Frozen Birthday Party

Last year we didn’t do a birthday party for Malea because we took her to Disneyland. So for the last year I’ve heard approximately 5,852 birthday party ideas, as she dreamed up all the things she wanted to do for her 5 year old party. After countless theme ideas the Disney movie, FROZEN, came out and Malea said, “Mommy this is my last birthday party idea, I promise. I want a Frozen party!” And so it began, dreaming up the perfect Frozen birthday party for my baby girl who was about to turn 5.

First and foremost you have to start with an awesome invitation, so of course I called on my friend fromΒ Wehrley Bird Graphics to create a Frozen invitation for the party.

Frozen party invitation idea - Ask Anna

I also did some searching around on Pinterest for Frozen birthday party ideas and found tons of great ideas! Here are some pictures of my party decorations at the food table.

Frozen birthday party ideas - Ask Anna

Sparkly trees made with glittery scrapbook paper from Michaels.

Frozen birthday party ideas - Ask Anna

“Icicles” placed in one of the glass vases I made at the Michaels Pinterest Party.

Frozen birthday party ideas - Ask Anna

Frozen birthday party ideas - Ask Anna

Frozen birthday party ideas - Ask Anna

Frozen birthday party ideas - Ask Anna

I absolutely loved the way the cake turned out. Malea said she had wanted an “ice castle” but I knew that was beyond my skill set so I settled for an ice cream cake with icicles on top.

Frozen birthday party ideas - Ask Anna

Frozen birthday party ideas - Ask Anna

The Elsa and Anna castle made the perfect backdrop for the rest of the items on the table.

Frozen birthday party ideas - Ask Anna

If you want to make your own icicles you can find the recipe here. I also thought it would be fun to have dry ice in the punch so it would look really frozen. The kids loved the effect and got a kick out of it.

Frozen birthday party ideas - Ask Anna

Here’s a look at the whole table. I found the snowflakes and sparkly ornaments at a Christmas clearance sale which worked out to be perfect timing for our Frozen party!

Frozen birthday party ideas - Ask Anna

And yes those are my legs in the mirror, and yes I am wearing sweatpants. I was in my sweats until about an hour before the party, just trying to get everything finished and ready.

Frozen birthday party ideas - Ask Anna

Frozen birthday party ideas - Ask Anna

We had a ton of kids (about 24) but were able to get in a couple of games, pin the nose on Olaf and dress up your friend like a snowman.

My oldest daughter drew the big Olaf for the game and then Malea got excited and drew the little one as an “example” for where to put the nose.

Frozen birthday party ideas - Ask Anna

Frozen birthday party ideas - Ask Anna

Pin the nose on Olaf, Frozen party idea - Ask Anna

After pinning the nose on Olaf I split them into 3 teams and gave them each a roll of toilet paper. They picked one person on the team and wrapped them up in the toilet paper to make them look like a snowman.

Frozen birthday party ideas - Ask Anna

The game was a hit but the funnest part was when they all ripped the toilet paper off and got in a huge “snowball” fight. I hadn’t thought about it turning into that but I think the “snowball” fight was the best part of the party! My entire living room was covered in pieces of toilet paper!

The party was a big success and most importantly Malea had so much fun! I’m glad she ended up picking Frozen for her birthday party theme because it was a fun theme and all the kids loved it!

Frozen birthday party ideas - Ask Anna

For more Frozen birthday party ideas visit my Pinterest Party Inspiration board.

Frozen birthday party ideas -  Ask Anna

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  1. Now you’re making me want to do a Frozen themed birthday party for one or both of my girls! They are going to be 18 and 15 this summer and loved the movie Frozen. I wonder if either of them would go for it? LOL

  2. We are crazy for Frozen over here too!! Love this party! Just pinned it! πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for all these great ideas…we now have out theme for my daughter’s 14th birthday!! She couldn’t be more excited.

  4. Amazing job! I love the party games and the table is stunning!

  5. Wonderful Frozen party…taking ideas for my daughter’s 5th. Where did you get the white castle thing on the table?????? Love that!

  6. Hi there

    My son wants a frozen party for his 4th birthday!! Lovely invitation – is your friend still doing them – link didn’t work for me. Just perfect x

  7. Thank you so much for the awesome ideas! My daughter’s birthday is in May so I’m hoping for a nice day outside. I’m definately doing pin the tail on Olaf!!! And the toilet paper idea is awesome! I’m thinking of hanging snow flakes from the tree limbs to make it festive.

    Great website!

  8. Love everything about your daughter’s Frozen birthday party! Precious! I want to use this invitation for my daughters birthday party but I can’t get the link to work? Can you help?

  9. Your cake is beautiful. Can you tell me if you followed any particular recipe, and which product you used to colour the icing? I imagine you only needed a drop or two…

    Thank you!

  10. Lindsay galvez says:

    Hey I had a quick question! How did u take the frozen castle apart??? I really wanted to take my daughters apart for her party… But I’m worried I might break it…

  11. How did you make the glitter scrapbook paper decorations?

  12. super cute!! How did you make the ice icicles on top of the cake?! Such an amazing touch!!

  13. Hi, Thank you for sharing these great ideas. Where did u get the little ceramic things that u wrote “snowballs”? Thanks.