Cleaning Checklist Printables

Can you believe you’ve made it through the entire challenge!?  I am so proud of each one of you and I have truly enjoyed seeing your completed tasks.  As a thank you for all of your hard work today I have a little gift for you.  It’s a free printable of my cleaning schedule and it’s brand new, hot off the press!
It’s easy to get clean an organized once, but to stay clean and organized is a challenge in and of itself.  This year I am challenging all of us {including myself} to get on a cleaning schedule and to do your best, that’s all an of us can do! :)
When writing this post I did a search on the internet for cleaning schedules, that I might actually like, and was disappointed to only find one.  Frustrated I emailed my friend Maria, of Agape Love Designs, and asked her to make me my very own Ask Anna cleaning checklist printables.  I’m not one for making printables but I knew what I wanted on each checklist, so together I think we came up with something pretty awesome.
I hope you love them as much as I do!  It’s everything that needs to be done daily, weekly, monthly and every 6 months, on a pretty little print out just for you!  There is also a blank printout if you want to create your own.

Your challenge today is a fun one.  Print out however many printouts you would like and then frame them, laminate them, or do whatever you want with them.  Get creative!!!

I know these cleaning checklist printables will help all of us to stay clean and organized in 2012, and I am honored that I got to help each of you get your year started that way!  Thank you so much for joining me on this 3 week journey!  I have lots of fun things planned for 2012 and I hope you will join me for all of them!!!
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"Hi I'm Anna! Welcome to Ask Anna where I love to answer your household questions! I have always loved to clean, organize and decorate and this blog is a fun way for me to help you love it too! I am a busy mom of a beautiful little girl and I'm married to the love of my life. Together we fill our days with projects , laughter and love. I serve an incredible God and overall I'd say I'm truly blessed!"

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  1. Dear Anna,
    I could not get the printable version to work, just a black page came up. Thank you for all your tips, I really love your site.

  2. I couldn’t get any of the printables to print. I am not quite sure which one would work for me yet though. Could you email me each of them? LOVE THEM!!!

  3. Jennifer Crosby says:

    Can you please send the first one to me? I have a frame ready for it! :)

  4. Hi, I cannot get to a printable .pdf page ether. All links lead to an Adobe company page that requires me to buy their services! Weird, because I already have all those serviced downloaded legally to my computer. I suggest you just post the .pdf link to your lists directly, unless of course you’ve married into the Adobe fortune and want to keep growing it :-) .

    • I’m sorry Harriet! I just checked and somehow all of the links were messed up. :/ I fixed them so they’re all working now. When you click on each of the links it takes a min for them to load in Adobe but once they open up you can download them. Sorry about the inconvenience of the broken links but thanks for letting me know!!! :) (
      P.S. I’d love to link the .pdf link directly to my lists but I don’t know how to do that. Can you tell me how to do it?

  5. Anna – I am not able to print the schedule. I’ve tried all the links you posted in comments and am still not able to, I believe this has to do with the type of Acrobat it’s opening in. Can you please email me the checklists? Thank you in advance!

  6. Thanks for the handouts! Can’t wait to use them in the new year :)

  7. Sandy Hernandez says:


    All I can say is thank you. I just printed up the check list. I need someone to just tell me what to do at 1st. I can always tweek it later. I will pass along the word about your website. God bless you and your family. Thank you for all that you do. I was cleaning my mirrors and looked up how to get rid of hairspray residue on the mirrors and your website popped up. I am a mother of two wonderful teenagers and a teacher. I too have been very blessed. I will look into your website more. For now – while I am still on vacation – it is off to cleaning the bathroom mirrors.

  8. Hi Anna,
    My new years resolution involves being better at time management and cleaning and organising… So I think I will be reading a fair bit of your blog… Can you please email me your printables? I just can’t get them to download for me… I would appreciate it sooooo much…
    Thank you!!!!

  9. Just printed these for the new year!!! Thank you!

  10. Thank you so much Anna for sharing your checklists with us. I have ADHD and a very hard time staying focused for any length of time. I usually end up hip-hopping all over the place from one project to the next and never finish anything. Maybe this lisst will help me to stay focused on one thing at a time and get something accomplished. Have a great day and God bless!

  11. Terri Stephens says:

    Can you email me a pdf of the checklists please? I couldn’t get them to print properly – they look fine on the screen, but then only print out partially on paper. Very strange.
    Thanks much!

  12. Gail Taylor says:

    Hi, I love your ideas. I am having trouble printing out the documents. Could you send all of them to my e-mail. Thank you, Gail Taylor

  13. Hi! Thanks for this cleaning routine! Most of the ones I’ve found are too uptight for my persona or poorly designed for my needs… I am a full-time student in an university, and so is my boyfriend who I live with. We don’t have kids yet, our budget is very small, we don’t have a dishwasher or a dryer… So many things that make most cleaning lists online to not work for us! But this seems manageable for our needs, so thank you! :)

  14. i couldnt get any of the printable cleaning list to print can you email them to me?