Organizing Revolution “Prize” Challenge ~ Organizing Closets

The winners of last week’s Organizing Revolution Kitchen challenge ARE:

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3rd:  Crystal Walker from Crabby Home
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Congratulations!!! We will be putting you in contact with each sponsor so that you can get that prize… AND, you qualify for one of the GRAND prizes at the end of this month’s challenges!!

This week we are tackling Closet organization! If you want to always know what challenge is coming up next, make sure to download our calendar.

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To join our week 2 challenge, follow these 5 steps:

1. ORGANIZE YOUR CLOSETS If you don’t have time to organize all the closets in the house, just pick the one that needs the most work.  The key is to just start somewhere.
2. TAKE PICTURES of your organized space. For picture tips see this post.
3. LINK UP Come back to THIS post and link up your Pinterest Board or blog post by Thursday night. If you need help linking up see this post.
4. FOLLOW ALL of the hosts of the challenge on Pinterest & Facebook (below).
5. VOTE (Friday-Sunday) On Thursday we will open up the voting, and you can send your friends here and have them help to vote for your space their favorite space!

*REMEMBER* Anyone who enters every week, and wins one of the top THREE spots, will qualify to be entered into a HUGE Grand prize. The Grand Prize will be from Cricut, Oreck, and Office Depot!!!! So, get organizing and enter your pictures because you might just win something HUGE!


For full details of all these fabulous prizes click here.

I feel like I could talk about organizing closets all day long.  There are so many different types of closets and all of them are different shapes and sizes!  We live in a small, older home so I’ve had to get creative about how organize my closets.  With narrow, deep spaces, it’s not always easy. 

The closet I’m the most excited about, in our house, is my daughter’s closet. Kids’ closets can be the hardest to organized because not only do you have clothes, you also have school papers, toys, etc. I recently received this incredible custom closet from EasyClosets which gives me all the storage I needed to organize all of her stuff!

On the top shelves I have IKEA boxes that store her baby keepsakes, calendars, school work, etc. They were really inexpensive and they look great!

On the shelves below I have a few pictures, her puzzles, books, toys, and of course, her clothes. One of my favorite things about this closet is that her clothes are hung low enough for her to reach them. This helps me be able to teach her how to hang up her own clothes and stay organized.

We also have a vallet pole so that we can hang out her clothes for the next day.

And of course my favorite thing is all the storage for her toys! Every toy has a place which makes it easy for clean up and it teaches her how be organized. (Full post coming Wednesday!)

Here is how I organized my linen closet.  The shelves are very deep so I used baskets to store smaller items, that way if I need to access items in the back I can easily pull the basket in front, out of the way.  (See the full post here.)

Our master bedroom closets are also fairly small, and being a girl, there is never enough storage in a small closet.  On the {one} shelf in my closet I also used baskets for storage.  Placing items in baskets has allowed me to store so much stuff, on my one tiny shelf! (See the full post here.)

My favorite closet organization trick is the one that made me think outside the box.  I personally, have a lot of jeans and sweaters, and those take up a lot of space in our dresser drawers!  So I purchased this shoe organizer and came up with a creative solution to store them vertically, giving me tons of extra drawer space! (See the full post here.)

My biggest advise for how to start the process of organizing a closet is to take everything out of the space first.  Then clean closet, wipe down shelves, vacuum it, etc.  Next throw out (or donate)  anything you don’t use/wear anymore.  Once you’ve done all that, then start placing items back in the closet.  Whether you use baskets and/or a shoe organizer to organize your stuff, the most important thing is that the closet functions the way you need it to, and that all of your stuff is easily accessible!

Now it’s your turn!!!  I can’t wait to see what creative organizing solutions you come up with!


Who are these fabulous organizing bloggers that are hosting? They are listed below. We would love for you to stop by each of our unique blogs and say hi.

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