St. Patrick’s Day Food and Drinks (alcoholic & non-alcoholic)

I love St. Patrick’s Day! It’s not really a holiday that we grew up celebrating, other than wearing green every March 17th, but since I’ve been married we’ve had a group of couples that get together every year and have a have a big St. Patty’s Day party. We do silly things like make our own limericks, have an outfit competition, and so much other silly nonsense, it’s hilarious and so much fun!

I posted this picture last year on my Instagram feed.

In the past each of the couples have brought fun things to eat but this year the hosts are throwing in another little competition, we have to bring our best green drink that will be judged and voted on. So in the search for the perfect snack and drink to bring to the party I decided to put together a round-up of fun St. Patrick’s Day food and drinks.

Non-alcoholic drinks

St Patrick’s day punch


Shamrock Shake with a Twist

Shamrock Juice

Shamrock juice

Shamrock Punch

Mint Oreo Hot Chocolate

Alcoholic drinks

St. Patrick’s Day Martini

Cucumber Mint Lime Mojito

Mint Ginger Melon Cocktail

The Shamrock-arita

Dizzy Leprechaun

Dizzy leprechaun

Pot of Gold Punch

Pot of gold punch

Non-alcoholic food

St. Patrick’s Day Chex Mix

Pistachio Fruit Dip

Rainbow Bread

Leprechaun Parfait

Green Pudding

St. Patrick's Day pudding

Lucky Rice Krispie Treats

Alcoholic food

Guinness Chocolate Chip Cookies

Shamrock Macaroons with Baileys

Guinness Pretzel Chocolate Truffles

Guinness Pretzel Chocolate Truffles

Guinness Ice Cream

Guinness and Cheddar Dip

Drunken Grasshopper Fudge

Irish Cream Cheesecake Brownies

Irish Cream Velvet Cupcakes

Boozy Irish Truffle

Aren’t these recipes fabulous!? Now I need you to help me decide which one I should bring to the party this year. Which alcoholic beverage and boozy food item do you think will make me the winner this year? Leave your vote in the comments and thanks for the help! :)

27 St. Patrick's Day Food & Drink Recipes (alcoholic & non-alcoholic)

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  1. Juliette says:

    Haha! Love it! Can’t wait for our party! My vote is for the Shamrockarita!!