How to Clean Deodorant Stains from Dark Clothes

Question: How do you get deodorant stains out of dark colored clothing?
I’m sure that this reader is not the only one with this question.  We’ve all put on our perfect little black dress, only to look down and realize that there are deodorant stains under our arms. Right?I actually have two answers to this question.
If the deodorant stain has already set then what you need is a little salt.
Wet the stained area and sprinkle salt over it.  The longer the salt can sit on the stain the better, try to let it sit for at least a couple of hours.
Before washing the garment get the stained area wet again and scrub it with a little more salt.  Then throw it in the washing machine and wash as normal.  This method is safe to use on dark clothing, as well as white clothing.
If the deodorant mark on your clothes is a fresh mark {like you got deodorant on the dress when you were putting it on} then there is a quick and easy technique to get it off.
All you need is an old pair of panty hose. Yes, panty hose. Roll up the panty hose in a ball, and start rubbing away the white deodorant marks. You will be using the nylon hose like a cloth. Just keep rubbing over the marks until the nasty whiteness disappears! source
Now you can slip into that sexy black dress, or your over-sized black t-shirt, with confidence, knowing that deodorant marks are not match for a little salt!


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  1. I’ve always used a used dryer sheet. It takes off even set in deodorant stains with a bit of rubbing. I’ve saved so many shirts that way!

    • That genius! I love it! Thanks for sharing. :)


    • I had received a black dress with a set in stain on it. I used the dryer sheet and it worked! Thanks! I also learned a trick how not to get the deodorent on your clothes. put the deodorant on before getting dressed. That way it is dry and won’t go on clothes. I have been doing this for years.

  2. It really worked. Headed to work in my black dress!

  3. My boyfriend wears dark black t-shirts under his uniform and the pits on the shirt are stiff! Do you think this would help with the stifness?

  4. shekinah barnett says:

    This worked like a charm. Who knew nylon would remove a fresh stain. Thank you

  5. Thanks for your helpful hint on removing deodorizer stain on dark clothing. Alas, I had already washed and ironed (when I saw the damage) in cold water an Irish linen tunic only to be horrified by darkish orange color on under arm. Is it too late to try your hint of salt or other ideas?

  6. Hello,

    Is this method effective for anti-perspirant stains, or deodorant stains only?



  7. My dress is actually navy but this salt procedure has not worked .Any other suggestions Anna?

    • Bethany Davis says:

      Hello, Antje! I sent you and e-mail, so please check you inbox when you have time. Thanks! -Bethany (Anna’s assistant)

  8. I want to thank you. My son will only wear black t-shirts and has to wear the white deodorant because he suffers from psoriasis. I have tried everything I could think of, none worked. So thank you so much. I am heading to the laundry room now.