Tips for Organizing School Clothes {Guest Post}

Hi, I’m Leanne from Organize and Decorate Everything. I’m happy to be visiting at Ask Anna today. I love all of Anna’s brilliant tips and ideas, as I know you do. My blog is full of great organizing ideas too so stop by and say hi!

By planning your kids clothes for the whole week or at least the night before, mornings go so much smoother.

I made this easy system by using a few simple crafting pieces and an over the door hanger with hooks for everyday of the week.

I bought these thin pieces of wood at Hobby Lobby (4 to a package) and then used my crop-o-dile to punch a larger hole to thread the twine through.

Then I used scrapbook paper that matches Emilee’s room to cover the wood label. I use mod podge to adhere the paper, but as you know sometimes you can get a few bubbles. I always use a little roller to roll over the paper to smooth out any little air bubbles. It works perfectly.

I used stickers to mark the days of the week on each label.

Then I punched a hole through the paper in the same place as the label hole and added twine so it could be attached to the door hanger.

Once the labels were tied on, Emilee could pick out her clothes for the whole week. She can also add accessories like belts, necklaces or scarves to the top hook to go with each outfit.

This is another system I use for the boys. I bought these hooks in the hardware area. I hang 2 options of clothes on the hooks. That way they can have a part in deciding what they wear but you know it’s appropriate for school. I just add another outfit before bedtime for the next day so they always have 2 options.

How do you plan and organize your kids school clothes?

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  1. I love the girls organizer with the tags. My daughters are older, but this would have been awesome when they were younger. My youngest daughter is 16 and she decides the night before what she is going to where, but when she gets up in the morning she changes outfits like two times. Maybe I could get her to incorporate the hanging holder and pick potential outfits. Her bed is usually covered with clothes that she thought about wearing, but chose not to. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. I like the second idea better, because sometimes if something did not get dirty my daughter can wear it again the next day. I usually take out clothes for her in the evening and put it on her carpet for her because she likes to sit on the ground when getting dressed. Whenever we get the chance I make her help me choose the outfit and then I don’t accept discussions the next morning, bacause I can always say: You helped me choose this and tonight you can choose something different, but you ‘re wearing this today. Finito. 😉
    I usually also take my own clothes out the night before and save time in the mornings myself.

  3. My tip is : i wear my sons with the same clothes, in different sizes (they’re almost 3, 2 and 1). This way i only choose one outfit, and multiply it. I’ll plan to buy the same clothes in different colors, because that’s not what i was doing, and my poorest little baby is going to wear the EXACTLY same outfits for 3 years ahah

  4. clever! and cute, too! I’m sharing the first with my pre-teen daughter, thanks! My 6 and 8 year olds are using The Organizables, and their older sister is organizing up her wardrobe now, too.

  5. I absolutely loved this idea. How simple, easy and well organized. Thanks for sharing

  6. I absolutely loved this idea. How simple, easy and well organized. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I absolutely loved this idea. How simple, easy and well organized. I don’t think that is only for the young. Lol. I should start doing this for my work clothes too.