Unique Front Door Colors with Chalk Paint

We have successfully moved into our new house! The move was quick and easy but now that I’m here I’m a little overwhelmed with the amount of projects that face me in the upcoming months (probably years). One of the first things I couldn’t live with was our awful mauve front door. It’s red on the outside, which looks great but years ago someone decided it would be a good idea to paint it 80’s mauve.

I was in such a hurry to cover it up that I didn’t get a great before picture but here’s a picture from the listing.

Front door before

I wanted something different, not just plain ol’ black or white which got me thinking, what would be some unique front door colors that would go with the furniture I already have in my house? AND I was thinking, since there aren’t any walls in our living room (aka nowhere to put cool furniture pieces) what if I made the door LOOK like a piece of furniture!?  So here are the colors I came up with.

Chalkpaint door - Ask Anna

I was torn between 2 paint colors  Cabintetmaker’s Blue by Old Village Paints and Destin Gulf Green by CeCe Caldwell’s Paints (chalk paint) so I decided to mix the two.

Unique Front Door Colors with Chalk Paint - Ask Anna

I really wanted the teal of the Destin Gulf Green so I did 3/4 chalk paint and 1/4 Cabinetmaker’s Blue, which mellowed out the teal and made it not so bright.

Unique Front Door Colors with Chalk Paint - Ask Anna

Here’s what the door looked like in the process. My new daughter, we’ll call her B for safety reasons (read the story here), helped me paint the door,  we were both happy to see the mauve disappear, in fact we couldn’t paint fast enough!

Chalkpaint door - Ask Anna

The next day, I went to a local antique shop and bought some American Paint Company Dark Wax to give the door a little bit of that antiqued look.  My goal was to make the front door look like a piece of furniture, rather than just a front door.

Unique Front Door Colors with Chalk Paint - Ask Anna

I also painted the trim around the door bright white (Valspar paint+primer, semi-gloss, right off the shelf) to frame the door nicely.  It was a HUGE improvement from the mauve trim. I think the overall makeover was a huge success and I’m glad I went with the unique colors for the front door because it’s a conversation piece now, not just a front door!

Unique Front Door Colors with Chalk Paint - Ask Anna

Eventually all the walls will be the gray color but for now I just painted around the door to give me an idea of what it will look like.  I cropped this picture down so you can see what the finished project will look like. :)

Unique Front Door Colors with Chalk Paint - Ask Anna

Isn’t it beautiful!? I absolutely love the color, I love the light antiquing and I love the gray! I can’t wait to get back from Atlanta, from the Haven Conference, so I can paint some more!!

Products used for this project:
Old Village Paint
CeCe Caldwell’s Chalkpaint
American Paint Company dark wax
Valspar Paint+Primer



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  1. I love how your newly painted door looks! I might have to convince my spouse that we should paint the white interior side of my home’s front door! BTW, what does the wax do?

    • I used American Paint Company dark wax. It was my first time using it and I liked it.

      • Does the wax actually dry? Or does the wax “come off” each time you clean the door? I am thinking about using it too. Thanks.

      • I haven’t cleaned it yet but I’m planning on putting a sealing coat on it, I just haven’t had a chance to yet. I’m sure if I scrubbed it the wax would come off, like any paint, but it dried pretty hard.

  2. I love your door! The color is gorgeous.

  3. Looks AMAZING Anna!! SO fun!! Love that you mixed the 2 paints together. I never would have thought of that! haha

  4. What a huge difference and wonderful transformation, Anna ~ love it!

  5. so very pretty! I love the color palette and can’t wait to see all of the walls gray.

  6. Sandra Jackson Bozeman says:

    Love the colors. A drastic improvement!

  7. It’s looks beautiful!! I love the color with the white trim!! It really looks good with the gray walls (soon to be). Great job!! Glad you have your helper :)

  8. Hi Anna,
    I follow your blog. You gave us lots of information about your beautiful new door, but what is the color of the beautiful gray paint on the wall? It is just right, not too light/not too dark…. Thanks in advance. Mary

    • Mary the color is called Partridge Gray and it’s by Better Homes and Garden. I got the swatch from Walmart but then I had Lowes color match it because I like their paint better. It’s a beautiful gray, I totally recommend it! :)

      • Mary Malone says:

        Thanks for that info. I’m seeing so many gray walls lately = I want some, too!

  9. I LOVE the new color Anna!! It looks so beautiful but my favorite photo was the one with ‘B’ in it. Gave me chills thinking about the miracle of welcoming your new daughter into your family! :-)

  10. Wow! Major improvement! Great color choices and the end result is stunning! It was fantastic to meet you at Haven! Best Wishes in your new home and with expanding your family- I’m so excited for you!

  11. Benita Collins says:

    Looking forward to the paint giveaway! I have two doors that need painting! :)

  12. I’m in love with the sunflower yellow front door makeover. I too want a yellow door. Hope to redo over labor day weekend!

  13. Love, love, love your new door and home, Anna!!

  14. Dori Gray says:

    Love the red Old Village Paint!

  15. LizzyLoves says:

    I love the door and the gray paint yo are using for the walls. Yes, this door is definitely a piece of furniture – jewelry for the room.

  16. We have moved house and the windows and doors are brown upvc. We can’t afford to change the windows yet as I’d like to put wooden windows in and render the house but I can’t live with the brown door! It all just looks too drab.
    What would be a good colour to compliment the brown windows?

    • Bethany Davis says:

      Hello, Gemma. This is Bethany, Anna’s Assistant. Anna loves to go to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration for all of her decorating and color-coordinating ideas. You may want to try doing a search in Pinterest for “front door colors, brown windows” and see what pops out at you! Anna is visual person so if you decide that you would like her opinion after looking through Pinterest, please feel free to send her a picture of your windows/door and she would be happy to give you her input. Thanks so much!

  17. Love to chalk paint and would really like to do my front door. Can the exterior side of the door be done with chalk paint too? If so, is the wax used ?

    • I personally wouldn’t recommend using chalk paint on the outside of the door. For the exterior you should use something more durable, like a semi-gloss paint.

  18. I have a old metal front door and I would chalk paint it Will it work ?
    Thank you