How to Clean Vents

How to clean vents - Ask Anna
Today we are going to learn how to clean vents by washing and waxing them!
I know it sounds crazy but this is another one of those fun things I learned from my mom.  It’s important to wash your vents at least once a year but it’s good to dust them throughout the year to keep the dust from building up on them.  To make dusting easier, today we are going to wax them.  Yep, just like you would your car!
Here’s what to do:
Step 1: Remove your vents and wash them.

You can do this 2 ways:

 1. Fill your sink up with soapy water and wash them, just like you would the dishes
2. Rinse them individually (this is what I did)
Before: GROSS!
How to clean vents - Ask Anna
How to clean vents - Ask Anna
Step 2:  Let the vents dry.  You want to make sure that they are completely dry before applying the wax.  I washed mine in the evening and then let them dry overnight.
Step 3: Wax.  Apply the wax liberally, just like you would when waxing your car.
How to clean vents - Ask Anna
Don’t forget the underside!
How to clean vents - Ask Anna
How to clean vents - Ask Anna
Step 4: Buff the wax off.  Your vents will be shiny clean and ready to repel the dust!
I know this is such a tedious task but it will make dusting your vents so much easier throughout the year.  Trust me it’s worth it!
Have fun waxing!!!
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  1. Spring cleaning will always be a word for word process.

  2. Would waxing ceiling fan blades help with dusting them? Or would that create problems for the blades later? Dusting the ceiling fans is one of my husband’s monthly chores and I’d like to make it easier for him since I’m getting ready to add vent cleaning to his list (thank you for the vent waxing tip!).

  3. This is an awesome idea! Do you think it would work on ceiling fan blades and the tops of my moldings/chair rails?

  4. Thank you Anna, I love this tip. My pet hate in cleaning my house would have to be my venetian blinds. I wonder if this would work on them?
    I’m might test it out. Thanks again!

  5. What brand of wax do you recommend?

  6. Kelly Burmeister says:

    What kind of wax should I use ?

  7. I put my vents in the dishwasher. The come out perfectly clean.

  8. Nina Moore says:

    What kind of wax? It doesn’t say. Plus no pic of was shown here.