How to Clean Garbage Disposal

I’ve got a special guest today!  Please welcome Shari, who blogs over at Turnstyle Vogue.  I stumbled across this post of hers on how to clean garbage disposal and I told her she just had to share it with all of you!  Take it away Shari…

One of my daily tasks when cleaning my kitchen is cleaning my garbage disposal as well. I can’t stand the idea of food sitting in there over a period of time or residue that creates odor. I used to buy citrus cleaning tablets that you would drop in and grind away. They worked fine but cost about $8.00 for 20. I have two sinks/disposals in my kitchen and used them daily

You can do the math…

One of my main staples when cleaning anything/anywhere is vinegar. I love it. So, when I chose to end my relationship with those little store-bought cleaning tablets, I decided to make my own:

You need lemons and vinegar. I buy vinegar in bulk from Costco. I get two of these jugs for a little over $3.00!


Slice your lemons and put a piece in each ice cube mold.

Then fill each with vinegar. Do not dilute it.

Here is what you get…


I recommend you put them in a freezer bag – gallon size. If not, you will have a strong sweet smell of vinegar each time you open your refrigerator or freezer door. If you are one of those who tend to fall behind on cleaning out your refrigerator on a regular basis, then maybe that is a good thing!

Do you have your own homemade cleaning product that works just as well as, or is better than, the store-bought version?Be inspired,
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  1. Karen Wolfe says:

    Do you just thow one of the cubes in your disposal and grind it up?
    Will that damage your blades over time?
    Do you do it daily, weekly, monthly?