Camping Themed Party for my Sister

My middle sister, Andrea, is getting ready to have her first child in a few weeks so last weekend my younger sister and I threw her a baby shower in my backyard. Andrea, and her husband Matt (yes we both married Matt’s), love to camp, hike, basically anything that’s really outdoorsy. So when it came time to decide on a theme for the baby shower, my younger sister, Alisha, thought a camping themed party would be perfect!

Camping themed party - Ask Anna

My sister came up with all of the decorations and games, and I was in charge of the cake. Since we were going with a camping theme, but weren’t planning on having a campfire in my backyard, I thought making a cake that looked like a campfire would be the perfect addition to the party!

Campfire cake - Ask Anna

I had a lot of fun making this campfire cake for the shower and it was a huge hit with my sister, brother-in-law and all their guests.

Campfire cake - Ask Anna

Campfire cake - Ask Anna

My sister also did a great job with the food, decorations and games. We had a chili cookout, with 3 different types of chili and then a s’mores bar, which was a huge hit among all the guests!

Camping themed party, s'mores bar  - Ask Anna

It was fun being able to make a s’more and not have to smell like a campfire for the rest of the day!

Camping themed party, s'mores bar - Ask Anna

Camping themed party - Ask Anna

This candy bar game was also a huge hit!

Camping themed party - Ask Anna

Each guest had to try and pair up each candy bar to something that has to do with parenting, for example Whatchamacallit represented “choosing a baby name”. One of my favorites was the 100 Grand candy bar which stood for “the hospital bill”. So true!

The party was a great success and my sister and brother-in-law had a great time. The camping theme was super fun and something I’ll probably recreate for a future birthday party.

Congratulations Matt and Andrea, we can’t wait to meet the little one!!!

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