The Easiest way to Organize Scarves

The Easiest way to Organize Scarves - Ask Anna

For years I stored my scarves in a basket in my closet, but I found that didn’t wear them as often because I’d always forget to grab one, until I was walking out the door, and then I was too lazy to run back to my room to get one.  So I decided that I needed to put my scarves near the front door so that I’d wear them more often.

We have a small entryway closet near our front door but there wasn’t enough room in the closet for my basket of scarves, so after searching Pinterest I came up with an inexpensive DIY scarf hanger and the easiest way to organize scarves to keep them close at hand.  The solution?  An inexpensive adjustable single curtain rod, like this one from Amazon.


My husband installed it for me on the back of the closet door and then I added all my scarves.  I found that the rod is also the perfect place to store my daughter’s umbrella when we aren’t using it.

The Easiest way to Organize Scarves - Ask Anna

This project took us about 5 minutes and cost only a few dollars, which makes it one of the easiest, and cheapest, DIY projects we’ve ever done!

The Easiest way to Organize Scarves - Ask Anna

Now my scarves (and Malea’s) are organized and easily accessible, I’m actually wearing one right now!  How do you keep your scarves organized?

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  1. I organize mine in a basket right now and have the same problem of forgetting to wear them! Love this idea!!!

  2. Terri Sue says:

    II keep mine folded in a drawer, but it’s hard to keep them neat especially when i get one from the bottom. I really like your idea.

  3. Great idea!! I hang my scarves on hanger. I can get 5 scarves on one hanger. Makes it easy for me when I’m getting dressed to grab one.

  4. cute idea! I keep my scarves on a 6 hook over the door “coat rack”. it works out perfect. I bought one of the nicer ones that is in the rubbed bronze finish with scroll hooks. (in their “off” season, I put the scarves in a bin in the top of my closet.

  5. This is a great idea! Right now I keep all of my scarfs in a big bin – this is so much cuter and more organized.

  6. oh that is such a good idea! I may do this in my closet! Would love to see you link up to Handmade Tuesdays @ Ladybug Blessings.

  7. Judi Delis says:

    I use a thick, round rod. It has round finials. Sturdier and looks great!

  8. I keep mine in a basket. I don’t have the room to use this idea, but I love it!