How to Clean a Wine Glass {video tutorial}

How to clean a wine glass - Ask Anna

Today I’m sharing a super simple trick for how to clean a wine glass. All you will need are some dirty wine glasses, a few drops of dish soap and a baby bottle brush. Yep, you read that right, a baby bottle brush!

This is the one I have and it works perfectly!

How to clean a wine glass - Ask Anna

It’s best not to buy the ones with metal on the handle because I shattered a wine glass with one of those once!

How to clean a wine glass - Ask Anna

Are you wondering how you can clean a wine glass with a baby bottle brush? Well let me show you!

Now you have a quick and easy way to clean your wine glasses after a big party, or just having a few friends over! This trick has saved us so much time, we love it!

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  1. I like the tool you recommend for washing but I am alway concerned about soup choice. Glass detergents sold through major wine retailers are a good idea because soap residue can affect the flavor of your next glass of wine. I also recommend drying upside-down on a rack and storing right side-up in your cupboards to avoid any mold growth.
    Joelle (WIne Country, CA)

  2. I live in the desert and am just really conscious of leaving the water running when you are not using it. Otherwise a great idea. Thanks!

  3. fabulous idea!!!! but please don’t let the water run if you’re not using it… please
    Love from Barcelona

  4. Good tips — I usually just wash my wine glasses with a drop of soap and a clean paper towel, but I like your method better! I like how you have your towel on the edge of your sink — is that to prevent splashes from the sink from drenching your clothes? My kitchen sink is fairly shallow, and my shirt always get splashed when I wash the dishes!

  5. This may be a really stupid question-or maybe I just don’t care since I don’t have nice wine glasses-but whats wrong with using a regular kitchen sponge?