Dining Room to Office and Organization Tips

If you’ve been following along with me over the past year, you saw that changing my dining room into a home office was part of our 2012 home goals. We desperately needed to make this change for two reasons. First, we felt it was unnecessary to have two dining tables back to back {the other is in our kitchen nook area}. Second, we wanted to transition the extra bedroom from the current office to the playroom, so we needed a place to move the office to. Hence this is where the formal dining room came in.

Here is what this space looked like BEFORE……

At this point we had installed wainscoting {DIY of course}, I made custom burlap and fabric curtain panels and we painted the entryway, living room and dining room Nomadic Desert to create a neutral backdrop on the walls and to brighten up the space.

Here’s a look into the living room {which is now our family room} from the previous dining room.

I know this is kind of confusing…so go read this post HERE to see what changes we are making from room to room.

So after selling 3 entire rooms FULL of furniture and starting over {and this time building, up-cycling, and/or re-purposing everything} we have almost finished creating our new family room, dining room, and home office.

This is what the current dining room turned home office looks like…

I love my new space!

It’s not complete yet…I still have to finish decorating {that’s a whole other post to share} but for now this space is clean, organized, and functional.

To see more of this makeover included how I organized my craft, sewing, office supplies and more, visit the entire post over at my blog HERE.


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  1. It looks beautiful AND functional! I turned our family room into an office/slash craft room myself. We have a living room where we hang to watch tv and didn’t need another room full of unused furniture. I have pinned your wonderful space! I love the way you’ve organized everything with the boxes and wall racks. So pretty.

  2. Did you do anything special to the burlap to keep it from shedding? I’ve got some and would love to do curtains with it, but it sheds so much. I’m wondering how that would be. Will I have to vacuum daily under the curtains?

  3. I love this! I too am getting ready to change our diningroom into a home office. I was looking today on the internet and found yours. Thanks for the inspiration!