Creative ideas for decorating a Bathroom

Most people never realize this, but if you think for a minute, you will most likely come to the same conclusion as I did: that the bathroom is one of the most essential rooms in the house. You probably can imagine a house without a living room or even without a bedroom, but what about a house without a bathroom? Yes, that would make for an interesting living situation, one I do not want to be a part of!  So why it is that while we spend so much time and money on decorating the rest of the house, our bathrooms are still pretty boring? Time to put an end to the old, white-walled, bathroom and put a bit of our style and imagination into the most important room in the house!

Of course the décor of the bathroom will vary depending on the main purpose of the bathroom. Is this your master bath, or the powder room the guests will use, or the guest bathroom, or maybe the kids’ room? While all of the above bathrooms will require their own style, some tweaking to the list below will get you to the look you want.

Pick a Theme
There is no need to come up with the most unique theme out there. Please don’t do a clown themed powder room! Even if the theme has been done over and over again, adding your touch to it will make the bathroom one of a kind. You can go with beautiful, classic themes such as underwater world, safari, beach, or even cartoon monkeys; your imagination is the limit. You may pick a city in the world as your theme, why not have a bit of Paris in your bathroom? How about a movie theme, not a specific movie, but maybe a genre or a black and white movies theme? Another good idea is a time-specific theme, such as the ancient Greece or the 1950s. Whatever your theme might be, pick one and stick with it!

Creative and Original Artwork
A framed painting purchased at your local home decorating store is great and completely acceptable, but how original is it? Do you want to walk into your friend’s house and see that she loved it so much at your home that she went out and got the same exact painting? While flattering, I wouldn’t want that at all. Scout out the garage and yard sales to find paintings that are a lot harder to find. Take a picture of that perfect sunset on vacation, blow it up, frame it and you will have everyone asking where you got it. Not really skilled with a camera or a paint brush? How about your kids’ art work, or a bamboo piece you completely forgot your aunt gave you for your birthday 10 years ago? Whatever art inspires you and fascinates you, don’t keep it locked up in your bedroom or living room, bring a taste of it into your bathroom and allow it to complete the look.

Unique Mirror
“Square, rectangular, oval or round in a wooden or metal frame, with or without a cabinet behind it” that is how we think of a bathroom mirror. But does it have to be? The mirror is one of the most important items in your bathroom, we spend a lot of time looking at it, in it, brushing our hair, putting on our makeup, shaving, brushing our teeth or just evaluating the latest outfit. Why not make the mirror fun and exciting and fit in with the theme of the rest of the room? For example: you decided to go with a beach or underwater theme. Take a bunch of seashells you found at the beach last summer (or bought at the craft store – I won’t tell) and glue them to the frame of the mirror.

You will have a reminder of the fun times you had and move another step closer (an original one at that) towards the goal of your perfect bathroom. Maybe you decided to go with a movie theme. Forgo the frame all together, get a bunch of pictures from the movies, put them in small frames and position those around the mirror. I would love to see that! Whatever you decide to do with your mirror, forget plain and boring, go for fun, daring, artistic and unique. Your mirror can be a work of art, if you let it.

Be Creative with Your Paint
Forget the rules! Throw them out the window; erase them out of your mind. Gone! White walls, white ceilings and boring tile on the floor are how we got here. Let’s get rid of them all! No, I am not saying throw some bright red paint on the wall, if that is not what your style is, but why not add a splash of color here and there? Just a trim of color around the bathroom walls will add life to your design. Why not paint a mural? Yes, I don’t know how to either, thankfully there are plenty of designs already available out there for you so you do not have to be a professional artist to look like one.

I saw a bathroom where the owners painted the walls a solid color (in this case darker shade of blue) and put on some white, curly flowers around the bathroom in random spots. Gave the bathroom a classy and stylish look and left a lasting impression on me.
The beauty in paint is that if you absolutely hate it, now or three years from now, it is the easiest thing to fix. Apply a fresh coat of paint (some primer if you actually went with red) and start all over again! It’s that easy!

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  1. I have a friend who had her powder room painted a dark, moody color with a gold glaze on top. The painter also put random ladybugs and frogs around the room, mostly at kid level, so they had something to look at. Along with the hardware and light fixtures, the result was charming and beautiful.

  2. It’s funny you should post about making your bathroom fun. I just started redoing my bathroom. I painted my walls a blue/grayish color and added white and yellow accents. It looks so much brighter and inviting. Great post!