t add an extra layer of something on top. I always used an all-natural disinfectant/cleaner to clean mine. Spray it on, let it set for a few minutes and then wipe it off with a wash cloth. There are lots of great brands out there: Method, Shaklee, Honest, etc.” I hope this helps you to make the right decision for your counters!

  23. Peg Tierney says:

    Fantastic counters! I’m ordering the Giani countertop paint and the liquid stainless steel! THANKS for the great pics!

  24. I just purchased a kit and am going to use it on my bathroom counter tops. I already painted the cabinets and still need to paint the walls. Would you recommend painting the counter tops or the walls first? Thanks!

  25. Hello ANNA, I want to paint my countertop tile and I found this product , is it safe or is it full of toxcic . I’m looking for organi countertop paints and sealers please let me know what products are available without breaking my piggy bank . Mrs salinas

    • Bethany Davis says:

      Hi, Lydia! This is Anna’s assistant, Bethany. Unfortunately, we’re not aware of an organic countertop paint. What type of surface is your countertop? If you decide you don’t want to paint your counter, Anna did have an alternative method she used on a friend’s countertop where they basically resurfaced the countertop. You can find that post here: Hope this helps!

      • my counter tops are Formica, but they were painted green the paint is chipping off and the counter tops are white underneath, so would I have to sand them down first before using the gianigranite counter top paint kit?

      • Yes, if you want the product to stick well then you will definitely want to sand them down first, to get rid of any of the other paint. I know it’s a pain but it will be worth it in the end. :)

  26. I am very interested in purchasing this product but my only concern is that my counter tops were painted before I purchased the property so they have paint peeling off can I still use this product?

  27. Hi Anna, nice job!
    I have a question about this product since you used it. I applied this on my kitchen counter as well a d I was happy with results for about a month and after that my counters turned to a sticky surface, it is very hard to work and clean. Also the paint is coming off in some areas, very dissapointed, and Ido t know what to do ?
    Any suggestions before I contact the company? Thank you

    • Bethany Davis says:

      Hi, Silva! I’m Anna’s assistant, Bethany. In the past, when Anna had a few scratches and chips, she just touched up the paint with the leftover product. However, you may want to contact the company to ask about the sticky surface. Giani has been very helpful in the past so I’m sure they will help you find a solution! Good luck! :)