Organized Kids Closet

Organized kids closet - Ask Anna

I am beyond excited about Malea’s new closet organizer.  So excited that I’m not even sure what to show you first!  I guess I’ll start with clothes, since this is a post about an organized kids closet!

Organized kids closet - Ask Anna

My favorite thing about the clothing organization in this closet, is that there is a rack low enough for Malea to hang up her own clothes.  It is very important to me to teach Malea how to be clean and organized, starting at a young age.  With her clothes hung so low she is able to pick out her outfits and hang up her laundry.  There are also clothes I don’t want her to get into, like clothes she doesn’t fit into yet, so I am able to hang those on the higher rack.  When she gets older we can raise the lower rack and she will still have plenty of room for all her clothes!

There is an additional clothing rack on the lower right side of the closet but for right now I removed it for additional toy storage.  Having the 3rd clothing rack will be nice for when she’s older and has more clothes.

Organized kids closet - Ask Anna

Another really cool feature, that the EasyClosets, designer added for me is a valet pole.  I never would have thought to add a valet pole but it’s perfect for setting out the next day’s clothes!  She really loves it and uses it to hang up her princess dresses when she’s having a “wardrobe change” {she’s almost 4 so we do A LOT of those!}.

Organized kids closet - Ask Anna

Here’s a close up.  When we’re not using it we just slide it back and it “disappears”.

Organized kids closet - Ask Anna

The designer also added a variety of baskets and drawers for me.  Currently her toys are hidden in the drawers {I’ll show you that in a sec} but I have her ballet clothes stored in the top basket.

Organized kids closet - Ask Anna

The drawers and baskets will be great for storing purses, pants, etc. when she’s older, but right now I am using them to organize her toys.   The big basket is, of course, her favorite, because it holds all of her Barbies, Princesses and Fairies.

Organized kids closet - Ask Anna

In the large drawer above it, I have an EasyClosets hosiery divider, that I am using to organize her toys.  When she’s older she will be able to keep her socks, underwear,  etc. organized, but for now it works great for her toys!

Organized kids closet - Ask Anna

In the drawer above that I have her train tracks, cars and trains.  Yes she is a girly girl but she loves her trains and cars!  In this drawer I used IKEA’s Skubb organizers to keep her cars and trains organized.  I love the Skubb organizers, I have them in all of my drawers.

Organized kids closet - Ask Anna

I used the shelves on the right side of the closet to organize her books and puzzles.  She used to forget about her puzzles because they were stored in my office but now they are in her closet and easy to access.  To see how I organized her puzzles see this post.

Organized kids closet - Ask Anna

I also took down the 3rd clothing rack and used it to store larger items, like her balls and her vacuum.  I was ecstatic when I finished putting away all her toys and discovered how nicely it all fit!  By just adding some shelves and drawers I was able to maximize the closet space and organize ALL of her toys!

Organized kids closet - Ask Anna

Of course princesses have purses too, so I added some hooks for her purses, just outside of the closet.  I also have a stool there so she can reach things that are higher up in her closet.

Organized kids closet - Ask Anna

Another thing I love about her new closet organizer from EasyClosets, are the additional shelves on top.  Now that I have 2 layers of shelves on top, I have plenty of room to store her school work and keepsakes, as well as things like her suitcase, humidifier, etc. To see how I used the boxes on the top shelf to organize her seasonal & hand-me-down clothes, click HERE.

Organized kids closet - Ask Anna

I’m pretty much in love with her whole closet {can you tell?} and I’m super jealous, I wish it were mine. The good thing though was that it was totally affordable so I will be doing mine in the future.

Organized kids closet - Ask Anna

I have always thought that you had to spend a fortune to get a super nice, custom closet, but not with EasyClosets!  As I mentioned yesterday I told the designer that I wanted all the perks but without the big price, and he delivered.  Malea’s closet was ordered, cut, shipped and installed all within one week for only $800.00!!!  To get a custom closet design and package like that, with any other company it would cost you thousands!  I will definitely be saving up to do my closet next.  In the end I’m glad I did Malea’s closet first because she loves it so much, in fact just the other day she said to me, “Mommy I really love my closet, it’s so pretty.  I like it so much better than my other closet.”

Organized kids closet - Ask Anna

 Here are some examples of other custom closets EasyCloset has designed.

Organized closets with EasyClosets - Ask Anna What closet would you like to makeover?

Here’s a little video I put together if you’d like to see my full tour of the space! {If you like my dress you can give props to my hubby, he bought it for me for Christmas}.


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  1. This looks awesome!! Such a great, functional use of space.

  2. It’s so pretty! I would love a closet like that too.
    I agree that we should teach our kids when they’re little to pick up after themselves/be organized. The closet is such a great way to help her and allow her to do it for herself.

  3. Wow that is amazing. I hope we can remodel our bedroom soon and have a walk in closet. I know what I want it to look like. I will have to visit EasyClosets site to see what I can come up with.

  4. THis is SO fabulous. I’m totally jealous.

  5. It is incredible!! I love, love, love the organization! I love the yellow color in the background. Really makes it look pretty!!

  6. Love this closet makeover, and I’ve already been designing my perfect closet on their website! So inspired to get organized.

  7. It looks amazing! I need that for my younger girls.

    • Wow, that an amazing closet!!! It must be a dream to get one like that. Beautiful job! Thank you for sharing and have a great day.

    • Love it! I also love that you think it is important to teach cleanliness and organization at an early age. Me too! My hubby and I rent at the moment (womp womp…) so doing something like this is not an option. But we are hoping to buy in the future and I look forward to having a closet designed for our daughter Taegan’s room!

      All the best from England. :-)

  8. Christine Brown says:

    Looks beautiful, Anna! Where did you get the white lidded bins on the top rack? I have been looking for bins with lids and am having the hardest time finding nice ones. Thanks!

  9. Shelly Marstall says:

    This looks wonderful! Where did you get the tall, circular bin you keep her balls and other bigger toys?

  10. This closet is fantastic! I not only love it from an organizing prospective, but I have a 4 year old and we just tacked her playroom and the bedroom closet is next. Great ideas and appreciate the lower budget suggestions. Totally going to get a valet pole. Smart Idea!

  11. Midwest sweetie says:

    I love the thought put into the design! Great execution/implementation of features!

    How much did that cost??? I just priced a VERY small closet system today from easyclosets and it was over $1000.00!! OUCH.