How to get Super Glue off Skin

How to get super glue off skin -- Ask Anna

Recently I had a cut on my finger that would not heal, I’m not kidding I had it for over a month and a half!!! So finally I turned to the most non-medical thing and decided to super glue my cut together. It worked but in the process of putting it on my cut, I also got it all over my other fingers, which left my wondering how to get super glue off my skin.

Here’s the simple solution that I discovered: nail polish remover. It quick, easy and in just a few seconds my hands were glue free, except for my cut, of course. The only catch is that the nail polish remove must have acetone in it. If you have pure acetone that would work great too!

How to get super glue off skin -- Ask Anna

Rub the nail polish remove on your skin with a cotton ball.  It will make the super glue turn really white like in this picture.

How to get super glue off skin - Ask Anna

Peel the glue off with your other fingers and then rub it with more nail polish remover, as needed. It took me a couple wipes with the cotton ball and I got mine off.

How to get super glue off skin - Ask Anna

If you have a friend that’s a crafter, pass this tip onto them because I can guarantee that at some point they’ve had super glue on their fingers!

NOTE: Don’t use nail polish remover to get the super glue off any sensitive skin area, like your eyes or lips (which you shouldn’t be putting super glue there anyways). :)


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  1. Superglue? Yikes! Are you aware that there is a liquid bandage product you can buy? You brush it on your cut (it has antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients) and is like brushing on a layer of skin so that cuts can heal! I don’t know the exact name or brand, but I’ve used it in past winters when I have cuts that won’t heal. Sounds more friendly than superglue!!!

  2. TwoDiffSocks says:

    hi Ya’ll,

    you can use your nail file to file off the superglue. it just takes a bit longer & some elbow grease

    Hope This Helps

  3. Perfect timing for this article! I was putting soft paws on my cat yesterday (they are little claw caps that you get in different colors; in this case glittery pink, and it keeps the cat from tearing up the carpet). You squirt the glue into the soft paw, then put the soft paw on the cat’s claw. Of COURSE I got the glue on my own fingers! Thanks Anna!

  4. Crystal says:

    My husband has super glued his cuts for years. I didn’t know anyone else has done this trick before. Thanks for tip about the super glue removial!!