White Cranberry Martini (the Perfect Holiday Martini)

White Cranberry Martini (the perfect holiday martini) -- Ask Anna

Today I’m going to share with you on one of my most favorite holiday martinis!  This holiday martini is super easy to make because it only has 3 ingredients.

2 oz. White Cranberry Juice
1 oz Gin or Vodka {I prefer gin but choose whichever one you like best!}
A few frozen cranberries
(Makes 1 serving)

Add a few frozen cranberries to a martini glass.  Fill a martini shaker with ice.  Pour white cranberry juice and gin {or vodka} into the shaker.  Shake.  Pour contents of the shaker into the martini glass, over the cranberries.

White Cranberry Martini (the perfect holiday martini) -- Ask Anna

This is a martini that everyone is guaranteed to love!  Just look at how pretty it is!  The slight sweetness of the white cranberry juice, combined with the tartness of the gin is the perfect combination!


White Cranberry Martini (the perfect holiday martini) -- Ask Anna

Note: white cranberry juice can sometimes be hard to find.  I don’t know if you have a Safeway/Vons in your area, but they always carry it!


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  1. Wondering here about the WHITE cranberry juice….seen cranberry with apple, other fruits and such, but no actual WHITE cranberrry……What do you suggest? Thanks!