How to Make DIY Chalkboard Labels

DIY Martha Stewart Chalkboard Label Knockoffs

It’s almost spring cleaning time and you know what that means…. you’re about to seriously get your home clean and organized!! Plus, enjoy some much needed beautiful weather after winter. Now is the perfect time for this tutorial because you will be able to organize EVERYTHING in your home with what I am about to teach you. Today, I am sharing how to make DIY chalkboard labels {Martha Stewart knockoffs}.

This tutorial is really short and simple {my kind of style}!

DIY Chalkboard Label Tutorial

FIRST: Hop on the computer and go to

NEXT:  Once in picmonkey, you’ll want to go into “Create a Collage.” Use the template that they provide and delete two of the squares by clicking the “x,” so that you only have one big square. SAVE this white background as a picture and you can name it something like “Chalkboard Label Template,” to keep it organized.

THEN: Now open up again and this time you want to click “edit a photo.”

#1 Upload your white back template and then click on the icon that looks like cloud bursts that are shown in the picture above.

#2 Then click labels from the different categories.

#3 You can chose any label you want but I showed you which one I went with. It is the exact shape of the Martha Stewart labels. You can resize the label to the size you want by holding down the “shift” key and resizing it with your mouse.

You should now have a label like the one shown above. Ya?

How to make chalkboard labels

#4 Ok, now you want to change the color of your label. Click on it so it becomes highlighted and a box should pop up. Change the first color to “fffff” (white) and the second color to “00000″ (black). This will give you a “stencil” for your new labels.

Does yours look like the one I made above?

LASTLY: Save this template as a picture “Chalkboard Label Template” just like it is.  Don’t try to crop it or resize it. You want to print it out just like you see on the screen after you save it as a picture.

DIY Labels Chalkboard

Next cut the template out.  Then lay the template on the backside of the vinyl so you can trace it and cut your labels out of the chalkboard vinyl.  Trace it as many times as you need, to make as many labels as you’d like.

DIY Chalkboard Labels

This is the marker I used, if you live locally, you can purchase them at “Cash and Carry”, or I believe most of the craft stores carry chalkboard markers or chalkboard pens. Check with Hobby Lobby, Craft Warehouse, Michael’s, Joann’s, etc. {you can call them and ask instead of driving all the way there, I do this a lot!}

Chalk board labels DIY

 And this is how my new labels look all cute and organized in my laundry room!

Chalk labels DIY

Chalkboard Sticker Labels DIY

DIY Martha Stewart Chalkboard Label Knockoffs

Project Recap:

Chalkboard Vinyl:  Hobby Lobby {A 5 ft roll is at Hobby Lobby for $7.99- use a 40% off coupon and this will be a GREAT deal}

Chalkboard Marker: Cash and Carry
How I created the label:

I hope you enjoyed this easy tutorial on how to make DIY chalkboard labels.

Good luck and enjoy your newly organized space!

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  1. Great idea! I was wondering if you could buy vinyl on its own like that. Love chalkboard labels, and to be able to do them myself would be a big plus! I wonder if you could use a large circular hole punch to cut them out? Not sure if it would work on the vinyl, but I might have to do some investigating on this one. Thanks for the tip!

    • Hey Jenny,
      Yep, you could also use a circular hole punch or silhouette machine or something similar. This tutorial is made for people who have nothing….like ME, so I did the easiest route possible that was the most cost effective. But, if you have the tools to make this even easier, I say GO FOR IT! :)
      Good luck!

  2. TwoDiffSocks says:

    Hi Ya’ll,

    Why not just buy the vinyl, a stamp of your choice and pen from Amazon like i did & went to town on my pantry. or the vinyl & pen & cut the vinyl in any shape your heart desires?

    • You can totally do that! As I mentioned in my comment above, this tutorial was designed for people who didn’t want to buy stamps or other tools like a silohuette or circuit machines. They would be able to create the stencil at no cost. The chalkboard vinyl at Hobby Lobby is $7.99 for 18″ x 5′ and using a 40% off coupon would make it $4.79+tax but you don’t have to pay shipping. The chalkboard markers are around $4 and you could use a coupon on those too. Hope this helps!

      Thanks for your tips!

  3. Nicole W. says:

    FYI – Your first picmonkey link is wrong. THANK YOU for the link to this free site! Yeah!

  4. I can’t seem to get the chalkboard marker to stay on the label. It is coming off after handling the label.

    • If it’s regular black vinyl it will do that, I’ve made the same mistake. If it’s chalkboard vinyl it should come off. :/ If you want to give it an extra coat of “chalkboard” you could spray it with the chalkboard spray paint, they sell it at Orchard Supply Hardware, Home Depot and sometimes at Lowe’s.

  5. Super cute! Once I get my home’s laundry room organized, I’ll have to make these labels! I love the look of chalkboard paint.

  6. Love the tutorial! Also love your laundry room signs on the wall- did you make those? :)

  7. Thanks!!!!!! Super helpful.