Ask Anna turns TWO! Blogiversary #2!!!

I can’t believe it’s already been 2 years since I started blogging.  It feels like I’ve been blogging forever, but at the same time, it’s gone by really quickly.  This year held lots of new adventures for me including my first blogging conference this summer!  It was so much fun going to a conference and actually meeting some of my online friends face to face!

These are my friends Karianne from Thistlewood Farm, and Vanessa & Heather from At the Picket Fence.

The other huge thing that happened this year was moving my blog from a Blogger platform over to WordPress.  It was a crazy couple of weeks getting situated, but now that I’ve been on WordPress about 6 months, I’m feeling more comfortable.  I still have a TON to learn though!

Because I think it’s fun to look back and celebrate all that happened in the last year I am following in tradition and posting the last year, here at Ask Anna, by numbers…

630 — The number of published posts to date on Ask Anna

5,235 — the number of comments left by you, my lovely followers

3,934 — number of Feedburner followers (when I switched to WP in the summer I lost over 4,000 feeds, they just vanished, so I had to restart in June with about 2,900)

339,595 — the highest number of pageviews for a post.  The winner… How to Paint a Perfect Line (last year the highest was only 124,460!!)

336,226 — the second highest pageview count.  That post is How to Clean your Dyson (last year’s second highest was 57,750!)

899, 293 — total number of pageviews last month

6,614,603 — the number of total pageviews since my last blogiversary (Last year it was only 989,651, CRAZY!)

20,021 — Number of Pinterest followers

3 –the number of videos I posted on the blog last year (more to come this year): How to paint a perfect line, Oreck Magnesium review, Oreck VersaVac Review

10 — Number of DIY makeovers we did to our house this year (not in order):

1. Painted kitchen counters,
2. painted dining room chandelier,
3. finished laundry room makeover,
4. created and decorated an office for myself
5. guest bathroom makeover,
6. transformed our entryway with board and batten,
7. made over the front porch,
8. stained the fireplace surround,
9. master bathroom mini makeover,
10. completed living room transformation.  Yep, it’s kind of like we have a whole new house!

3 — total number of themed parties I threw this year:

Publisher’s Clearing House party

Princess birthday party

Mad Men Party

Overall this has been an incredible year!  I’ve been able to work with so many fabulous readers, other bloggers, brands, advertisers, etc.!  I am so excited about what this next year holds for Ask Anna, I can’t wait to see what God is going to do, what questions you will have, what projects we will do around the house and what other surprises there will be!

Thank you all for following, for asking me questions, for trusting me for answers, and for letting me be a part of your daily life!!!  Without you Ask Anna wouldn’t be what it is today, I’m so thankful for each and every one of you!

Now here are the answers to some of YOUR questions for me!

 If you would like to read my Blogiversary #1 post click here.


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"Hi I'm Anna! Welcome to Ask Anna where I love to answer your household questions! I have always loved to clean, organize and decorate and this blog is a fun way for me to help you love it too! I am a busy mom of a beautiful little girl and I'm married to the love of my life. Together we fill our days with projects , laughter and love. I serve an incredible God and overall I'd say I'm truly blessed!"

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  1. Happy Anniversary, Anna! Very exciting…can’t wait to see what’s in store for you in year 3!

  2. Happy 2nd Anniversary! I really enjoyed your video and the Q & A!

  3. Congratulations on 2 years!! So exciting. Your hard work and dedication shows. Wish you all the best Anna!!

  4. Congratulations on your 2nd blogiversary Anna! I had no idea you’d only been blogging for 2 years… you’re a real pro :) Your success is inspiring to me. Thanks for all your helpful tips! Loved the video (and the picture of you as a blonde)!

  5. Congrats Anna!!

  6. Awesome growth Anna! Congrats on a great year and best wishes for an even better 2013!!

  7. Happy Anniversary Anna!! What a blessing!!