Do you have any stories of how Ask Anna has helped you, or inspired you, in your own home? If you do I’d love to hear about it! Please contact me and I will post your testimony to inspire others. If you have pictures please include them! Thank you!
Aimee writes: I just wanted to let you know your nail polish removal trick saved my life. My husband spilled a HUGE amount of red nail polish on our light tan carpet about 5 days ago and I couldn’t find anywhere that sold the Woolite you recommended so I ordered it on amazon. I got it today and amazingly – the super red nail polish started coming up!  We live in a rental so this was devastating to see happen. Thanks again for spreading the knowledge!

Angelia writes: My dear sweet Anna! Thank you SO much for helping me prepare for my move! You have NO idea what a HUGE part of the process you played! Although I do believe my ‘stuff’ multiplied in the moving truck on the way from Louisiana to Mississippi, I had enough energy left to decorate the house for Christmas! All the decorations are now put away and packed neatly into the attic and the ‘settling in’ will begin. I look forward to starting the new year with a very good routine of daily, weekly and monthly cleaning, cooking and entertaining schedules. Thank you again for being my “mental mentor”! You are a God send!

Noelle writes: OMG! So I cleaned my Dyson this past week per your instructions and I can’t believe the difference it made. I have had my Dyson for about 3 years, but have lived in an apartment the whole time. It never looked very dirty so I never really worried about thoroughly cleaning the whole thing. Well after finding your amazing blog and using many of your tips, I decided to clean the Dyson. I just vacuumed with it, and I couldn’t believe how much it picked up. I vacuum about twice a week, but it looked like I hadn’t vacuumed in a month. This chore will surely be added to my list! Thanks for the step by step tips!!

Kerry writes: My steam mop bite the dust last week. Over 2 years of constant use, it decided to die. But, I wasn’t worried! Mainly because I knew you had written a post about steam mops and the one you chose. So I went to your blog, looked it up and then ordered the same for myself! Thank you! Thank you for making it so easy for me, and everyone else, to research best items and know that they will be exactly what we want.

Rhonda writes: This is not a question but a HUGE Thank You for your article on cleaning silver!   You didn’t specify jewelry, but I went ahead and tried it, with my dog’s bowl lined in foil and about 1/4 cup of baking soda.   I put in all my silver earrings & chokers, even those w/ gemstones in them (I realize that might have been risky), and it worked perfectly.  Now they all sparkle!  I used to have to rub each tiny piece w/ stinky silver cleaner forever, what a chore!  Your advice was amazing.   THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Krista writes: I just want to thank you for all of the valuable information you share. It is a gift to me and to so many! I just set up my acrobat account so I can link docs to my blog posts…. awesome! That was so helpful. I first heard about you through my sister, whose sis-in-law is *****. She told me how great you are, and sure enough — it’s true! Blessings to you in all that you do as you continue on this journey…..

Michelle writes: You are AWESOME! Thank you so much!! I love how helpful the things you share really are.

Kim writes: Light bulb moment for me right here! Totally makes sense to heat up the wax to get it off. Thanks to this idea, I was able to remove spilled wax from a wooden tray just now. Thank you, thank you!!

Lauren writes: Anna, I don’t know how you discovered that salt gets deodorant out of clothes but it TOTALLY WORKED!! I should’ve done before and after pics. Tried it first on hubby’s shirt and he said, “Wow! I can wear my red shirt again!!” We’ve thrown out quite a few shirts because of nasty stained armpits, but that won’t happen anymore thanks to you! Yippie!! :D

Rachel writes: I saw this on Pinterest and had to try it. We bought a used oven and I have tried to clean it several times, with no luck. Someone said this worked and I figured the worse that would happen for me is that it wouldn’t work. Well, it took 40 minutes and some elbow grease, but my oven glass is now clean! Some of the less dirty places did get clean in 2o minutes with minimal wiping effort, but the rest of the glass was REALLY dirty and took more effort. Thanks for sharing!

Leighann writes:  Ask Anna saves the day! You need a cape, lady! A cape! Or–ready for this?–a tiara! And a wand. Because you are like the fairy godmother of cleaning and organization! Ask Anna, and ye shall receive an answer! :)

Kang writes: Thank you so much for the super helpful tips on removing red wine stains off the white carpet and off my special shirt. I really did freak out when it happened! Now, it’s completely gone! Seriously. You saved my neck once again! Keep it coming! :)

Cindy writes: I love you! And can not thank you enough!  Thank you so much for your help and for providing such a great site!!

Lisa writes: I have to tell you how much I love your blog and site. I’ve learned SO much. I’ve had a rough past and I’d say within the last 9 months or so, I’ve made an honest commitment to becoming a true homemaker. Not just going through the motions and doing what’s gotta get done. I’ve joined a couple of committees at my church and am taking pride in my role as mother/significant other/homemaker, and taking pride in what I do to help my family live happier, healthier and more frugally. Thank you for you!!

Sally writes: I LOVE your tips. They are the best. And this baking soda one came just in time to get the totally stuck on burnt bbq sauce that was left in my slow cooker insert. I had tried everything, including scraping after soaking for 24 hours in water and dish soap. Just a sprinkling of the wondrous soda on the crusty stuff, a little bit of water, and I was wiping the stuff off with no effort. Amazing! Thanks, I’ll be forever grateful and will think of you each time I clean my slow cooker!!

Brittany writes: I’m happy to report that I did have some success! After reading the comments on the link you gave me, I think part of my problem is also the hard water buildup, because soap scum alone shouldn’t have given me the problems I was having. So I combined one of your suggestions (baking soda) with a reader suggestion (lemon juice). I literally took a lemon, cut it in half, and then squirted/rubbed the lemon around the tub. I let this sit for about 15 minutes. Then I took baking soda & water to make a thick paste. I took a sponge and dipped it into the paste, then basically “painted” my tub with the paste. I let that sit another 10-15 minutes, and then used sponge & elbow grease to scrub as hard as I could. It was amazing- the grime literally just swept away! It definitely took some hard scrubbing in some parts, but I’m very thankful to report that my tub is actually looking white now instead of just dingy. I will probably do another round of this (I focused more on the sides, where it was worse, than on the floor of the tub) to get the best results but it’s already better than any cleaner I have purchased. I haven’t used “homemade” or natural cleaners like this before, but I believe I will start after this experience. I especially loved the lemon- it left my bathroom smelling amazingly clean and fresh!

Dan writes: (Reader from the Record Searchlight) Thank you for the great tip on how to clean an oven window.  I have tried several cleaners and none of them did the trick. When I finished reading your tip I put the newspaper down…got up and tried it and carefully used a spatula to scoop up the “goo” onto a paper plate and then a wash towel for the finishing touch! Perfect!… being a single guy I try to keep things around here “under control”–Thanks again!

Christina writes: Anna, I had been looking all around for a solution to tough water stains. I thought I was going to have to replace my faucets at some point. I tried several things and nothing worked, I even ruined the finish in one of my faucets by scrubbing it. Just thought I should thank you for the post! And to think I ended up here after searching for tips on how to clean my Dyson! Your site was a great find! I will be sure to bookmark it, and share it! Thanks!

Falcon Family writes: OH, ANNA THANK YOU! You’ve made me so proud of my kitchen once again!!!  I have to admit that I had my doubts that although this seemed like the most simple and logical solution, this wouldn’t work in my kitchen…my hard water stains were not like yours at all, more like solid calcium build up!  I’ve tried everything…Bar Keepers Friend(mild abrasive safe for the granite, Old English scratch cover (I’d heard it would work…FAIL!) I even thought of calling the granite company to come and re-polish the granite after having my husband take off the faucet and clean it with an abrasive!!! I swore if I could just get mine clean I’d be diligent in keeping it clean next time!!! IT WORKED!!! After a few minutes of soaking in the vinegar and nothing happening with the toothbrush, I used a Pampered Chef scraper to gently remove the buildup…OH MY GRAVY! A piece came clean…and then more…even my granite is clean and shiny…YOU’RE MY HERO!

Candace writes: You have so many great ideas! It makes me want to go clean. Which is your whole goal, I think! ;) Speaking of that, I love love love that glass cleaner! To be totally honest, I wasn’t all that excited at first when I found out that I won glass cleaner. Don’t get me wrong, I was totally appreciative but not exactly pumped. I was picturing a bottle of windex, I think! But then I used the stuff you gave me and I couldn’t stop using it! It is a miracle worker! Now it’d be great if you could find a spray that keeps little hands from touching glass in the first place.

Rebecca writes: I have been one more person you’ve inspired to organize! I went to the $1 store, got bins and baskets and cleaned out and organized every cupboard in my entire kitchen! Took me like 6 hours!! Feels SO good!! ;) thanks for all your tips ;)

Mike (Jaime’s husband) writes: Anna, you’ve turned Jamie into a cleaning machine. I can’t keep up with her as she was a clean freak before… but this I’ve never seen. I spent 30 minutes today doing the tour of the organized closets and stuff.

Jaime writes: Read your article Saturday and got motivated to cleaned out my food pantry and storage (i.e. tupperware, sippy cups, mixing bowls), pantry. Feels great!

Kang writes:  “Hey Anna! I just wanted you to know that you really inspire me to do my best at being a good steward of my home. Since I’ve been laid off a few months ago, I’ve been able to stay home more…to cook and clean! :) I was really overwhelmed with all of it (mostly the cleaning), but your easy-to-do steps and recipes are awesome! I used to… LOVE cooking and cleaning, but I was always tired at the end of the work day…but now I’m starting to pick up my passion in that again! I sincerely feel encouraged. :) I’ve held a full-time job for the last decade…and being home full-time for me is HARD! It is NOT easy for homemakers or stay-at-home moms…like a lot of people think. I’m still re-adjusting. I love your blogs…and whether it’s about something simple or detail-oriented, you inspire me. Thank you! :) Blessings!!”

Emily writes: “You inspired me to organize my desk drawers in my room and I found $100!!! Thanks for the inspiration. :)”

Amy writes: “Anna, I have been reading your updates on your page. So great!! I love all the help with organizational ideas. I love that you are using your gift God gave you to help people like me that couldn’t figure out how to organize if my life depended on it. Thanks so much for all the help. I thought you would like this. My mom gave me organizing shelves for the closet and it has made the shoe problem so much better. I love it! Thanks again, it’s really helping me to be inspired to make some great changes In my house. Great job!!”

Brandi writes: “I am a very organized person. I take pride in a clean, organized home and environment. I get easily stressed when things are cluttered or disorderly around me. Therefore….. my utensil drawer. I have been ignoring it forever now, because I didn’t want to go out and spend a fortune on holders/caddies, etc. And then Anna inspired me… So today, I had my husband drop me really quick at the Dollar Tree in Anderson. I didn’t know what they would have, or what the quality would be.. I just wanted to check. And voila!!! Look what I found!!! Sturdy little baskets in all different shapes to put all my millions of kitchen utensils and gadgets in!! I’m in love with my new drawer. Thanks Anna!!!!”