How to Remove Dry Erase Marker

Malea loves the dry erase desktop I made her last year!  She colors on it all the time but sometimes she forgets to wipe it off and after a few days the ink doesn’t wipe right off like it does when it’s fresh.  Luckily there is a super simple solution for how to remove dry erase marker.

How to remove dry erase marker - Ask Anna

Rubbing alcohol.

How to remove dry erase marker - Ask Anna

All you have to do is pour some rubbing alcohol on a tissue and wipe off the desktop.  The ink will come right up. 

How to remove dry erase marker - Ask Anna

If the surface is completely covered in ink, you might have to do it a couple times but when you’re done the surface will be sparkly white again!

How to remove dry erase marker - Ask Anna

How’s that for a quick and easy cleaning tip?! :)

How's that for a quick and easy cleaning tip?! :)


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  1. Does it work to take it off painted walls? I have a two year old artist in residence…

    • I’m so sorry I’m just getting back to you about this! I have been so crazy this summer and I’m way behind on returning comments. I hope I’m not too late but I would say do not use the rubbing alcohol on the walls because it will take your paint off! I would try hydrogen peroxide or vinegar instead. Baby wipes also work. :)

  2. How have I never heard of this before? Brilliant! My kids just got a hand-me-down easel that had a very messy white board. The rubbing alcohol got it sparkling clean. Thank you!

  3. rina leduc says:

    great idea, if you don’t have rubbig alcohol, what else culd i use, let’s say on clothes?

  4. I love this trick. I works well to get permanent markers off too. :)

  5. Heather says:

    You can also re-write over the old marker and then erase it. I do this often with the dry erase calendar we use on our fridge!

  6. Baby wipes work great too!

  7. Debra clark says:

    That’s awesome! I got tired of cleaning markers off everything. So I coated every possible surface my kids can scribble on with drawitpaint whiteboard paint. it gives it a shiny coat so it always looks clean and happens to be very easy to clean.