How to Hide the Phone Jack {Guest Post}

Hi I’m Vanessa, from over At the Picket Fence! While Anna is out of town she asked me to come hang out with you, and share one of my great tips! Today I’m going to show you a simple solution for how to hid ugly phone jacks!

How to Hide the Phone Jack

I am convinced that unless you custom design and build your home you will have things that will make you say, “why on earth did they do that when they built this house?”

Am I right? You have those things in your home too, don’t you? Outlets in the wrong place. Or no outlet where there should be one! Or, for example, a phone jack in the middle of one wall with the outlet for the answering machine on the other wall? And, I know, we are probably the only people left who still actually use our land-line and an answering machine but there you have it. We do.  How to Hide the Phone Jack

I made a half-hearted attempt at disguising the cord running across the wall by hanging up a bulletin board but frankly the entire area looked just pitiful. And if the kitchen desk was messy (which it usually is!) then it only added to the whole “dumping ground” affect going on. So, when I found this metal organizer at TJ Maxx the other day a light bulb went off! Would it work? Could it be the answer to my unsightly phone jack problem?

How to Hide the Phone Jack

Why, yes it was! I just positioned it so that it would hang right over the phone jack and it worked like a charm. The phone now sits comfortably in the bottom rack and there is still plenty of room for all of our “stuff”.

How to Hide the Phone Jack


Plus, it forced me to spruce up the desk area. Which lasted oh…just long enough to take these photos!

How to Hide the Phone Jack

Mason jars make cute holders for pens and scissors which I still have to keep out of reach of my youngest thanks to the “cutting-of-hair-right-before-Christmas-incident-of-2012”.

How to Hide the Phone Jack

Unfortunately, a cord still stretches across the wall from the phone to the outlet on the other wall. Wouldn’t life be better if we could have electricity without cords? They really cramp my decorating style, you know? But, by painting it the same color as the wall I was able to disguise it a little bit.

How to Hide the Phone Jack

Don’t blink! This will probably be the only time this desk doesn’t have mail or homework or markers or Lalaloopsy dolls or Legos on top of it and you wouldn’t want to miss it!

How to Hide the Phone Jack

Want to see some more clever solutions for disguising unsightly things in your home? Check out these ideas!

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Disguise a wall vent AND create a display wall like Eclectically Vintage

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Create a wall collage to disguise outlets and thermostat like Jones Design Company.

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Use a Tray to Hide Outlets from Organize and Decorate Everything

How to Hide the Phone Jack


Why not disguise an ugly wall vent with a doormat like Debbiedoos?

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From One Kings Lane a hinged painting hides control panels or other unsightly outlets.

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And if you just need to change out an old and ugly outlet, Pretty Handy Girl can show you how!

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I love creative solutions to everyday problems, don’t you? Thanks so much for letting me join you over here at Anna’s blog, and for helping me say farewell to “jack” today!

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  1. Awesome, easy and quick ideas! Our new house (moving into next weekend) has an unusual number of switches on every single wall (I am not kidding!). I’m sure I’ll be using at least one (if not all) of your tips!

  2. Oh well…these are all awesome ideas! I wanted to cover that ugly wall socket that we have in our living room and I think I would be using some small picture frames to cover. Thanks for sharing those tips.