Meet Ask Anna!

Anna, author and creator of
How did I get here?  It’s almost like I’ve been living in a dream since January of 2011.  Never in a million years would I have thought my love of cleaning, organizing and decorating would bring me to this place.
I have always loved to help my friends with their homes but I never felt like I was really helping as many people as I could.  In January of 2011 I kind of stumbled into the blog world, not having a single clue about what I was doing, or the grand adventure that was coming.
Here is the story of how Ask Anna came about:
There are really three people I need to thank for getting me started on this great adventure: Emily,  Heather and Amy.  Last Thanksgiving {Thanksgiving of 2010} my friend Emily did a Gratitude Challenge on her blog. I thoroughly enjoyed reading her posts and it got me thinking that maybe I should start blogging again.  After much encouragement from her I decided to start up again.
Then a couple weeks later my best friend Heather told me that I should bring back Ask Anna.  Years ago when I was blogging I used to answer my friends cleaning and organizing questions.  It was long before the days of Facebook and Twitter so it never really took off.  I needed questions to answer, in order to write posts, so when I ran out of questions I stopped writing.  If you go back and read my old posts, it’s pretty funny.  Let’s just say that my writing has come a long way…
So anyways… I told Heather that I’d give it a try and see if anyone was interested this time around.  The very first post I wrote on my new Ask Anna Blog was posted on Sunday, January 9th, and it was a Recipe of the Week.  I had one comment and it was from my friend Bethany.  Then I got a call from Amy of Increasingly Domestic.  We go to the same church so she happily gave me all her blogging tips.  Without Amy’s help it would have taken me ages to figure out how to do link parties, make my posts look good, etc.  But with her help I was able to jump right in and get noticed!
And the rest is history…
Of course I also couldn’t do any of this without the Lord and the support of my loving husband and beautiful daughter.  Without God’s blessing and my family I wouldn’t be who I am today.

Thank you for stopping by and joining me on this grand adventure!  Look around my blog and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you!  If you have an “Ask Anna…” question or just want to say “hi” please email me.