Bounty Paper Towels get even Better!

Do you remember the Bounty commercials from growing up? I can still sing the jingle, “The quicker, pick-er up-per, Bounty!” Even though I can still sing the jingle, I used to roll my eyes at their commercials thinking, I’m sure all paper towels are created equal and that Bounty is no different than any other.

Fast forward years later and now I write a blog and do my best to show you the very best, and most efficient, products on the market.  Well guess what?  I decided to give Bounty paper towels a try and I was shocked to discover that all paper towels are not created equal!

In my kitchen I have always used paper towels for drying my hands or cleaning up small spills but I mostly use washcloths.  I use two a day, one for wiping up Malea and the other for wiping up counters, etc. You can imagine how using 2 washcloths, 7 days a week, can really add up.  I am constantly doing loads of white laundry so that I don’t run out of washcloths!  With the Bounty DuraTowel I can actually ditch my washcloths and just use them! Look at how thick and soft they are.

Here’s what the life of just one DuraTowel looks like in my kitchen at lunchtime…

Dry my hands after washing them.

Get it wet and wipe the counters off after making our sandwiches.

When we are done eating, rinse it out and wipe off Malea’s hands and silly face.

Rinse it out again and wipe the crumbs from the table.

Rinse it out again… hmmm still going strong, what else can I clean?  The stove top looks a little dirty, I’ll wipe off that and the microwave.

Rinse it again and now I can wipe the dust and pollen off the chest of drawers.

Oh and how about the fridge!

Well the kitchen is clean so I guess I’ll throw it away, oh wait, I can wipe off the cupboards too!  Oh, and the floor!

Sometimes if I can’t find enough things to clean I’ll just rinse the paper towel out and save it for later (not after wiping the floor though).  It’s amazing how much use I can get out of one DuraTowel!  I can honestly say that my kitchen is cleaner thanks to Bounty’s new paper towels because I feel guilty if all I do is clean one thing with it!

Have you ever tried the Bouty DuraTowel?  Do you use them daily in your kitchen or do you keep them with your favorite cleaning products for cleaning day?

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    We don’t use paper towels (except for cat throw up! eww!), they are bad for the environment. We use microfiber cleaning cloths, and just throw them in the laundry.

  2. I love these dura towels on my swifter. I use them instead of the swifter cloths. I have cats and have to toss them often due to the hair and these are way less expensive than the swifter cloths.