How to Organize Bathroom Drawers

Today I’m going to show you another sneak peek of our guest bathroom makeover, but this time I’m exposing my drawers. Since this is my daughter’s bathroom I don’t spend a lot of time getting in and out of the drawers in here but when I was taking things out to stain the cabinets, and put on the new hardware, I realized how unbelievably unorganized the drawers were! I guess it makes sense since she’s only 5, I haven’t taken the time to organize them since we moved in, and they obviously couldn’t organize themselves… so… they remained unorganized. But not anymore! Today I’m going to show you how I used everyday items to organize bathroom drawers.

The first thing I did was take everything out of the drawers. While they were empty I vacuumed them and wiped them out.

How to organize bathroom drawers - Ask Anna

Once they were clean I added shelf liner to make them easier to clean in the future, and to make them look pretty.

Duck Brand shelf liner - Ask Anna

I actually love thisĀ Smooth Top Easy LinerĀ® from Duck Brand because it’s so cute and it’s super easy to clean. Most liners have small holes, so hair and other gross stuff gets stuck in them, but the smooth top of this liner makes it really easy to wipe clean.

Duck Brand shelf liner - Ask Anna

They also have so many cute colors and styles but I chose this one because it matches our shower curtain, almost perfectly!

Once the drawers were clean, and the shelf liner was in, it was time to organize. Because my daughter is 5, she’s at the age where she has so many clips, hair ties, headbands, etc. I bought this small silverware organizer at Target and it works perfectly for organizing her clips, hair ties, flossers, and more.

How to Organize Bathroom Drawers - Ask Anna

For one of her other drawers I used these tins from an antique store, to organize her chapstick, nail polish, “makeup”, etc. They were only 65 cents each which is even cheaper than the Dollar Store!

How to organize bathroom drawers - Ask Anna

Because this is our guest bathroom I also have baskets in the bottom drawer, filled with small shampoos, lotions, etc. for when we have guests staying with us.

How to organize bathroom drawers - Ask Anna

To contain the clutter in the cabinets I also used baskets to hold my daughter’s lotion, spray bottle, etc. I got these baskets from the Dollar Bins at Target and I love them.

How to organize bathroom drawers - Ask Anna

With the larger items are stored in baskets, instead of just being set in the cabinet, they are less likely to fall over, spill, or get lost. With these items being stored in baskets they each have their place and they’re always returned where they are found. Because everything in her bathroom has a place I could probably get her ready in the morning with my eyes closed :) I could, but I won’t, for her sake.

Now that her drawers have been cleaned, lined and organized I feel so much better being in this bathroom. I love a pretty bathroom but I also love an organized bathroom because organization is a beautiful thing to me! :)

How to organize bathroom drawers - Ask Anna


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