Wine Cork Christmas Tree Tutorial

Last weekend we hosted our 6th annual Wine Pairing Party.  I can’t believe we’ve been throwing this party for 6 years, and every year it just gets better and better! 

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The food and wine were amazing, I think the best they’ve ever been, and we all had a lot of laughs.  I thought I’d share a few of the pictures with you, before I show you the tutorial on how to make a wine cork Christmas tree.

I think this quote is hilarious so I had to write it out and display it for the party. 

Matt wore his tux and ended up matching one of the prizes, a tuxedo wine bottle cover. 

Here are all of us lovely ladies.

My friend Erin, and her husband Chris, won the Newly Wed Game so they got to take home the wine cork Christmas tree. 

It was such a fun party, I can’t wait until next year!

 Okay now onto the wine cork Christmas tree tutorial…

Wine cork Christmas tree - Ask Anna

When you have a bunch of corks, that you don’t know what to do with, this is an easy craft that also makes for a great gift!

Wine cork Christmas tree - Ask Anna

While your glue gun is heating up, start by laying out the bottom layer, to determine how big you want the tree to be.

Wine cork Christmas tree tutorial - Ask Anna

Once you’ve decided how big you want the base of the tree to be, start gluing the corks together.

Wine cork Christmas tree tutorial - Ask Anna

Here’s what my bottom layer looked like after it was all glued together.

Wine cork Christmas tree tutorial - Ask Anna

I wanted the sides of the tree to look nice so I set aside the prettier corks to use as the outside pieces. 

Wine cork Christmas tree tutorial - Ask Anna

I love this one (below): “Joy of Wine”, it also happens to be from one of my favorite wines, the Rombauer Chardonnay.

Wine cork Christmas tree tutorial - Ask Anna

Once the base layer is built start gluing and stacking the corks, one layer at a time.

Wine cork Christmas tree tutorial - Ask Anna

The gluing and stacking is a little tedious, but it’s quick and easy, and before you know it your tree will look like this:

Wine cork Christmas tree tutorial - Ask Anna

I added the little silver pom on top, just for fun.  For the tree trunk I glued 4 corks together vertically, and then glued them to the base layer of the tree.  You could do just one or two corks for the trunk, but I felt like 4 would be more sturdy.

Wine cork Christmas tree tutorial - Ask Anna

I love all the pretty corks on the side of my tree.  And of course I had to top it with a cork from my in laws winery!

Wine cork Christmas tree tutorial - Ask Anna

I had a lot of fun making mine and I think it will look great in Chris and Erin’s house!

Wine cork Christmas tree tutorial - Ask Anna

Have you ever made anything fun with corks?  I’d love to hear about it because I still have a bunch left!



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  1. This is amazing! How cool is it that you even do formal attire? Love it all! And how cool is it that your in-laws have a winery??!! I would be in heaven….

  2. What a great idea! I am making this today for my MIL. I happen to have a bunch of corks in my craft supply from a previous project. She loves her wine!

  3. How fun! Merry Christmas, Anna!

  4. That looks like so much fun Anna!!! Can we come to your 7th annual wine party? 😉 I absolutely LOVE the wine cork tree and plan to copy it ASAP. Might even make one to give as a gift this year! Thanks for the great idea my friend. :-)

    • Yes, please do copy it! It’s such a fun and easy project!!! We need to chat again, after Christmas, it’s been WAY TOO LONG! :)

  5. These are so cute! And I love the idea of a holiday wine party….so fun!! They saying you wrote out on that little chalkboard is too funny! I LOVE it!

  6. Love your creativity here, definitely one for next Christmas!

  7. Made my wine cork tree last week! Watch for it next Monday =)