Love to Clean ~ Washing Windows & Mirrors

I’ll be honest, washing windows and mirrors has never really been one of my favorite things to clean until recent years.  The thought of getting out the paper towels and glass cleaner made me cringe.  I’m pretty sure I have wasted hundreds of paper towels on my windows and mirrors in the past, and it just seemed like there should be a better solution!

In the past 2 years I have discovered 3 great ways to clean windows and mirrors, none of which include paper towels, woo-hoo!

#1 Deep Cleaning
When the rainy season ends it’s important to give your windows a good cleaning.  Who wants to look at streaks from the winter rains?  Not me, I want to be able to look out and enjoy the sunshine — streak-free!  To give your windows a good deep cleaning, here’s what you’ll need:
* Bucket
* A few drops of dish soap
* Squeegee
* 2 rags

Fill the bucket up with water and add a few drops of dish soap.  Place one of the rags in the soapy water.  Use the wet rag to wipe down the windows and then squeegee the water off.  Use the dry rag to wipe off the squeegee between swipes on the window.  To see a complete tutorial on this window cleaning method click HERE.


#2 Going Green
If you’re like me, and you hate the thought of using so many paper towels to clean the windows and mirrors then you will love this microfiber window cloth from Shaklee! 

About 18 months ago my friend Jennifer, from Blissfully Ever After, sent me some Basic H and a set of microfiber cloths.  I was skeptical that a cloth would leave lint on the mirror but this window cloth is awesome!  The other thing that’s awesome about this duo, is that the Basic H window mixture is so minimal that I can wash all the windows and mirrors in my house, all year long, for only pennies!!  Now that’s a deal!  For my full review of these products click HERE.


#3 Easy Peasy
My newest window and mirror washing discovery, is the Zap Cloth.  The Zap Cloth is a revolutionary microfiber cloth that gives you streak-free results every time.  All you have to do is get the Zap Cloth wet, wring it out, and then you can wipe down all the windows, mirrors, appliances, and more!  It’s incredible to watch it work, especially on something as dirty as my bathroom hand mirror!

I will admit I use all of these products and methods to clean my windows and mirrors because I love them all so much!  Honestly, it just depends on what I’m in the mood for.  But the thing I love about each of these methods is that they are easy and environmentally friendly!  You no longer have to use chemicals and paper towels to clean your windows and mirrors because now there’s the soapy water & squeegee, Basic H and the Shaklee window cloth and the Zap Cloth!  All of these are great solutions for dirty windows and mirrors!

I hope these tips will help you love to clean your windows as much as I do!


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"Hi I'm Anna! Welcome to Ask Anna where I love to answer your household questions! I have always loved to clean, organize and decorate and this blog is a fun way for me to help you love it too! I am a busy mom of a beautiful little girl and I'm married to the love of my life. Together we fill our days with projects , laughter and love. I serve an incredible God and overall I'd say I'm truly blessed!"

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  1. I too hate cleaning my windows, but it is getting time for them to be cleaned again. I also have huge french doors that have to be cleaned weekly because my dogs love to slobber on them as they look outside to the backyard. Thanks for the great tips and products. Definately going to try them! Thanks :)

  2. I have to say, I *LOVE* my Zap Cloth!! I even bought extras to give to friends.

    I do cut mine up in 1/4’s, so I can keep one in each bathroom & 2 in the kitchen. <3 them!

  3. I tried the Zap Cloth and loved it.. the first time. The second time, I couldn’t get all of the dust off of it, it streaked and dragged bits everywhere. I washed it out as best as I could and finally resorted to the laundry. Totally not working. =( Back to the squeegee which is effective but somewhat tedious. The solution is key though. I clean SO much of my house with dish soap these days. Amazing stuff. =D Great review, Anna.

  4. woot! gonna look up the clothes!

  5. Christi Wilson: Founder, Girlfriends Coffee Hour says:

    I’m a huge fan of Shaklee products, also! Nice to know that we really don’t have to use harsh chemicals to clean with when there are amazing products like this out there!! :)

  6. Elizabeth says:

    This was a really helpful post, thanks! I just wish you wouldn’t have this kind of post, and then a month later an advertisement for paper towels :(

    • I’m sorry my paper towel post offended you. :/ Because of the type of blog I write I like to tell people about all kinds of products, green and not green. I have a very large audience base and not everyone chooses to use green cleaners and methods in their home so I think it’s important to talk about all kinds of products that are out there on the market. I hope you can understand. :)

  7. window clothes sound really good. I think I might try them when I will clean my mirrors. Are they also working well when you clean windows? x

  8. Lugene Mason says:

    Hi Anna! Just wanted to thank you for the clean windows method (soapy water and squeege). I have hated my balcony door since it is so big and I look out from inside and see streaks on it. Now I will be able to enjoy looking outside. I’ll clean my windows after the winter snows. Also thanks for the words of thannks to God. I was happy to see that on your website. -Lugene

  9. I have a deal with a Pilates studio where I barter cleaning for classes (Pilates can be an expensive addiction). Can you give some advice on how to clean mirrors? The studio is full of tall mirrors mounted on the wall. I tape off the bottom with that blue painting tape, wash them, and then squeegee off the water. They look clean when you look at them head on but when the sun shines on them viewed obliquely, they still look dirty, kind of cloudy. Do you have any suggestions on how I can get out the big guns to clean them? Love your website!