Spicy Chicken Wraps
Author: Ask Anna
Prep time: 5 mins
Cook time: 8 mins
Total time: 13 mins
  • 4 Chicken Breast

  • ¼ cup Teriyaki sauce

  • 2 tsp dried thyme
1/4 tsp ground white pepper

  • 1 tsp black pepper

  • 1 tsp garlic powder

  • ¾ tsp crushed red pepper
2 Tbsp olive oil

  • 4 Tortillas
4 tsp Mayonnaise
  1. Put Teriyaki sauce into a medium size bowl.
  2. Slice chicken breasts into small strips and put them in the Teriyaki sauce. Marinade the chicken for 5 min (while you prep the spices).
  3. Combine all of the herbs/spices in a ramekin.
  4. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat.
  5. When the skillet is hot discard Teriyaki sauce and add the chicken to the skillet.  Sprinkle the herbs/spices evenly over the chicken and stir.
  6. While the chicken is cooking spread 1 tsp of Mayonnaise over each of the tortillas.
  7. Cook chicken for 5-7 minutes, or until it is cooked thoroughly, stirring occasionally.
  8. Once the chicken is cooked place chicken in the center of each tortilla and wrap.  Depending on what you like you could also add lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, etc.  Be creative and make it your own!
Recipe by Ask Anna at https://askannamoseley.com/2011/01/spicy-chicken-wraps/