Your house is FINALLY clean! Learn how to KEEP your house clean!

how to keep your house clean

Have you ever spent an entire day washing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, mopping the floors, straightening up…basically cleaning your entire house top to bottom? At the end of the day, you sit down with a sigh of relief. It feels good to live in a clean house, so you vow to never let your house get that messy again.

The next  morning, you walk into the kitchen to make your morning coffee and as soon as you see your spotless kitchen, you get a little pep in your step.

But then…

Your kids wake up, you make breakfast, you rush through the house making sure everyone is dressed for the day and leave in a hurry so you’re not late.

When you walk in the door that night, your house looks as if you didn’t clean a thing over the weekend. You’re back to square one.

I’m guessing this senario is familiar to almost every single one of us.

But you know what? There’s something we can do about it. It really is possible to stop the cycle and actually keep our home clean and organized.

Keep your house clean with these two tips.

After you complete one of your all day cleaning sessions, there are several things you can do keep your house clean throughout the week.

First, you want to develop good cleaning habits. Make up the bed each morning, clean your kitchen each night before going to bed, and pick up as you go are just a few. Of course, if you have other family members around, especially those little ones, teach them to do the same. 

Second, tackle one extra cleaning task each dayThis is actually easier than you think. Just tack on a few minutes to whatever task you’re doing at the moment.

  • As you clean up the kitchen each night, take a few extra minutes to straighten one of the cabinets.
  • Every time you enter your closet, hang something up or straighten a pile.
  • As you apply your makeup and brush your teeth each morning, take 60 seconds to clear off the counter and wipe it down.

If you apply these two principles, it may seem at first like you’re straightening up more often. But as you implement the habits, you’ll notice the time savings in a big way. The need for an all day cleaning session will be rare, so that means you’ll actually be able to enjoy your weekends!

I’d love to hear from you. Do you spend your weekends cleaning or do you try to clean a little each day?


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  1. I try and do a few chores a day. We may still have cleaning to do on the weekends, but it takes no time to get it done since we keep things picked up during the week!

  2. Great ideas…That “holy cow, I just cleaned this place…what happened?” feeling drives me bonkers!

  3. I try to clean throughout the week so on the weekend I just have to pick up and dishes (of course!) On Sunday nights after everyone goes to bed (which is early), I make sure the house is picked up, dishes done, etc. so that in the morning I wake up to a clean house. It starts my week out on a good note.

  4. I operate on the FlyLady system. A little each day without aiming for perfection. There are times, however, that I take the night off because I am too tired to do anything. Fortunately I have an awesome husband who picks up the slack on those nights. :-)

  5. I get that “holy cow” feeling quite a bit especially on Monday mornings. Our weekends are filled with Football, Lacrosse and Volleyball games and the constant in and out leaves my house in a mess even though it is spotless on Friday afternoon . I will definitely try your tips and see if I can keep the weekend damage to a minimum.