How to Clean Cloudy Glass

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Have you ever purchased a glass vase, or pitcher, from the store and it was really cloudy? I recently purchased these pretty vases from Target and they were cloudy. But since the opening at the top is so small, I couldn’t wash them the way I would normally wash a vase.

How to clean cloudy glass - Ask Anna

So today I want to teach you a very simple way to clean cloudy glass, without soap and water. All you need for this trick is rubbing alcohol. Yep, that’s right, rubbing alcohol; it works great to get that cloudy film off the inside of the glass!

How to clean cloudy glass - Ask Anna

To clean the cloudy glass all you have to do is pour a few Tablespoons of rubbing alcohol into the glass container you would like to clean. If the container isn’t big enough to get your hand into, cover the top of it and swirl the rubbing alcohol around. You will instantly see the cloudiness disappear. Once the cloudiness is completely gone, pour the rubbing alcohol out into the sink, and set your container out to dry. You can also wash the outside with rubbing alcohol but I usually just wash the outside with soap and water.

If the container is large enough to stick your hand into, pour a little rubbing alcohol into the glass container and use a paper towel, or a lint-free cloth, and wipe the entire inside of the container with the rubbing alcohol.

The results are amazing! Just look at the difference between these two glass vases!

How to clean cloudy glass - Ask Anna

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  1. It’s “pour” in this case, not “poor.”

  2. I feel like this is something I should have thought of considering I’ve used alcohol/vodka even, to clean jewelry and make it shiny. Thanks for this tip! I have more to clean now!!

  3. I’m so glad to read tips on how to conquer this cloudy glass problem. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Ginny Chapman says:

    Hi Anna,
    I have some nice dessert dishes that were given to me for a wedding present
    in 1971! I have used them a lot, but lately I notice that the surface is very cloudy.
    Some of the matching plates have the problem too, but not all. I wonder if its from dishwasher detergent. Is there any way I can restore the clear and shiny surface of the bowls? Thanks so much for your help! Ginny C Seattle WA

    • mreynolds says:

      This is Monique, Anna’s assistant. This is a really great question. I will go ahead and add it to the list of Anna’s “Reader’s Questions”. Be on the look out for a blog post on this topic soon! Thanks for reading Ask Anna!

  5. Would this work on crystal? I have a pitcher I used for a vase and it is cloudy in the bottom half, was a wedding gift 20 years ago would love to have it back sparkling.

  6. That is amazing. I have two lamps that I bought cloudy and I’m wondering if I take the bottoms off if this would work. I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing this info.

  7. Shellie says:

    Does that also work for glasses that have become cloudy in the dishwasher?

  8. I have a few old bottles around with that cloudy look. Certainly going to give this a try.

  9. Monica Eggleton says:

    Saw a pin from your site on someone’s Pinterest, had to check you out. Hope you don’t mind if I follow you. Thank you for the great tips.

  10. Susan LaMotta says:

    Some people are just so crazy about cleaning things around the house…and I’m one of those people! Thanks for your tips! I have a martini glass that was cloudy from my new dishwasher, and I’m giving it an alcohol rub right now!

  11. Susan LaMotta says:

    Sad to report, it did work, temporarily, but, alas. Cloudy still there. Bummer.

  12. Do you know if this will work for automobile headlights?

    • Unfortunately if this is happening in your headlights, it means a seal is broken somewhere. The damage can’t be reversed so you’ll have to look into getting new headlights, or having them repaired.

    • Christine says:

      I’ve heard 40% Deet insect repelent or toothpaste works on headlights. Haven’t tried it, but worth a shot.

    • Toothpaste got most of the film off of my headlights, worked well.

  13. Vinegar works well too.

  14. If the glass container is especially dirty, and the neck is too small for your hand to enter? Mix coarse seasalt with just enough water to form a paste, put in bottle and shake shake shake. Repeat until clean.

  15. Anna, see your article on removing cloudy residue from a small mouthed jug.
    Hoping it was the spell correcting software on you computer.

    “Poor” means lack of wealth.
    “Pour” means to move liquid from one place to another.

  16. Is this safe for drinking glasses

    • Bethany Davis says:

      Hi Marvelle, this is Anna’s assistant, Bethany. This should be safe on drinking glasses, but if you’re not comfortable using the rubbing alcohol, Anna has seen that you can also use vinegar using the same method that Anna mentioned above. Otherwise you can use the rubbing alcohol on the glasses and just wash them with soap and water before drinking out of them. Hope this helps!

  17. For years I’ve had a crystal whiskey container with a narrow top and the inside was cloudy. I’d wash it and wash it and it remained cloudy. I only displayed it and never used it but put it way in the back of my china cabinet due to it being cloudy. Thanks to your tip of using rubbing alcohol, it looks beautiful now! And so easy! The cloudiness went away immediately.

  18. Tried the alcohol in ny crystal wine decanter it didnt work