Cleaning Checklist for Moving

This month we are packing up our house and moving!!!  We aren’t moving for a few more weeks but using this checklist, I have already started packing up the house. With the packing process under way there are lots of empty shelves and spaces that need to be cleaned. I’m not one of those people that likes to leave behind a messy house for the new owners so today I wanted to share a cleaning checklist for moving so you know what you should clean when you move out of your home.

#1 Cupboards
When I move into a house, one of the first things I want to do is unpack the kitchen, because the kitchen is where we spend a lot of our time. So when I move I like to make sure the kitchen cupboard are clean for the new owners. Typically kitchen cabinets don’t get super dirty but they do get dusty so a wipe down with an all-purpose cleaner and a damp Bounty DuraTowel is a quick and easy way to get them clean. Because the Dura-Towels are so durable you can use a single paper towel to clean all of your cupboards, just wipe down one cabinet, rinse and repeat!

Cleaning Checklist for Moving - Ask Anna

#2 The Fridge
A dirty fridge totally grosses me out and no one wants to put their food into a dirty fridge.  Luckily it’s a super simple thing to clean that will make a big impact! Take just a few minutes, some all purpose cleaner, a Bounty DuraTowel and wipe down each of the shelves and drawers. In minutes your fridge will sparkle like new!

Cleaning Checklist for Moving - Ask Anna

#3 Windows and mirrors
Streak-free, and fingerprint-free, windows and mirrors will make a house feel clean.

Cleaning Checklist for Moving - Ask Anna

When you move, use the Zap Cloth to quickly wipe down windows and mirrors to leave them sparkly clean. It will only take you a few minutes to clean them all and it will make a huge impression on your new tenants!

#4 Bathrooms
I’ve moved into plenty of places that had dirty bathrooms and I can’t tell you how much it grosses me out! I guarantee the new owner of your home does not want to have to clean up old urine spots off the toilet or the floor (ewwww!!!).

Cleaning Checklist for Moving - Ask Anna

To leave a sparkly clean bathroom for the new tenants make sure to give your bathroom a really good detailed clean the week of your move and then once everything has been moved out give the toilets, the floor around the toilet, the counters, the sink, the light switches and door handles a quick wipe down with a disinfectant wipe. This will ensure the bathroom is clean for the new owners and it will smell clean too!

#5 Floors
With people in and out of the house on moving day, the floors can take quite a beating. Make sure you have some Woolite Pet+Oxi on hand, to get out any unexpected stains, and once you’ve gotten all the stains out vacuum and steam mop the floors. The new owners will love walking in and seeing fresh vacuum lines and streak-free floors!

Taking the time to clean these 5 things won’t take you too long, and your new tenants will be so grateful! I would love to move into a house that already felt clean, it would make moving so much more enjoyable for me! Now if only there was a way to show this post to the people that will be moving out of your NEW house… {wink}


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  1. The bathroom is definitely always the worst in new places. One thing that most people usually forget is the toilet seat hinges.

    Also, the bathroom cabinet is almost never clean. And I’m supposed to put my toothbrush in there? No thanks.