Meet The Team

Meet the Team at Ask Anna!

Anna’s Assistant

Monique, Ask Anna's assistant

Without Monique I don’t know where I would be!  She is the best assistant I could have ever asked for.  But before she was my assistant she was my friend.  We live in the same town and have gone to church, and attended small groups together, for over a year.  Not only does she respond to emails, set up giveaway and coordinate with the sponsors, but she is a constant encouragement to me and she’s a great friend!

Ask Anna’s Assistant

“Hi there! I’m Chelsea and I’ve been the Moseley family nanny for three years, as well as an avid Ask Anna reader, and Pinterest junkie. I am thrilled to be filling in for Monique, as Anna’s assistant, while she’s on maternity leave. I’ll be responding to your emails and reader questions as well as helping out with giveaways, etc. I look forward to getting to know the readers of Ask Anna!”

Printables/Crafts Contributor

Krista, While he was Napping


Krista is drowning in a sea of testosterone living with her husband and their three little boys (ages 5, 2.5 and 5 months).  To keep a little glitter flowing in her veins, she crafts, cooks, sews, creates and sometimes does interpretive dance amid the Tonka trucks, Legos, Hot Wheels cars and Thomas trains that litter her home.  She is also passionate about digital designing and has always enjoyed writing.  All that led to blogging and she has been chronicling life’s domestic adventures on her blog, While He Was Napping, since 2010.



Decorating Contributor

Lauren Kim

Lauren Kim blogs at Mom Home Guide. She is a wife and a mom to twin tweens, and is always working to improve her home for her family!

Cleaning Tips Contributor

“Hi! I am Leah from Simple.Home. Blessings.  Since I was a stay-at-home-wife (yes, they make those these days) for 6 years before I was a stay-at home-mom, I am passionate about all topics related to making a house a home.  I love to cook and bake. I love a clean floor. And I could just sit and look at a well organized room for most of an afternoon. I still like to stretch my homemaking muscles, even with kids; and I love to find the solutions to everyday problems we face at home.”  Check out more of Leah’s great tips over at Simple.Home.Blessings.


Recipe Contributor

Andrea, Cooking with a Wallflower

Andrea is a registered dental hygienist and a food blogger at Cooking with a Wallflower. To relieve her stress, she likes to focus on cooking, writing, and crafting. See more of her recipes and DIY projects on her blog.


Organizing Contributor

Susan, Organized 31

“Hi, I’m Susan.  I believe life is better when organized. Maybe I feel this way because I’ve moved into and organized 25+ houses in 12 states and 3 foreign countries. My active duty husband, 3 children, dog and leopard gecko are always up for another move and another adventure. When we’re not moving, I enjoy crafting, repurposing and caring for my family and friends. You can find me at Organized 31.”


Answering Reader’s Questions

Real-Life Housewife b:w Profile


“Hey there! I’m Kim, cleaning guru, and writer of A Real-Life Housewife – a blog all about cleaning how-to’s, household tips and tricks, a little bit of crafting, and life with kids. I am thrilled to be a part of the Ask Anna team. Each month I’ll be taking on one of your questions, so lay them on me!”


Decorating Contributor

Michele Alger, Shelstring blog

“This blog for Shelstring started in 2010 when my website became an online business. Since then it has evolved into a home improvement blog…among other things. This is where I share with you my progress in projects and decorating jobs both at home and for friends, something that has always been a passion of mine. So stop on over at Shelstring and say hello!”

Organizing Contributor

Wendy, Pretty Well Organized


“Hi, I’m Wendy from Pretty Well Organized.  I am a married mama of one who works full-time, blogs by night, volunteers, and manages to keep on top of it all by maintaining a well organized home.  Join me as I share tips and tricks about home organization to help you free up time to spend more of life with what matters most–FAMILY!”


Be on the look out for intriguing posts and other unique touches from these lovely ladies. These are the hands that help make up Ask Anna!