Spring Cleaning Round-up

Have you been bit by the Spring Cleaning bug yet?  No matter when, or how, you Spring Clean, here’s a top 10 list of Ask Anna posts that you should add to your Spring Cleaning list, if you haven’t already.  If you click on the title, or the picture it will take you to the full post so you can see each tutorial in full!

#1 Clean between the oven glass
Do you have drips or spills between your oven glass, that have been making you crazy?  Here’s a super easy tutorial for how to clean them up and have a sparkly clean oven door again!


#2 Clean your dishwasher
You probably don’t think about cleaning your dishwasher, since it runs all the time, but it’s important to clean your dishwasher to keep it running smoothly, and lasting longer!  And don’t worry, it’s not very hard. :)


#3 Wash and wax your vents
This is a great trick I learned from my mom!  Personally I hate cleaning the vents throughout the year, but with this super easy trick your vents will be easier to clean, and not get dust build-up throughout the year!


#4 Clean your baseboards
I don’t know about you, but I hate cleaning the baseboards.  It’s one of my LEAST favorite chores which is why I came up with this “lazy way” to clean them.


#5 Clean the oven
After a long winter your oven could probably use a good cleaning! This post is a full tutorial for how to clean your oven from top to bottom, using all natural cleaners.


#6 Clean your Dyson
If you have a Dyson vacuum this is a must read! I’ve cleaned my Dyson like this for years and after a good cleaning it always runs like new again!


#7 Clean the washing machine
If you have an HE washing machine here’s an awesome tutorial for how to clean it and get rid of that nasty mildew smell!

If you own an old school washing machine, like me, then here’s a simple tutorial to clean it and get rid of all the grime.


#8 Wash windows inside and out
Now that the sun is shining you’ll want to be able to look outside with a clear, smudge-fee view!  This is an awesome post for how to clean your windows from top to bottom!


#9 Clean and organize the fridge and freezer
I clean out old food in my fridge every time I go grocery shopping but I think it’s a good idea to take everything out, clean it and organize it, at least once a year.  This post will give you tips for how to do that!


#10 Clean and organize the kitchen cabinets
Here are two great posts that will help you clean out and organize your kitchen cabinets, no matter how big, or small, your kitchen is!  For help organizing your spice cabinet click HERE.

For help organizing the rest of your kitchen click HERE.

By adding all these simple tips to your Spring Cleaning list your house will be sparkly clean in no time! If you would like a detailed Spring Cleaning Checklist you can find a printable one HERE.

Make sure to come back on Monday to hear the announcement for our BIG Spring Cleaning Challenge, brought to you by The Best Cleaning Bloggers!  You can also join me and 3 other bloggers next Wednesday for Spring Cleaning: How the Pros Do It on Google+.


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  1. Great tips … I pinned this!

  2. LOVE these tips! Great round-up and a ton of helpful information!

    Have an awesome day rock star!

  3. Fantastic tips and tutorials Anna. Gotta get my spring cleaning on!

  4. Great tips!! Thanks so much!! I’ve been putting off spring cleaning just because I don’t like to do it, but it needs it. It’s been beautiful here and my house needs to be fresh for the spring and summer!

  5. Love the tricks and tips. Got any for mattresses? I’ve seen the ones with lavender oil and baking soda but is that going to get out stains like from formula or leaked diapers?

  6. Karen Daggett says:

    I like your blog. Thanks for the great tips. You have me in the mood to tackle some of my own projects. I will take advantage of that. You are appreciated.