Love to Clean ~ The Kitchen Sink

In honor of February being the month of LOVE, I’m starting a new series called “Love to Clean”.  Each Wednesday I will write about something that I love to clean, I’ll share with you how I clean it, and then I’ll share ideas from others too.

I think my most favorite thing to clean is the kitchen sink.  I once saw an Oprah where the experts were saying that the kitchen sink, in most houses, is dirtier, and has more bacteria, than that toilets!  GROSS!!!  From that day forward I decided my kitchen sink would never be that way!

I love having a clean kitchen sink, if the sink is clean it makes the rest of the kitchen feel clean too. My go-to products for a sparkly clean sink are Lysol All-Purpose Complete and a Scotch-Brite sponge {my fave}.  Sometimes if I need a little extra scrubbing power I will also use Scour Off, from Shaklee.

One of the most important things to remember, when cleaning the kitchen sink, is that it needs to be sanitized regularly, especially if you cook with meat.  I’ve made it a habit to always sanitize the sink right after making a meal with raw meat, that way I never have to worry about bacteria lingering in my sink.  I don’t cook with meat very often, but I still make sure the sink has been wiped clean at the end of each day.  It only takes a minute to clean and if I wake up to a clean sink I’m in a much better mood in the mornings, than if I wake up to a sink full of food scraps and dishes!

The Lysol All-Purpose complete contains bleach, because my kitchen sink and the toilets in our house are the 2 places I like to use bleach, just to make sure I’ve killed any and all bacteria!  I know not everyone likes to use bleach though so I have also put together a few ideas of other, all-natural, ways to clean the kitchen sink.

This great idea from Snap Guide uses dish soap and salt.  To see the full tutorial click HERE.


This post from Sweet Pennies shows you how to clean the kitchen sink with Heinz Cleaning vinegar.


And this post from my friend over at The 36th Avenue shows you how to clean a really dirty sink with Bar Keepers Friend.

Cleaning the kitchen sink, at the end of each day, only takes a minute {or less} and it keeps the whole kitchen feeling clean and fresh.  This is why I love to clean my kitchen sink!

Join me next week for why I love to vacuum!!!



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  1. Marcia Kosturock says:

    I have a stainless steal sink, and to clean my sink I just simply spray it with water so that it is wet all over, then sprinkle it with baking soda. I then take a wash cloth and rub it in circles. Baking soda is the least abrasive to my sink, and won’t scratch it, however it REALLY cleans it, and leaves it shining brightly! Try it, you won’t be disappointed!!

  2. I clean my sink & counters before bed. My husband gets up at 4 am so I won’t to make sure it is clean so he can make his breakfast. I know I’m a bad wife for not getting up & making him breakfast, but I’m not a morning person and this way we stay married….lol.

  3. Great tips as usual Anna.

    I remember seeing or hearing somewhere the same thing about kitchen sinks being dirtier than toilets. The thought crosses mind every time we have dishes in the sink.

    Our strategy is to sprinkle comet with bleach on our stainless sink, make it into a paste, wipe the surfaces down, let it sit for a few minutes, rinse, then buff dry with a microfiber cloth. It works but I love your tips :)

  4. I love Lysol all purpose cleaner for my kitchen. Like you, I prefer bleach for the kitchen and bathroom.

  5. Heather Wright says:

    I’ve been meaning to ask you about cleaning the stainless steel grate at the bottom of my sink, you know the ones that are raised and keep your dishes from sitting in water and also keep the bottom of your sink from getting dinged up…
    Well it is a pain to clean and no matter what I do I can’t get it to shine, it always has a whitish film on it. Any ideas for a relatively easy clean & shine?

  6. Wonderful idea ! Thanks from Southern Louisiana….