Organizing the Linen Closet

Yesterday we organized our laundry rooms so today, for day #9, it’s time for organizing the linen closet. I have seen so many beautiful linen closets on Pinterest that I was dying to re-organize mine!
First you will need more baskets.  The ones I chose are from Target, but stores like the Dollar Tree also have lots of great basket.  I just happened to have a gift card to Target. :)
Organizing the linen closet - Ask Anna
In this picture you can see I tried the rolling method but then I nixed it!
Next empty out your linen closet.  I only use two shelves of my closet for the linens, the top shelf is for games {obviously we are lacking in the game department} and the bottom one is for my medicines.
Organizing the linen closet - Ask Anna
You can see how I organized those here.
Organizing the linen closet - Ask Anna
Next categorize the items that came out of your closet: table linens, sheets, hand towels, bath towels, beach towels, etc.  Once you have all of your items in the right categories decide which items you would like to put in a basket.  Not everything has to go in a basket, and not everything will probably fit in a basket.  I decided to leave my towels out because they are pretty wide and I didn’t like the way they fit in the baskets.  The items I put in baskets are: table linens, sheets and hand towels.  Everything else is folded neatly and placed next to the baskets.
Organizing the linen closet - Ask Anna
My linen closet is deep so I placed items, that I don’t use that often, in baskets behind the items that we use on a daily.
After placing all of the items back into the linen closet I made labels for each of the baskets, using my new Silhouette! {Looooove it!}
Organizing the linen closet - Ask Anna
I stole the cloths pin idea from Pinterest.  I thought it was a cute touch for a linen closet and I had a bunch left over from the Christmas gifts I made for Malea’s grandmas.
Organizing the linen closet - Ask Anna
Organizing the linen closet - Ask Anna
Organizing the linen closet - Ask Anna
As you can see in the “before” picture, it was organized before but it wasn’t very pretty.  Now I can look forward to putting away the laundry and getting to visit my new linen closet. :)  Oh and if you’re wondering where all the bulky stuff on the top shelf went, it’s in the top stair of Malea’s bed.  That’s my favorite part of her bed: hidden storage compartments!
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  1. I’m surprised how using the bins and clip boxes really makes it look cleaner. I love the labels!