How to Clean a Dyson Vacuum

How to clean a dyson - Ask Anna
Let me just start by saying: I love my Dyson!!!  Vacuums do a lot of dirty work for us and once in a while they need love.  I would recommend doing a thorough cleaning of your vacuum at least every 6 months.  Today I’m going to give you a tutorial on how to clean a Dyson vacuum.
Step 1: 
Empty the canister
How to clean a dyson - Ask Anna

Remove all the attachments and set them aside for step 7.

How to clean a dyson - Ask Anna

Place the canister in the sink.

How to clean a dyson - Ask Anna

Step 2:
Remove the filter.

How to clean a dyson - Ask Anna
In the back of the canister there is a little lever (mine is orange) that removes the top and bottom of the canister from one another. Pull up on it, and give it a little umph, and it should come off. If it’s your first time it might be a little tougher to get apart.

How to clean a dyson

It should look like this after you separate them.

How to clean a dyson

Step 3:
Open the top of the canister (where the filter goes).

How to clean a dyson


Rinse the canister with water. After you do a quick rinse take a washcloth and some dish soap and wipe the outside and inside of the canister.

How to clean a dyson

This is what the inside of your canister will look like before you wash it. {GROSS!}

How to clean a dyson

After rinsing. {SO much better!!}

How to clean a dyson

Step 4:
Rise the clear, plastic canister with warm water.

How to clean a dyson

After rinsing with water add a little mild dish soap to a washcloth and wash the canister inside and out.

How to clean a dyson

Rinse the soap off the canister and set it aside to dry.

Step 5:
Rinse the filter. I rinse until the water runs clear, usually it takes a few minutes.

How to clean a dyson

How to clean a dyson

Make sure you let your vacuum parts dry completely before re-assembling it. My rule of thumb is at least 48 hours. If the vacuum doesn’t dry all the way it will have a mildew smell to it. If this happens take it apart and let it dry longer.

How to clean a dyson

Step 6:
While the canister parts are drying wipe the rest of the vacuum down with disinfecting wipes.

How to clean a dyson

To make sure your Dyson vacuum is extra clean, pull apart all the traps and clean them out. The first one is on the back, right side of your Dyson. If you push and pull out on the button, where my finger is pointing, you can clean out this trap. I’ve found all sort of crazy things in mine in the past!

How to clean a dyson


This is what it will look like when you take it off.

How to clean a dyson


There is another trap you can clean out at the back of your vacuum. It’s at the base in the back, right below where the hose connects. It’s kind of hard to see but my finger is pointing at the release button.

How to clean a dyson


This is what it looks like when you take it off.

How to clean a dyson


Step 7:
Don’t forget to clean the the brush! It will probably be filled with hair and need a good cleaning too. You can take the cover of the brush off by unscrewing the 3 screws on the bottom of the vacuum. Below is a picture of what they look like.

How to clean a dyson vacuum


Use a pair of scissors to cut the hair, strings, etc. off the brush and then it will be nice and clean like the rest of the vacuum!

How to clean a dyson vacuum


To clean the attachments I just throw them in the dishwasher, easy peesy! If they have a lot of hair stuck in them use a comb to pull it out, like I do in this post.

How to clean a dyson vacuum

Have fun cleaning your Dyson! I know you will be really happy with the results!!


Additional note: I have been cleaning my Dyson this way for many years. I know this is not the way the Dyson manual says to clean the vacuum but I have never had a problem with mine and it always works like new after I clean it.



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  1. Thanks for the reminder to clean mine out. I don't think I've tackled those pocket areas before so that is very helpful!

  2. Thanks for posting this. I didn't even know how to go about cleaning my Dyson. I thought it was smart enough to clean itself ha-ha!

  3. I'm so stoked about this post! I had no idea that I could clean my Dyson like this. Thanks Anna!

  4. Thanks for all the great information!!!!Tasha

  5. Just followed your directions to do a nice cleaning on Dyson. Thanks!

  6. I'm going to try this on the weekend, my Dyson is looking (and smelling!) a little too much like my dog. thanks for the post!

  7. How do you clean the brush? I tried to unscrew the screws but they are not budging… help please!

  8. Yeah the screws are a little tricky. They turn to the left but you have to push really hard and then turn them. The first time is always the hardest, after that they will turn easier. If you can't get them off you can still cut the hair out, it will just be a little

  9. Thank you so much for this tutorial!

  10. In nice weather I take mine outside and blow it out with the air compressor we have in the garage. Gets alot of dirt out of those little holes fast.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing! I have an older model (from 2007) and the filter is in the base area instead of the tank. Is it still safe to run water through the tank & all of those cyclone-y areas? : )

  12. I'm very nervous to run water through it…you have really had no problems, sorry to question you, all I can think is that I could potentially throw $500 away, I'm scared!!

    • I do this all the time to my dyson even before i saw this tutorial! It works and the sweeper cleans even better every time it gets cleaned

    • Sandra Gruber says:

      From what I have read and learned from Dyson people is: NO WATER. After you have washed any parts, make sure it is dried completely. Clean good, dry long. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
      I have a strange obsession…I have to have the best vacuum pick up,
      best filter, best emptying. I have had three Dysons. Now it’s just two, my daughter borrowed my Dyson, and never returned it. I’m a 71 year old grandmother in a three level house, and I need a sweeper on the top floor.

  13. To the previous Anonymous comment: No, I really have not had any problems with doing this, and my vacuum always runs so much better after it's clean. However if you are nervous about using water I had another reader tell me that she uses an air compressor to blow all the dust out, so you could try that

  14. Yes, I've used the air compressor before and it works to an extent, but I usually have to stand there for about fifteen minutes with the air compressor going and breath in all that dust…ok, I'm going to go for it this weekend! Thanks for the response!

    • ibwilliamsi says:

      If you use an air compressor or a can of spray air (like for computers) I’d recommend using a dust mask. That junk is going to get up your nose even if you don’t.

  15. I too have an older model with the filter in the base… is it ok to run water through mine?

  16. wow this is so great! I'm bookmarking this because I need to do mine. We've had it for almost a year and never cleaned it. yikes!

  17. Just FYI – I have the purpe Dyson and I have bee cleaning minein a way that is similar to this well something happened and i tarted stinking. Well I calld Dyson and they told me NEVER to put the cyclone in water…only to use a aircomresser to clean that part. The filter is to be cleaned in water, but not the cyclone. Just thought I would say something!

    • They say that because most people do not allow it enough time to completely dry out before using it. Which then will cause bacterial and mildew to grow in it. I have a really good friend who works for dyson and that’s what she told me. She said its not that you can’t they just don’t recommend it unless your going to allow everything to completely dry before using again. Which 24-48 hours is what the recommended amount of drying time is. And depending on your water as well they recommending using distilled water to be safe that no minerals settle in you compartments.

    • Uh oh I got mine wet and it smells horrible. What did you do to get rid of the smell? Smells like cat pee and I don’t have a cat. I let mind dry 24 hr at least

  18. Hi there,It’s great to see people taking such good care of their Dysons! It’s fine to wash the clear bin, but we would advise against washing the cyclone pack, as this could damage the machine. For information and advice on maintaining your Dyson, you can call us free on 0800 298 0298 (UK), or 1-866-693-9766 (US). Best wishes,JackDyson Online Customer Support

  19. I called Dyson and asked them if I could wash out the turbo inside and they said, NO! They told me to find a person with a air compressor and blow the inside clean. I like your way, but am not certain if I should do it.andy

  20. I think the only risk is if you don't let it dry COMPLETELY!!! I have cleaned mine like this for 3 years, about once a year. Just to be safe I let mine dry for a couple of days!!! It has never been a problem for me!I would say just be SURE it is dry….just common sense. It is all plastic in there, so there is no reason not to clean it. They have to use water when they refurbish them

  21. Thanks, after owning my Dyson for almost 5 years I finally cleaned it. I was scared being it was so expensive to try to mess around with it- but it was pretty easy. My filter stated not to put under water, so I did not.

    • I too am bookmarking this site so I can give my dyson animal a bath after i get done cleaning the carpets!

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  23. Thanks for the reminder! I've been cleaning my Dyson since the day the vacuum shop quoted me $89.95 to clean it. HA! I think not – I do it myself! :)

  24. I've had mine since 2007 and I clean it like this every 6 months. I just had to say that I've never seen anyone else with a white Dyson!

  25. Clean as a whistle, thanks to this post!!

  26. I've had the original yellow ball Dyson since it came out (over 8 years) and have washed it inside and out with water every 3 or 4 months since I got it. I'm allergic to dust, so the thought of blowing it clean with an air compressor and filling the air that i'm breathing with micro allergens is not at all appealing! Water at least keeps the dust in the air to a minimum. I make sure that I let all of the parts air dry on a towel in my laundry room for a few days before I put it back together. It works just like new every time. I love my Dyson!

  27. Cleaning the your Duson is a great idea but do not be tempted to clean the hose calse getting that to dry takes days if not weeks and then its still not dry enough.

  28. So I have a pink Dyson- not sure the model but after I cleaned it worked so much better until I went to pull up on the lever for the trap door to empty and it didn't work. Apparently with my Dyson there is a bar that goes all the way down which connects to a release for the trap door. I now cannot get it open to empty it. Any one have any suggestions? The cleaning was great and it works like new, but cant empty now, suggestions?

  29. Okay- Update- I read on another site to fix this- remove the top (via unscrewing the top with a screw driver) pull the lid off and reset the "trapbar" back into place. It is not easy as you have to match up the screw holes as well as he bar at the same time which you cannot see very well. Have to go with more of a feel. Overall very happy with the clean out, works much better.

  30. Cleaning my dyson today. So happy! Thank you! Just a quick question. You mention to put the attachments in the dishwasher. Being that it gets so hot, I'm worried about it melting, especially the bristles. Just wanting to know if it truly is safe to throw in there or not. Thanks again!

  31. Love our Dyson, and your great idea to clean it. Can't wait to get home from work and do it today!!

  32. Thanks for the info, I usually use an air compressor but I think I will do this every other time. Heads up though, had my Dyson in for a repair and they said NOT to get the yellow filter holder wet. They said just clean the foam filter it holds.

  33. I have washed my dyson and it's brushes in the sink for the past 6 years and it is still working perfectly I usually blow it out with the compressor first as the dust is so bad then wash it with hot soapy water. The filter says to just wash it with cold water running through which I do I also do the filter holder and it works perfect!!! Anna I think it is wonderful that you are letting people know how to do this..

  34. FYI, Dyson recommends cleaning your machine once a month. I totes don't, but that's what they suggest.

    • ibwilliamsi says:

      My DC 33 recommends washing the filters every 3 months – oops! I have two shedding dogs and I’m afraid that I may need to cut the fur from the brush every week.

  35. Oh no the pictures are gone! I had pinned this to clean my vacuum and when I came back to actually do it, the pictures were gone. They were so helpful. Anyway you can put them back? Thanks

  36. Came here from Pinterest… are there supposed to be pictures in the post? Because they’re not showing up. (I’m running Firefox, maybe that has something to do with it?)

    Anyway, thanks for this post, anyway, I’ll follow the written directions, as my Dyson is a major workhorse, having to clean up road dust, animal hair, and other farm-country pollutants almost daily.

    • oops… nevermind. The problem was completely on my end. My computer was being a snot! I restarted and the pics are showing up just fine, now. Thanks!

    • I talked to my IT lady and she fixed the picture problem. Thank you for letting me know! :) I hope the tutorial still made sense even without pictures.


  37. Olga Jewell says:

    I am so doing this!!!! TFS!

  38. MyDarlin says:

    Thank you for the great detailed info and pics! I just cleaned my machine for the first time ever (nearly 10 years old) My ‘lifetime’ hepa filter is NASTY. I am looking to find a replacement while I wait for all the parts to dry. Anyone know of major chains that carry these?

  39. Just cleaned mine, followed these instructions. Looks good so far! Although I must have a different model because not everything coordinated. I was disgusted at how much dirt was built up in the cyclone! Hoping it works like new!

  40. Bridget says:

    I did this with my six year old purple Dyson last year. Rinsed and cleaned both the clear cylinder as well as the cyclone part and was amazed at all the gunk that came out! I thought I had let it dry very thoroughly, but it started to stink (a very musty, mildewy smell). After a while, that seemed to go away, though, so perhaps it just needed more time to dry. If it try it again I’m going to wait a LONG time before reassembling and using it again!

    • Yeah, make sure to wait at least 48+ hours. If it smells musty you can always add a little baking soda to the canister, that should clear it up!


  41. Thank you so much for this! I was getting so grossed out with the smell and appearance of the inside of my dyson that I was considering buying a new one (and I am not rich enough to throw down $400 just whenever). I had no idea it could be cleaned this thoroughly. Thanks for knocking some sense into me and helping those of us who are less technically inclined!

  42. Jessica says:

    Thanks for the step by step directions!! I feel like I have a brand new vacuum!

  43. I have had my dyson for years and never even thought to do this until I saw your pin on pinterest. The filter was in desperate need of a washing. I have an older model so things are slightly different but I just googled the manual online. Thanks so much for the info.

  44. What abouth cleaning the animal dyson. No filter up top. How do we get water into it to clean

    • I’m not sure Julie, I’m sorry. I’ve never actually seen an Animal Dyson so I couldn’t tell you.


    • I have the Animal Dyson and clean it pretty much the same way. The clear canister comes apart at the top, there are little tabs that hold it in place and the filter is on the bottom part of the vacuum. The filter actually shows a faucet with water on it. I run water in the cyclone part and just rinse it around several times and then let it dry for several days. Hope this helps.

  45. OMG, thanks so much for this post. I found you on Pinterest after doing a search on Dyson. I thought I had ruined my mom’s Dyson that I bored to see if I liked it enough to buy my own. Well, after cleaning out the lint trap in my dryer and accidentally sucking up a few dryer sheets, I thought it was broken. It started smelling like it was on fire and turned itself off. I was terrified and looked at the Dyson site and was worried that I’d have to take it in.

    But I found this post and all the little “nooks and crannies” that I couldn’t figure out how to get to. Found the culprits (2 dryer sheets, a ballpoint pen, some Scotch tape, and lots of hair and dust. Gross! I did the whole cleaning as you instruct above and it worked like a charm. Thanks for saving me tons of money and better yet, having to explain to my mom why it was broken!

    • Oh my goodness, that’s a lot of stuff that was stuck in there! I’m glad you got it cleaned out though. :)


  46. I cleaned my dyson a few weeks ago. Took the canister apart did all of the above except the gray piece that has the holes…I called Dyson to check to see if its okay to clean with water. They told me its not a good idea to do that to take it outside and use an air compresser to blow out the dirt…which I did. I was very shocked at how much dirt…and I mean baby fine baby powder looking dirt came out. Going to be doing that more frequently.

    Love your stuff! Thanks for being here wth all the cool motivating ideas!

    • I use canned air and a baby bottle brush to clean out my canister. . . it works just as well for those concerned about using water.

  47. OMG! So I cleaned my Dyson this past week per your instructions and I can’t believe the difference it made. I have had my Dyson for about 3 years, but have lived in an apartment the whole time. It never looked very dirty so I never really worried about thoroughly cleaning the whole thing. Well after finding your amazing blog and using many of your tips, I decided to clean the Dyson. I just vacuumed with it, and I couldn’t believe how much it picked up. I vacuum about twice a week, but it looked like I hadn’t vacuumed in a month. This chore will surely be added to my list! Thanks for the step by step tips!!

  48. Thanks for sharing! My hubs will be so happy that I won’t be paying someone to do this. I have had mine for probably 7 years so I can’t wait to try this. Have you guys tried a mixture of vinegar and water to help deodorize? Just curious cause because I have dogs and pet odor is the biggest issue with the vacuum. Also a tip to remove the hair…an old style barbers comb (like the ones guys used to carry in their pockets) works great. You can get them for like $1 and just hook the end around the hair and pull. Thanks again!

  49. I have the Dyson Animal DC17 (purple) so the tutorial didn’t match exactly but close enough! I’m slightly OCD about cleaning so it was great to find this post and finally give my poor vacuum the same TLC I give to everything else. One thing that this doesn’t mention is the belt that spins around the brush; I found a youtube video of a guy showing you how to remove the brush and the belt (his wasn’t working, seemed like the belt was broken) and clean it out. His belt was fine, it was all the gunk/animal hair built up around it that made it inoperable. I decided to do the same for a good thorough cleaning…OMG how nasty it was! There was so much dust, sand-like particles and dog hair collected in the belt crevice, I couldn’t believe my Dyson was still working. It’s very easy to pop the brush off and remove the belt to get to the area. This might not apply to all Dyson models but I would take the time to check, might extend the life of the belt and the vacuum itself although I’ve had mine for years and it worked like a charm even with all that nasty stuff.

  50. Thanks for the info. I did all this and am still getting a funky smell from mine. Any ideas? My dog puked on the carpet a month or two ago and after I cleaned it up and used carpet cleaner on it, I vacuumed. Since then, that lovely smells come back every time I vacuum. I tried baking soda, emptying a lavender sachet and vacuuming it up, sprinkling with essential oil before vacuuming. All are only temporary solutions.

    • Did you take your vacuum apart and clean it per the instructions? The only other thing I would suggest is to purchase a new hose. They aren’t very expensive and if the vacuum still smells after washing it then I’m sure that’s where odor is coming from.

      Good luck!


  51. How do i get the brush off? I can get the three screws off to get to the brush but there is a black rubber belt securing it.. I want to take the brush off and clean it. Help?

    • I’ve never taken my brush off but if you watch the You Tube video tutorial at the bottom he shows you how to take it off. Good luck!

      Anna :)

  52. Stephanie says:

    Hey Anna,
    I inherited a Dyson from my grandpa. I really wanted it cleaned before it comes in my house. So today is the day. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the great tutorial.

    • Stephanie says:

      Dyson all clean! Parts are going to dry in the garage and with this lovely Redding heat I’m thinking 24 hours should be enough! Thanks for the help!

      • Awesome! I love it! Yeah with today’s heat your parts should be dry in a couple hours. :)


  53. I Like this! I have always taken mine apart and usually just wiped it out or blown it out with an air compressor,(do wash the filters!) they do get really dirty. I have had my Dyson for about 14 years. Great machines!

  54. Pat Berry says:

    My Dyson is running like brand new!!!

  55. This is how I cleaned my Dyson for years…until it started smelling of mold. I called Dyson and they said under no circumstances should you clean the canister with water because regardless of how long you dry it out, water still stays trapped and like mine, begins to mold and smell. They had to send me another canister and specifically said to NOT clean it with water, otherwise my warranty would be voided, as directions and cleaning instructions say not to use water. They said the best way to clean the canister is to use an air compressor and blow all the dust and particles out. Would hate for someone to use this method and ruin an expensive vacuum.

  56. Catherine says:

    Thank you for this. I have the D24 and I Just cleaned it up. The owners manual didn’t cover any of this, but i knew there must be a way. I had even looked online and everything. But you covered it here. Thanks again! :)

  57. Clean dyson= no more smelly dog=fresher smelling floors! My pet dyson stunk bad! It was either throw out or try anything. This worked be
    Beautifully. For the person who said don’t clean with water….rather take the chance than buy a new vacuum! Thank you. Didn’t take
    Too long either!

  58. This was very helpful! My dyson was long over due for a scrub down!

  59. I found your tutorial through Pinterest. I was a little scared by some of the comments that said not to clean the canister with water but I gave it a go. To be sure I did let my parts dry for a couple of days in the sun then left them on the dish drainer for a few more days. It is just like having my brand new Dyson back!!! So amazing! Thank you so much, I will be doing this every six months at least!

  60. Our top part looks like it has no way to “flip open” to get the liter out and clean it. It does look different than yours but I haven’t had it a year yet. Help!

  61. Would be great to have this in printable form!

  62. Never thought of washing it, I was too afraid the water would damage the unit. Then I read thru the last few comments, the one about never using water / voiding the warranty AND the ones about blowing the dust particles out with an air compressor….so wouldn’t it make great sense to WASH the unit as you have described, and then maybe using an air compressor to blow it dry? I think I may go that route. Thanks for the info

  63. Hey, I can’t thank you enough for posting this article on cleaning a Dyson! I did it and thanks to you it is like brand new! I moved from the mountains of southern California to Portland OR and all the red dirt from south is now GONE! I can’t believe that I can clean ALL the parts with soap and water! I laid it out in my laundry room that is about 80 degrees year around and it was all dry in 24 hours!

    Your photos and writing style are terrific and I look forward to learning more tips and tricks from you!

  64. Can you clean out the tube the attachments hook to? Mine is sticking quite a bit and is difficult to get pulled out when needing to use it. thanks!!

  65. Just followed your instructions for cleaning my Dyson, I have a different model, but it was all basically the same. I let everything dry out for a week, wanted to make extra sure that it was all dry. I’ve put it all back together and used it today and now it smells like something died in there. I’ve previously cleaned the filter and have not had this result. Anyone else have this problem??

  66. I hate to be the one to tell you, but using soap on a Dyson voids the warranty…I found this out the hard way…..Mine started overheating after only 2 years, called the customer service and they asked how I cleaned it, I explained and they told me where I could get it repaired, but the warranty is void because I cleaned it with soapy water……sorry.

  67. I cleaned my Dyson (DC14?) per your instructions, two days ago. Wow, it was dirty! Disgusting! I usually use an air duster to blow it clean but hate breathing in all of that dust. I have left the cyclone part outside to air dry. I turn it upside down twice a day to ensure that it is drying completely. I’m going to wait 2 more days to put it back together in order to be on the safe side. I will update soon.

  68. AmberosiaMerieCreativity says:

    Thank you!!!!! I’m so grateful for this!!! I agree on cleaning the things we clean with, lol.
    I have a different Dyson, it’s a purple one so I’m not sure if it’s newer or older than yours, but I LOVE it. I’ve had it for 5 years, and haven’t had any major problems with it. Haven’t had to replace anything…it’s been perfect. However….My little boy decided to play in the flour…(STINKER!) and so I thought, “oh easy clean up! I’ll just use the Dyson!”…..BAD IDEA!!!! Just get out the trusty, old fashioned BROOM. (I guess this only works if it happened on a hard floor, lol) The flour clogged my filter. (My manual basically does tell me to clean it like you’ve shown here, the filter at least) but my filter is in the base.. Anyways. So I tried to clean it with water….as we all know (but didn’t cross my mind) FLOUR and WATER become like clay.

  69. Anne Harrison says:

    I was so thrilled when I saw this!! I thought I was going to have to shell out a load of $$ to have mine cleaned by a professional! I’m actually excited about doing this myself!! (note to self….get a life!!)

  70. What a great tutorial, but would this work for the older model? I have the same vacuum only it’s a few years old. I just want to make sure that when I go to clean it, I’m not touching anything electrical or anything that shouldn’t be touched with water you know? Thanks!

  71. Woot! Done. 😉 Thanks!!!

  72. I cleaned my 4 yr. old Dyson Animal per your instructions today. Poor fella was smelling really foul. Will give it a couple of days for the cyclone to dry out completely. Thank you for this tutorial!

  73. I just cleaned out my Dyson for the first time. That was very traumatizing!!! Thank you for the tips

  74. Hello there Anna. Just finished cleaning out my Dyson but with the Ohio cold, I am curious to know where you’d recommend laying it out to dry and in what position you’d recommend? I have the older DC07 Purple Dyson Animal. I can still hear a few droplets of water inside the canister and I plan on giving it 5 days to dry out, do you think that is feasible?
    Thanks SO much! Couldn’t figure out for the life of me why it kept cutting off and being that I purchased it used, I thought the motor was going to bite the dust. Turns out ALL of my cyclones were clogged with what appeared to be the DREADED carpet sprinkle!! Even worse than flour, I swear!

    • Yikes! Well I’m glad you got it clean! I think if it’s too cold and takes 5 days to dry then it will end up smelling like mildew. I would recommend putting it in a small room with a space heater. It needs to have dry, warm temps to dry all the way and not get damp and mildewy inside.

  75. Anna, I have one additional question about cleaning my Dyson. The brush part is particularly dirty. It looks like someone cleaned up something wet or damp. I have spent a good amount of time cutting the strings and cleaning as best I could the brushes, but there is some real dirt caked on it. Can it be soaked in water or water with a little Dawn? It’s the one thing I’m not sure about wetting.


  76. I’m ashamed to admit this, but I’ve been “cleaning” my vacuum by emptying it out each time I use it. since 2006. :O I just took it apart and cleaned it.. The funny thing is that almost 7 years of owning it and not cleaning it, but it still works just like the day I bought it. Says something for Dyson! :)
    Anyway, thanks for the easy tutorial.

    • Karen Cooley says:

      I was so excited to find this on Pinterest, but bummed that it wouldn’t work for my DC07 (well, the cyclone part.) I just wanted to share a YouTube video I found for my fellow DC07 owners – we CAN clean the cyclone!

      Off to go give my baby (or, as my dog thinks of it, the Yellow Machine of Death) a good cleaning!

  77. Janice Russell says:

    Take a seam ripper to get all the hair and thread off the brush.

  78. It’s an remarkable piece of writing for all the web people; they will obtain advantage from it I am sure.

  79. Amanda Thomas says:

    OMG!!!! I just washed my dyson, Shame on me lol. Its was major gross inside. So glad i found you Anna.
    Don’t you just love Dyson though I am a firm fan of James Dyson. I had one of his vacs in the UK and when i moved to USA one of the first things i did was go and get another one. Thank you Anna for the great clean vac lol .

  80. Hi there, I’m wondering if you happen to know of a link to clean the DC25, or if we can basically do the same thing?

    • I would imagine it would be about the same thing. I’ve never used a DC25 but I think they are all very similar. :)

  81. A friend gave me this link and I tried your step by step guide today. I have come as far as cleaning out the filters and will do the traps later today. Thanks for the pictures as I would have been totally lost without them. A Dyson is a science in itself.

  82. Simon Murphy says:

    Hi Anna,
    Happy New Year to you and your family.
    We have our own Dyson DC25 which we’ve always kept meticulously clean however we’ve acquired a second hand DC25 from an auction here in the UK and have followed all of your tips to get it as clean as possible but it still carries a latent smell (from the previous owner). Any ideas how best we can rid the Dyson of this smell.
    Old fashioned vacuum cleaners used to enable you to put fresheners in them, but not Dyson.
    Any tips that you can offer would be greatly received.

    • When my Dyson smells between cleanings I put vacuum beads in the canister. It helps make it smell fresh. You can also add a little baking soda to the canister if you don’t have any vacuum beads.

  83. Teri Naab says:


    Do you know if the hepa filter can also be cleaned?


    • I’ve tried to get mine out before, with no luck. I think you have to take it to the professionals to have that filter cleaned. Sorry.

  84. I just followed these directions step by step… my Dyson is the DC07 Target Red. I got it about 6 years ago and this is the first time I’ve cleaned it.

    It wasn’t nearly as “gunky” as I expected. I guess that’s a good thing! Now I can’t wait for all the parts to dry so i can vacuum again! :)

    • As Dyson says, don’t use water. The reason they say that is if there is too much crud inside it will turn into a cement like substance and clog it up. Use compressed air from an air compressor, not a silly can of air.
      I blow mine out on a windy day so I don’t breathe any dust as I am blowing it out. I can spend over a minuite blowing it untill the dust stops comming out.

  85. Thank you so much for this tutorial! My dyson broke last week and we’re waiting for parts. It’ the perfect time to get it all shiny and new looking again!

  86. There’s a FILTER??? Whaaaaaaaat?

  87. I’ve been cleaning my Dyson like this for 1 year now and no problems with functioning either. I’m glad I’m not the only one who strayed from the manual on how to clean it – I was really nervous about basically soaking it in water the first time! :)

  88. I was flabbergasted when I say this on Pinterest! I would have never, and I do mean never thought I could use water on the middle portion(too scared I would ruin my vacuum). Thank you for the post, I am trying this today!

  89. I actually do this with my Hoover WindTunnel. The parts are very similar. I’m amazed at how much better it works on my carpet after it’s been cleaned. I do it every couple months or so.

  90. I bump mine on the garbage can or use and old brush to clean out the little holes, after each use. If holes stop up it won’t suction as hard, thus not good vaccum.

  91. Dawn Dickau says:

    I found this post through Pinterest, and I’m so glad I did! I cleaned my Dyson using this blog. While it was disgustingly dirty, it is now clean and shiny. And working better than ever. I had vacuumed my living room rug just before I cleaned the vacuum. After it had completely dried, I reassembled it and vacuumed the rug again. Two days had passed but the rug didn’t get used too much in that time. When I emptied the canister, it was almost full! Wow. Thanks so much for the tips.

  92. Cheryl in Wisconsin says:

    Thank you for this! Those ‘traps’ are going to be interesting. I watched my Dyson suck up a felt catnip mouse from about 4 feet away once. Caught that one going through it’s system. But I wonder how many other things it took hold of that I didn’t catch…

  93. I cleaned my vacume like this for almost 5 years, but started noticing a smell that would come back almost Immedietly after cleaning. I called dyson, they told me that cleaning it this way is not recommended and in most cases voids the warranty as the parts inside (the air tunnels) aren’t suppose to get wet… I was shocked! The lady was nice enough and send me a new canister (just before my warranty ran out) and told me to only clean it with air, like from an air compressor.

    • I had the same thing happen to me and I cleaned my vacuum this way for years. The smell would not go away, no matter how long I left the parts to dry. I called Dyson and the customer service representative was extremely nice and helpful, but said the Dyson canister should never be rinsed with water and in doing so, the warranty would be voided. She did send another canister with specific instructions to use an air compressor or some other form of compressed air to blow the dirt and dust out of the canister. Dyson’s customer service is worth the price of the vacuum alone, not to mention how great the actual product is.

  94. Carol Matthews says:

    Hi, Anna,
    I have rings in the toilets that I can not get out. I’ve used commercial “ring removers” and they don’t do any good. Any suggestions?
    Thank you,

    • I recommend using Bar Keepers Friend, a good sponge (I love the yellow and green Scotch-Brite ones) and some elbow grease. That will get the rings out and then make them easier to maintain. :)

  95. Thanks for the information. I clean my Dyson canister periodically but I didn’t know about the other traps. Cleaning those will be at the top of my list for this weekend.

  96. This is brilliant, it not only reminds me to clean the Dyson but also shows me how to do it, even the areas I didn’t know I could clean out. Just brilliant.

  97. B Campbell says:

    I have also been cleaning my Dyson the same way. But I do one more thing. I remove the screws that are visible underneath the top filter in order to get at the grunge on the inside. Gets pretty bad sometimes. Just thought you’d like to know,you are not alone

  98. I just wanted to say thank you! I also have an “animal” and one thing that yours and mine have in common is the filter that goes under the canister. Don’t forget that one! I use an air compressor to blow mine out. Especially down the hose. Mine likes to clog up so I make sure to blow that out too. I have long hair so I also have to cut hair off the beater bar, lol. My husband doesn’t understand why I’m not bald for the I clean off there sometimes. Thanks again Anna for the tutorial and to all of your posters for the additional tips!

  99. This tutorial is absolutely amazing I just got done cleaning our dyson and I was quite shocked how dirty some of the inside parts were. I knew to clean the brush and some things but I didn’t realize how many parts would come off and apart. Thank you so much for this very helpful cleaning tip!

  100. I put the filters in my dehydrator after I washed them…I even put the smaller traps on a tray…They are dry in only a couple of hours….No smell..Even after many years…I live in the south where its humid also….I know not everyone has a dehydrator but if so its another use for it…

  101. Laura A says:

    Thank you so much! I cleaned my filter about 2 months ago, but felt like that just wasn’t enough cleaning for a vacuum that gets so dirty while doing such a great job. This will be very helpful!

  102. Mike O'Brien says:

    Thank You very much for the pics on a Dyson. My wife took ours apart to get the gunk out of the roller. When she tried to to remove the roller she did not see how it came out. Looking at the pics on your how to clean a Dyson. I was able to reaseamble it. Thank You.

  103. Wow! amazing! Its been a long time since we bought ours and I”m sure its in need of a good cleaning. I look forward to getting at this sometime this week!
    Thanks for sharing so detailed a post.

  104. Barbara says:

    I don’t own a Dyson but I do a through cleaning at least every 5th time I use mine. And I have a small aot. I use it even more when I care for my sisters parrot in the summer. I can’t stand all the dust etc that accumulates on the canister and filters. I never though about all the other area to check though. Thanks for the info.

  105. Ronda Woldring says:

    I have a yellow “Dyson DC07 – all floors ” Can I also run water through my canister and cyclone area without worrying about damaging my Dyson? I want to so bad, but my fear of ruining it is stopping me.
    Thank you for this wonderful site, I will trust anything you say.

  106. anne fleming says:

    I have the dyson animal is there a safe way to clean it…thanks

    • I would follow the same instructions and read the comments from my other readers with Dyson Animals, for any additional tips.

  107. Teresa R. says:

    Thank you! This made cleaning my Dyson soooo easy! I’ve had it for years and never cleaned it so thoroughly.

  108. Lisa White says:

    Hi is they a way to clean the pipe in dyson balls mine needs cleaning x

  109. Hi Anna – I was wondering if you have more specific tips for cleaning the roller brush (i.e. step 7)- mines super yucky even after cutting all the string-ys off it it is still looking dirty – think i could detach and throw in the dish washer? (It’s only plastic after all). – also the inside of this is gross too – so any quickie tips would be appreciated!! thanks!!

    PS the rest of my dyson is sparkling! :)

  110. judy sebesta says:

    if you have an air compressor, its so much easier. i do mine monthly…..a leaf blower will work too

  111. I just paid $35 to have my Dyson cleaned for improving the suction ..and its better than it was ..but, never again will I pay ! NOW, I can do it myself ..thanks for all the instructions, plus the pics really give us the confidence to do it …seeing is believing ♥

  112. Has anyone ever rinsed out their dyson animal dc07? I have seen people rinse out out her dysons but the animal dc07 s top does not come off like you see this one do.

    • I was wondering the same thing. Any suggestions? I have used the air compressor to clean the inside out, I would LOVE to wash it!

  113. I was just wondering where the motor is on the dyson. I’m afraid if I put parts in water it may damage the motor.

  114. my dyson is a dc25 and on the brush part is only has the 1 slot (step 7) to unscrew. The rest is screws. Do I take the screws out also? This has been a chore for me, trying to get the brush part cleaned. Thanks! Thanks!

  115. margaret cheeseman says:

    Dear Anna thank you for your easy to follow guide on how to clean a Dyson, I have managed to dismantle it before but never knew you could actually wash the inner cylinder, mine was caked with hair and dust as I have two dogs, now the Dyson looks like new and am just waiting to dry it out, many thanks, Margaret

  116. Hi Anna, I just cleaned my Dyson for the first time. I’ve owned it for about 4 years and have two dogs so it was in dire need! I’ve got it sitting out on my deck in the beautiful sunny weather to dry. If it’s drying outside in 80 degree weather would you still wait 48 hours to reassemble it?

  117. Thank you

  118. just wondering how I would go about cleaning my canister Dyson (it’s the one where the cord wraps all around the dirt collection canister)

  119. Exactly how I have been cleaning my Dyson for years and never a problem! Still works great!!

  120. I too LOVE my Dyson. I’ve taken apart the power cleaner on the bottom and the canister, but never to this degree. It is getting a thorough cleaning right now. Thank you SO much for this great information! And the traps….. who knew?!

  121. Hey, so I know that this is an old post, but I was wondering if you know how to get to the engine of the Dyson DC17, or know of any resource that will show us how? I have a lot of dirt and hair and other gunk in the engine, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to get to it! I’ve been searching google and youtube for instructions, but can’t seem to find anything.
    Thank you!

  122. Kimberly Albertson says:

    I married into a family of 7 with 5 big dogs and 1 long haired cat and not being a huge animal lover due to the hair alone as is my husband, these are his children &his best friends. So with a deep breath I bit the bullet and $600.00 later I am pet hair free ! I was so excited about my Dyson I brought it to work for my boss to try. As I am showing her how compact it is & what to expect & before I new it 15 to 20 min went by we had 5 other employees around us talking w/such enthusiasm I stopped and commented I can not believe we are talking about a vacuum and not men it really was quite telling. I did get my vacuum back after I let her use it for an extra week in a half.. (The suction was so strong it snapped my phone charger cord in half. It was plugged into the wall I got too close and before I could yell,” Dyson ” it snapped write in the center of the cord. I could not believe my eyes.. I love it ! One of the best purchases ever! You do get what you pay for & in this case even more !! Thank you Dyson..

  123. I hope this gets rid of the nasty smell it gives off when we run it! Have had mine for at least 7years! Never cleaned it cuz I never thought I could and afraid I’d ruin it…do u think that it will get rid of the dirty sock smell from my filter (I’m assuming)? Thanks for this blog! Awesome find!!!

  124. Hi Anna
    My son broke a bottle of olive oil and thought it wise to vacuum up the glass and oil with our dyson:( is there any hope of cleaning it out or should I cut my losses and buy another one? I am going to wash out the bits I can following your instructions but the oil is in everything! Help!

  125. Since I found your instructions on how to clean a Dyson, have never tried any other method. It works like a charm.

    • This is a very good suggestion that you make in the first instance; a fresh smelling air exhaust driven out of the machine after whirling around, and through, a clothes dryer sheet is what I have always used in my Dyson. I can’t think of an easier and cost-effective way. If I use one sheet each weekly clean, then it’s still a minimum cost to have a fresh scent coming out of the Dyson. There have been times I have kept back a used sheet, and this actually works as effectively too. Another way I have tried is to use herb pouches, and such, but a sheet with a nice scent is the simplest way for my liking. (BTW; full time carer here, hence a male who actually does the housework.) :)

  126. Thanks for the instructions on the vacuum. I have an old one, second hand. Problem is first owner had pets and it has a doggy smell. After I clean it, is there a way to leave some type of air freshener in it to improve the smell (ie fabric softener sheets) that wont hurt the machine? PS, funds are limited.

    • I would sprinkle baking soda on the inside of the vacuum tank. The baking soda won’t hurt the machine and it will absorb the smell. If you have any essential oils you could put a few drops into the baking soda, shake it up and then sprinkle it in the vacuum. The oils will make the vacuum smell good and the baking soda will get rid of the stink. :)

  127. Melanie Guilbault says:

    Thanks for the awesome step by step instructions. I’d been needing to clean the filters for awhile anyway and now my whole machine looks new again. I can’t wait to use it.

  128. These tips are so helpful! I thought I could take the canister apart completely but I wasn’t sure how.

    I pinned this to my Family Organizing board for my next Dyson cleaning.

  129. I know this was posted a long time ago, but I came across this pin on Pinterest and just wanted to tell you, thanks so much Anna! I just finished cleaning my Dyson and I can’t wait for it to dry so I can use it again! In the past I always just cleaned the filter and the roller. One huge mistake that I made was cleaning my Dyson on my carpet – all the dirt and hair are now on my carpet and I can’t vacuum until everything dries – duh! Next time I’ll clean my Dyson outside or on my wood floors. :) Thanks again!

  130. Sue Hulstine says:

    Can you take apart all day sons like this? Even the dc28. I was worried about getting water in the part inside the canister.

    • I’ve cleaned a few this way but I’m not sure if all Dysons come apart the same way. I’m not familiar with the DC28, sorry. If it looks like mine though, I’d clean it this way! :)

  131. Very handy…thank you for sharing :)

  132. you might want to edit your post to say “follow these instructions at your own risk” and let people know this will void their warranty with Dyson.

    I’ve owned a few Dyson vacuums for 10+ years now and they have always been wonderful to talk to when I had any sort of problem and quick to send replacement parts if something could not be fixed. I would hate to lose that because i cleaned my machine in a way they don’t recommend. A Dyson is a big investment, I don’t think I would want to take that chance.

  133. Find someone to clean it for you. I’m busy quilting

  134. how do I change the belt on my dyson

    • It depends on the type of Dyson you have but if you Google “how to change a belt on a dyson” there are lots of good resources that come up. :)

  135. TheBeardedLady says:

    Wanted to advise everyone that dyson does NOT suggest running water through the cyclone part. They specifically say that there are components inside that are not supposed to get wet. and for a $500+ vacuum, I think I’d listen to them.

    • Yea, asked dyson about that. They say that some people have tried to run water thru their dyson after removing just the filter. Ok to take apart and remove all the parts to wash but not when it is totally hooked up.

  136. I also like to run a dryer sheet around my clear canister to keep static electricity down so tht the hair comes out easier particularly during winter.

  137. Hi Anna,
    I have Dyson dc 14 and frame tube is broken so how do i take it a part and is it replaceable or not? parts available? Pls reply me with your answer.

    Thx in advance.

  138. CANDY DRAKE says:

    I always wondered how to clean my dyson,i always have my husband take the air compressor and blow it out,good to know

  139. I wanted to know if anyone tried this on a DC41 and if it still worked?

  140. Thank you so much for this!

    My husband gaffer taped my Dyson to his orbital sander so it was all but ruined!
    (He was sanding my daughters floor).
    This tute has resurrected it.

  141. What a brilliant post! Loved it and saved it for future purposes. I love my dyson, like you and enjoyed cleaning it out today.
    Thanks for sharing.

  142. Thanks! I have a different version but I think this will be helpful too – Loving my Dyson so far!

  143. Susan Berglund says:

    I have cleaned my Dyson and after removing the brush bar, cleaning it and reassembly
    the brush bar now does not rotate, no matter what I do. Please HELP !!!!!!!!!

    • I’m sorry, I don’t know how to help you. :/ I’ve never had a problem with the brush bar not working so I’m not sure what to say. Maybe try calling Dyson or take it to a local vacuum shop to have them look at it.

    • It might be that you put the belt back on wrong or the brush in backwards, I’ve done that with other vacuums in the past. If you haven’t already fixed it somehow you might try looking for A YouTube video or Google directions for replacing the belt. Just take it back apart and put back together based on directions you find. Good luck

  144. Lee Lienhard says:

    Nice post….. Buy a compressor.. Take the vacuum into the garage and blow it out near an open door. Do the same thing you’re doing except with air instead of water. You can clean the whole vacuum in 5 mins.. 60 seconds if just the canister. No more waiting for parts to dry.. The vacuum is ready to be used right away. There’s not a vacuum on the market that doesn’t clog after one use if you have pets..

    PS to clean the brush attachment just vacuum it with the suction hose while pulling out the debris. Fast and easy…


  145. Kathy Calder says:

    I took my Dyson DC 25 apart and cleaned all the filters I have never cleaned the one in the ball? I have always cleaned the one in the canister, I checked for blockages, when I put everything back together when I turn it on it blows the filter out in the ball I can’t seem to get it to stay without blowing apart it feels tight until I turn it on. What do you think the problem is.

    • I’m sorry, I don’t know. I have never owned one of the Dysons with a ball, and I’ve only seen one once. You can call Dyson’s customer service and ask them, I hear they are pretty helpful. :) Good luck.

    • Raven1025 says:

      I just took the filter out of my Dyson ball. Mine has a bolt sticking out of the side that the filter goes over, then the cover goes over and there is a purple disc (well, mine is purple because it’s the animal) at the center of the cover that screws back onto the bolt. It takes a while to get it screwed all the way back on.
      If you hadn’t gotten it squared away already, hope that helps!

  146. Just tried the Dyson website for these instructions – rubbish! Did as you said and just have to wait for it to dry now. Seems like Dysons are the same in Scotland as USA haha – thank you I will keep an eye on your hints & tips.

  147. Jacqueline Gabriel says:

    I did the same thing with my Dyson (several times now) and it always does a much better job while vacuuming. Have you any tips on cleaning the hose? Mine is filthy. I’ve tried to clean it but it never gets completely clean. Thinking of trying baking soda and vinegar.

    • I’ve always avoided cleaning the hose, especially never get it wet because it will end up smelling bad. They are pretty inexpensive to buy online so if your hose is really dirty I’d recommend just buying a new one.

  148. What great clear complete directions! I’m not fortunate enough to own a Dyson but I do have a very similar machine and following your directions and just following my instincts for any little differences works great for my machine too so thank You so much!

    For those that maybe didn’t let things dry long enough and have mildew or other scent/possible growth issues I would try taking it apart and rinsing with white vinegar or vinegar and water (just a spray bottle might be easier) and letting it dry out again, for longer this time of course 😉 . The vinegar should kill any bacteria growing from the moisture that might be causing the scent. Then once dry using the baking soda or BS/essential oils suggestion Andrea mentions. I use that when vacuuming anyway most of the time to freshen the rugs and vacuum anyway.

    Did I say thank you for this Andrea? Thank you this is great info! I love DIY.

  149. Does the Dyson have to dry 2 days? Trying to remember. Thank you.

  150. Thanks for the cleaning tutorial! Don’t forget the permanent black filter at the bottom of where the canister sits. Over time this filter needs to be replaced(when that doggy smell just won’t go away), Amazon sells them fairly cheap. Good Luck!

  151. Do not do this with the Dyson DC17. There are 6 layers, or 7 with the outside canister, and if the cyclone portion is impacted the stuff will never come out. Hence why others will get the stinky smell. We took ours apart as instructed in many of the YouTube videos and then cleaned everything as instructed above, once completely dry then reassembled. Luckily our cyclone portion was clear, considering we had our for over 8 years!!

  152. Does this work for the canister Dyson also? mine is kinda smelly

  153. Thanks Anna! I misplaced my instruction booklet so this was helpful. I have the animal version, and this worked fine

  154. Stephanie Jones says:

    Just FYI for anyone on here who owns the Dyson DC50 Animal, a few of the items are pretty easy to get off like the canister, the black screen/filter thing (not sure what it is) and the black piece that sticks down into the canister that is inside that screen/filter thing, and those can all be wrinsed out with the hose or in the sink, but the other part you will be lucky if you can get to the screws to get it apart…i finally gave up and just used the air compressor on that part. Also, of you take off the part that the beater bar is in and open that up you can actually pull the beater bar out and it is just one hollow plastic/rubber piece with bristles and i was able to scrub it in the sink with a sponge. I have had my dyson for about a year and cleaned it the normal way (filters and cutting the hair and string off) but today it stunk when i tried to use it so i took it apart and deep cleaned it! I found out that the beater bar was what stunk so bad and thank god it came off so i could scrub it. With 4 dogs, 2 cats, a 3 year old and a boyfriend….that thing gets put to good use! lol

  155. Sandra Gruber says:

    I had an older Dyson, and the brush stopped turning. I called a Dyson number, and the
    staff person told me, without condescention, how to get the brush reset. It worked in three tries….boy was I happy!

  156. I know how to clean the filter on my Dyson Stick vacuum, but I want to know how to clean the canister part where the dirt is collected. I don’t care how many times you open the little lid and tap out the dirt, there is still dirt that sticks to the filter, inside the canister part.

  157. What timing, to find out how to clean my Dyson vac. I wanted to clean it but was fearful of damaging something. Thanks so much for your tips. I am looking forward to much more wisdom from Anna!

  158. Stunning Information…have been taking apart and fixing on my own for seven years now – no vacuum stores will touch it! And Dyson refers to Sears which has ben closed.

    Just cleaned for the first time in seven years. Waiting 48 hours will be hard but I will manage. Thank you so much!!! Found you through Lane Vids and the FunnyRats on YouTube

  159. eagleson, john says:

    I followed your instructions and looks great; however, when reassembled the bottom of canister would not open . disassembled and reassembled and still would not open, IE. can’t open to empty canister.

    • mreynolds says:

      This is Monique, Anna’s assistant. We are unsure what you are referring to. Are you talking about the button to release the bottom? Our only suggestion would be that it might be sticky from some built up grime and is getting stuck. You might try some WD40 to loosen it up. Sorry we could not be more helpful.

  160. If there is a potential problem with washing the interior with water I’m thinking washing it in alcohol would work. No problem with evaporation there. I’ll try it and let you know.

  161. Stephanie says:

    I have a canister dyson. The one that you pull behind you. Can I clean that the same way?

    • Stephanie,
      This is Monique, Anna’s assistant. Anna does not have experience with a canister dyson so she is unsure if you can clean it the same way. She would hate to give you a suggestion that might harm the vacuum. Your best bet is to take a look at your manual or call the manufacturer and see what they suggest! Sorry we couldn’t be more helpful!

  162. Brenda Hill says:

    How do i download how to clean a dyson vacuum cleaner

    • Hey Brenda,

      this is Monique, Anna’s assistant. We are not sure what you are looking for. Are you unable to read the post? If so, you can try opening in a different browser. Let us know if you need more help!

  163. Any suggestions for cleaning the hose?

  164. I have a canister Dyson, does this still work? Years ago when I bought it, they told me I can’t get it wet or use water to clean the insides. And they gray part is absolutely disgusting!!!

    • They say you’re not supposed to get them wet but I’ve honestly never had a problem cleaning mine this way. The only thing I don’t recommend washing is the hose. It will never dry properly and they aren’t too expensive to just purchase a new one on Amazon.

  165. Michael M. says:

    Great write up. It helped me to fix the clog in the lower hose. The vacuum started bend to the right kind of and the valve would engage. As soon as I cleaned the occlusion–it started to work normallyThanks.

  166. Awesome article!!! I can’t wait to clean my clients vaccum! I’m a housekeeper and I get irritated with just emptying it. Now I get to wash it:) thank you!!!

  167. so just finished a long overdue cleaning carpet was getting dirty couldn’t figure out looked at the bottom of the 2007 Dyson ugh…I will go use the hair dryer now after California sunshine electric fan now hair dryer

  168. Connie Craig says:

    I used your how to clean you Dyson. I did as said and my Dyson still smells. We have a Scottie dog and I believe that causing the smell. I soaked all parts in vinegar and Lysol. Still smells..What else can I use?

  169. I was searching for diagrams (or Pictures) of putting the hand hose to work – I cannot figure where to attach “what part” or if I have the correct pieces. I do not have the instructions…just been figuring trying.
    appreciate any help.

    • Hey Betty,
      This is Monique, Anna’s assistant. It is hard to know what you are referring to without knowing what model of Dyson you have. Our best suggestion would be to either call the manufacture or do a Google search for a manual of your model of Dyson. Sorry we could not be more helpful :(

  170. I too, have been cleaning my dysons for years and I believe that the better treated, the better they clean. I do pretty much the same stuff except I have an air compressor and am able to blow everything away before I start to wash it down.

  171. anna that was great direction, easy to follow.My first time cleaning it like that.thank you so much.

  172. That is how I clean mine as well. Have never had a problem with it. Looks so shiny and new when you are done. Its amazing how much dirt you find.

  173. Janeen Bacal says:

    HI Anna, I just wanted to say that I have two Dysons and clean them
    exactly like you just showed. One of them is used for my cleaning business
    and has cleaned thousands of homes in the last ten years. I clean it just like
    you do and I have never, ever had a problem with it. Love your articles!!
    Janeen B
    Foothills of California

  174. I’ve used this tutorial before but had to keep searching for it, now it’s on my Pinterest board. Just have to hope I don’t need to Hoover for a wee while whilst it dries.

  175. Colleen Gray says:

    Did it!! Looks and smells so much better. My husband kinda sorta ran over some cat barf with ours and wow, that smell was pretty horrendous. All clean!

  176. thank you so much for the help.We live in a remote area so there is no help here. Thanks

  177. Missy Kent says:

    I have done some of these but not all…and certainly not every six months! Thanks for the tutorial and reminder!

  178. I clean my canisters the same way but did not know about the traps. Will do next time. Thank you

  179. Thanks for the Dyson cleaning instructions. I have one as well and although mine is a bit different I have been doing the same thing for years. I can’t even imagine how dirty my vac would be without this cleaning routine. Thanks Anna.

  180. Can I wash the inside where the brushes sit. The plastic is caked with dirt

  181. Vanessa says:

    Using a seam ripper to remove hair from the rotating brush works great.

  182. My Dyson smells. I have done all of the cleaning, but still has a smell. Someone suggested baking powder but not sure it that would be SAFE. Thanks, Wig

    • Did you let it dry out for a day or two? If it’s at all still wet it will start to stink. :( Baking soda is totally fine for your vacuum. I recommend adding a few drops of essential oils to it to make your vacuum smell good, not just get rid of the smell. :)

  183. Anita Smith says:

    People should not be afraid to do this -like you, I’ve cleaned mine this way for 7 years. Helps it work better! Dysons are fabulous, so take care of them. :)

  184. Awesome results! Could not figure out why my Dyson still smelled ‘dusty’ even after cleaning & thoroughly drying the filters; so much dust & dirt inside the canister–YUCK! To be sure all parts are completely dry, I dry mine in the same room that our dehumidifier is located for over 24 hours. There is no more odor and works just like it did when it was brand new {I have the purple animal model & it is over 5 years old}. Thank you.

  185. Thank You!!! My Dyson is probably 11 years old I had NEVER cleaned it (except for the hair on the beater bar). It had gotten to the point where there was such a bad smell when I ran it I thought I had nothing to loose. I ran water through the cyclone part …it took 30 minutes until it ran clear! 30 minutes!! I must have vacuumed up something moist at one time because the canister had caked on dirt on the bottom. I had to soak it to loosen it up. I was at the point where I didn’t want to use the vacuum because of the dirt and odor. I can’t wait for it to dry and put it back together and give it a try. Thanks again!

  186. thanks for helpful hints

  187. Anna, I have a different Dyson. (DS25 animal) Do I clean it the same way? I’m a bit afraid of running water through the cyclones :/

  188. Hi I’ve been washing all the plastic bits of my days on animal since I bought my first one 12 years ago. I usually hold the cyclone funnel bit in a bag, one without holes and grip it closed around the neck and tap it vigorously to dislodge as much dust and debris as possible before washing. You have to use common sense. Don’t was anything that has lots of metal bits or a motor something electrical in it. But a plastic honeycombe chamber is fine to dry mine I put it on an old towel in my airing cupboard for at least 2 days. Smaller bits can sit on top of a radiator on kitchen towel or a tea towel. When you see what comes out you will understand why your days on was smelling so bad, especially if you have a dog! I have a Vizsla, very clean but stale hair and dust smell!! A hair dryer on low heat works well for final drying too.

  189. Many thanks Anna

  190. Jeni Walsh says:

    I have just discovered your helpful tutorials. I’m embarassed to admit I have only cleaned the filter in the 5 years I have owned my Dyson. Seeing your “easy peasy” step-by-step guide, I will clean my Dyson thoroughly & on a regular basis. Thank you Anna

  191. Merry K Metzer says:

    I live in the country, have dogs & lots of find sand. I also own an air compressor that we bought just so I could blow out my dyson. Glad I found this though ’cause blowing it out helps but doesn’t completely get rid of all of the smell. Thanks!

  192. Thank you so much for this post. It may be a rather old post but I just wanted to let you know that it still comes in handy!

  193. Hello Anna thank you for your website. I have a situation that I need your help with. I have a DC 07 Dyson and wanted to clean the radix in the cyclone area. Unfortunately, I didn’t open the bottom lid on the canister after I removed the top cover on the vacuum that has the grey release on top of the canister. Is there anyway possible to open the bottom lid of the canister without breaking it or can I remove the clear plastic bin anyway from the cyclone without destroying canister? Any input that you could provide me with would be greatly appreciated.

    • Bethany Davis says:

      Hello, Jim. I’m Anna’s assistant, Bethany. Because each model of Dyson is different, Anna is unsure how to help you with your particular model. I would recommend consulting your manual and if that information isn’t in there, I would try contacting the manufacturer directly. I hope they’re able to get you the answers you need. :)

  194. Today is jan.2nd 1:16 am while you guys are sleeping I just finished cleaning both of my dyson an I thank God for you I have had one dyson for about four years and did not know to clean my vaccum cleaner that detailed, I only cleaned the filters and did not dare doing anything else except to also clean the brush, but not so anylonger, Have a blessed new year.

  195. Thanks Anna for the info. I immediately started cleaning my dyson bless you and happy new year

  196. gale Foreshee says:

    I love my Dyson but a through cleaning might help

  197. You’re my new BFF so text me every 10 minutes because I adore you! I dropped what I was doing and cleaned my old Dyson. I am thrilled to say it was absolutely filthy and now (I hope) I know why it’s not been working as a Dyson should. Thank you so much, Anna.

  198. The last time I cleaned my Dyson, I did wash the canister and filter with running water but other surfaces were just washed with a cloth!. I had no idea that you could run water over the cyclone. I used an old toothbrush to clean the lint off of it.. I also washed the hose because I had some issues with sticky stuff making it difficult to use. I tried several ways to get it to dry – including hanging it up, shaking it outside, and letting it dangle and using a hair dryer! It took 5 days to get it completely dry and I sure did miss it! Worked better after the cleaning. You mentioned the traps, I found half a blue crayon and small toys in the trap last time! Once Spring comes again, I’m using your method to clean my Dyson! I wish I had seen it before now!


  200. Thanks for the article. I’ve had my Dyson for 11 years and never knew there was a filter. I’m going to clean it out tomorrow. :)

  201. Yvonne Harrington says:

    Hi Anna I have a dyson v6 was wondering how to get the head off so I can clean the brush thank you

  202. Bernadette says:

    I have had my Dyson for about 11 years.I also clean mine regularly. A few things I do is I use a seem sewing tool to cut the hair off the bar.Its easier than scissors. You can get one for under $3 . I also remove the hose and soak in the tub or large sink with some vinegar and dish soap.I then hang it over the shower curtain rod to let the water drain from all those ridges. I dry my dyson by laying the parts on a towel and having the fan blow on it for a day or two making sure to rotate the parts a little….If the inside canister is still wet and you us it you will have a horrible smell and have to re-clean it all. I also bought an extra filter so I can clean mine and let air dry,that way I’m never without my vacuum . I also put one or two drops of spearmint essential oils on my filter..makes everything smell wonderful.. I have 4 dogs and 2 cats inside the house. You would never know by smell… I also take my canister apart but thats a whole other thing and will void your warrenty..

  203. Hi Anna,
    One more question… How can I clean the transparent tube, I needed to vacuum some dirty wet area and now the tube is not transparent at all…



    • I do not recommend cleaning the tube because you’ll never get it fully dry and it will smell like mildew. If you need it to be cleaned, I highly recommend taking it to a vacuum repair shop and let a professional do it. :)

  204. Sally F. says:

    Is it safe to rinse off bristle bar in sink?

  205. I have a Dyson DC 07 Animal and the suction is great thru the hose but as soon as I start to vacuum I loose suction. Have taken it apart and cleaned it, no blockages, roller brush turns well have talked to Dyson and still have no answers Any ideas.

  206. Had no idea that I could run water over it, what a help. What part CAN NOT get wet?

    • Everything in the canister can get wet but don’t run the main part of the vacuum through water, it could kill the motor.

  207. Sandra nelson says:

    Thank you! I have always cleaned the filters and canister but didn’t know about the traps or if I should wet the inside canister portion. It had begun to smell when I started it. I knew there had to be something I was missing!