Frugal Kitchen Organizing Ideas {Guest Post}

While I’m with my family in Disneyland, celebrating my daughter’s 4th birthday, please welcome my friend Leslie from Goodbye House, Hello Home!  She’s got some awesome kitchen organizing tips for you today!

Hello, Home Makers!

As a professional organizer, I am excited that I get to share both my love of organizing with you today, as well as the tidy, frugal ideas that I use to simply keep my sanity in my own kitchen. 

Maybe you can use some of these solutions, too? Here we go!
1.  To save drawer space, hang your oven mitts in a hook inside a cabinet door near the oven, and hang your aprons on the pantry door or a wall hook.
2.  Store like items together in zones. A common space for small appliances makes their access handy and easy for your dishwasher-emptier to put the accessories that belong to each appliance with its mate.

3. Store your utensils out in the open, in an urn, crock or ceramic pitcher, so that they will be easier to find and to use and to be returned after being cleaned.
4. If you can afford to do so, buy matching storage containers, like these jars from Ikea, and label them.
5. Remove a few cabinet doors to have easy access to dishes. Contrary to what you might think, these dishes don’t get dirty simply because they are out in the open. They are frequently used and don’t sit still long enough to gather dust.

6. Use baskets INSIDE the refrigerator to group like items. They keep those science experiments out of the rear of the fridge, make the good foods easier to grab, and shelves stay cleaner longer.

7. Use an ordinary plate easel as a cookbook stand. It keeps your book open, clean, and in view while you are creating your newest culinary masterpiece.

8. Keep daily-use supplies handy and corralled. This is my coffee station, resting on a marble cutting board.

9. Keep only the best of your kitchen helpers. These are literally all of my casserole dishes and pie plates. I never need more than a few of these at a time.

10. If you notice a “theme” in my kitchen’s gadgets, it is that of white, glass and silver. A simple, complimentary color scheme brings unity and harmony to the space and is easy on the eyes. This is the easiest way to “organize”.

May you be blessed as you make your home! You are welcome to come visit me anytime at my blog: Goodbye, house. Hello, Home!


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  1. i got lots of ideas! thanks

  2. Thank you for the great tips. I think the kitchen is the hardest room to organize. When my daughter comes home from college, she always asks her sister what changes did Mom make to the kitchen. I keep rearranging the cabinets to try and find a better solution. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. Thank you, Anna!
    Enjoy your vacation!