Let Neighborhood Kids know when it’s time to Play!

I shared this a few weeks ago at Tatertots & Jello but now that the days are longer, and the kids are knocking on our doors, I wanted to share this simple solution for letting the neighborhood kids know when it’s time to play, and when it’s not.

I love that even though my daughter is only 4, that the kids want to play with her.  However I don’t love that they come knocking at all times of the day, and usually multiple times a day.  I feel bad having to open the door and say, “we are working on homework”, “we are getting ready to go to ballet”, etc.  If you have kids, you know what I mean. I decided it would be easier for me to make a sign that would let them know if my daughter was available to play, that way they would know as soon as they rode their bikes up to the door, whether or not they should knock. 

To make the sign I gathered a few items I had around the house and printed the words “Let’s play!” and “Let’s play later” with my Silhouette.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

* Small piece of wood, mine is 5″x5″
* Paint
* 2 Paint brushes
* Vinyl cut outs or stickers
* Mod Podge
* Twine
* Glue gun
* Staple gun

First I painted both sides of my wood square.  You can paint them the same color if you’d like but I have lots of left over paint so I thought it would be fun to use 2 different colors.

After the paint dried I transferred my vinyl cutouts onto the wood.

Since the sign will be outside I wanted to give it a little extra protection so I painted a layer of Mod Podge on both sides.

After the Mod Podge had dried I used my glue gun to wrap all the edges of the sign in twine.  I was going to use ribbon but since it’s going to be outside I though using twine would give it a more “outside” look.  You can use whatever you prefer though. 

I love the way it looked after adding the twine!

Once all the edges were wrapped I cut off a small piece of twine (about 6 inches) and stapled it to the top, using a staple gun.   Then I took my sign out front and hung it on my chalkboard.

I think it’s a cute addition to the front porch and I love that now I won’t have to answer the door for the neighborhood kids as much!


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  1. I have no idea why I never thought of this :) Talk about saving my sanity this summer, making this sign this week. Thanks for posting

  2. This is much nicer than the big NO sign I was going to make when i didn’t want them to ring the doorbell!!


  3. Crystal says:

    Genius!! I love this!! Such a great idea and helper for any mom!! Love it!!

  4. can you tell me how to get rid of roaches ? help !

  5. Christi Wilson: Founder, Girlfriends Coffee Hour says:

    This is a great idea Anna!!! Thank You!!!

  6. What a GREAT idea! I wish I had this when my boys were little. It seemed as soon as they had quieted down for a nap or to work on homework, someone was banging on the door to play.