DIY Picture Blocks

I was looking around for Mother’s Day gift ideas when I came across this great idea from How Does She?.  I thought it would be a fun project to make for my mom so I headed to Micheal’s to buy some blocks.
Here’s what you’ll need:
2″ blocks
 {the number of blocks will be determined by what picture size you choose}
Mod Podge
6 Pictures
Razor blade
Step 1:
Lay the blocks out in the shape you want them.  Next use a foam brush to paint the top of the blocks with Mod Podge and place the picture on top.
Step 2:
Mod Podge over the photo and use a hair dryer so that it dries quickly.
Step 3: 
Then using a razor blade or an Exac-o-knife cut the blocks apart.
Repeat steps 1-3 for each side of the blocks.
Step 4: 
Piece together your picture blocks!
I gave this set of blocks to my mom for Mother’s Day but I think this would make a great gift for anyone!  Now that I’ve made one for my mom I kind of want to make one for myself.

Happy building!
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  1. Hi Anna,
    I just found your site. Loving it! I was looking for this tutorial. I’m making this for my SIL. So excited that I found it.!Thank you so much. Hope you don’t mind I also but I pinned it, too.

    • Awesome! I’m glad you found it. :) Thanks for pinning it, I love it when my readers pin things from my site!

      • Actually I saw it pinned from other source but I decided to dig a little deeper and found you directly.:-)
        I’m getting my first Mod Podge tomorrow. I fear I’ll get addicted to the stuff and everything will get mod podged…;-)

      • Haha, that’s awesome. That’s what happened to me! Do you mind telling me where you saw it pinned from?

  2. What a fun gift! I’d love to make one but I’m having a hard time finding wooden blocks. I went to my local Michaels and they didn’t have them (unless they are separate from the wooden crafts aisle). Any suggestions on where to find them? Thanks!

  3. Hey Anna,
    did you have trouble with the pictures not sticking to the blocks? I just tried the first side last night, and as I was cutting the blocks apart this morning (so plenty of drying time) The pictures began to peel off? I am using blocks I made and not store bought ones, so that might make a difference. Did you have any issues though?


    • Hmmm. Did you mod podge the blocks before you added the picture? And then again over the picture? If you did that and it didn’t work, try placing a Zot (glue dots sold at any craft store) on each block, before adding the picture, then mod podge over that. Also make sure you’re using a super sharp blade, I switched mine out right before doing this project. Good luck! :)

  4. Stephanie says:

    Hi Anna!

    I’m excited to make these as a gift for my mom this christmas but I’m wondering what your pictures were printed on? I was thinking about just printing them out at home from my printer using regular white paper. Would that work? Or should I go get them printed at a photo place?

    • You could probably do either. Printing them at home would probably make them easier to cut since the paper isn’t as thick!

  5. Ángela González Archilla says:

    Hola Anna,
    me gustaría saber donde has comprado esos bloque si puedes enviarme una paginza donde los vendan te lo agradecería. Si las fotos la saco en papel de foto o en papel y si puede comprar otro pegamento.
    Muchas Gracias.

  6. Loved this idea the minute that I saw it. Thought I would make one for my mom for Christmas with pictures of us 5 children. Everything came out good when I did it, the only thing that made it not too great was the way I cut it. How do you cut it so perfectly without messing up? I figured out another way after the fact but I wanted to see what your tips may be.

  7. Did you use copies of photos on regular paper or the original photos?