Hanging Pictures Frames {the Cheater way}

Okay you are all going to laugh when you read this but this is true, I actually do this.

I don’t know about you but it REALLY erks me when I’m hanging pictures frames, I measure it out, check and double check my measurements, drill the hole for the wall anchor, screw in the screw, hang up the picture, and it’s CROOKED!!! Makes me so mad! I don’t know how you can measure, check and double check your measurements, and still have it come out crooked!

At this point you are kind of stuck because you can’t take out the wall anchor and move it up 1/16″, because then you’d have a huge gaping hole in your wall. So this is what I do.

Hanging pictures frames evenly - Ask Anna

Yep, that’s a nail, on top of the screw. I know it seems totally silly but the nail gives it just the amount of lift that it needs to be perfectly straight. I’ve been doing this for years and when I got married my husband thought I was totally nuts for doing this, but now he does it too! It’s just a simple solution to a super frustrating problem, even if it does seem a little silly.
What’s your trick for fixing crooked picture frames?
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  1. janet @ ordinary mom says:

    My trick is that I use 3m command velcro at the bottom of every picture I hang. I started using it because of the kidlets and I didn’t want them to move, hit or possible make a frame fall off. Now I realize that when a frame is crooked, the velcro can help to hold it in a straight position. I cut the strips into small squares so that they are easy to hide and I get more bang for my buck! :)

  2. Having encountered the same situation over and over again. I came up with the idea to use double-sided sticky tape. I place a little square (about 1/2″ x 1/2″) behind the frame corner that is hanging low, eye it up to make it straight and press it to the wall. No extra hole and “wa-la” picture hangs straight forever. :)

  3. Creative solution! When I have trouble getting my photos to hang straight, I often use a piece of that 3D, two-sided tape that you can buy to hang posters. I just stick a piece or two on the back of the frame. It does a great job!

  4. I love this. I think you did this at my house once!

  5. Carla S. says:

    I have always used a little piece of florist clay behind the frame. Works great. These are all good ideas.

  6. Miriam Kearney says:

    Getting pictures straight isn’t my problem; getting them at the right height and position is. (If it’s crooked, just slide it on it’s hanger a bit) To make sure it’s in the right place, I use a gadget to mark the hole – I think it’s called Picture Hanger or something like that – I got it at Lowes. I’ve long since lost it’s label. You hang the picture from the hook and then put it on the wall where you want it, take off the picture (it can be tricky to do this if it’s a large picture so get some help then but otherwise it’s easy to do on your own.) After you remove the picture, you press on the gadget and voila it makes a mark right where you want the screw. Works every time.

  7. Lee Stewart says:

    When hanging any frame, just use a spirit level. Draw a feint horizontal pencil line on the wall wider than your hooks. Find the centre point of where you want to hang it, then measure half the width to the right, then half the width to the left (along the pencil line). Once drilled / nailed, just erase out the pencil line.