Planning a Holiday Bake Day

The holidays are here and if you love to bake up a storm for friends and family then this is a must read!

I love baking cookies and treats for the holidays, and creating a plan for your holiday baking day is essential in it being a success. Planning your baking day ensures you are organized with how many cookies you’ll make, what variety, the recipient list, the perfect containers for your freshly baked gifts and more.

Here is what you’ll want to plan before the big day:

Planner Perfect’s Christmas planner, has room for your holiday baking

The best day for you to bake.
Set one day aside to bake, to wrap and freeze dough to bake off when needed, frost and give on the day, and pack some away to easily pull-out for Santa. Consider all of this when creating your baking plan.

Write out your cookie list.
Check out PPM for some great cookie recipes, look through your favorite Christmas magazines, and write down your traditional favorites. This will give you a written visual of all you want to bake on your baking day. Don’t forget what you’d like to bake now to freeze for Christmas morning. We love cinnamon rolls, so I bake and freeze now on my baking day so it makes for an effortless Christmas morning. I simply add some scrambled eggs and sausage with some orange juice and coffee and our Christmas morning is divine.

Write out all the ingredients you’ll need before the big day.
I love to go Sams or Costco. You can buy all of your holiday baking needs there for a fraction of the cost and in bigger sizes. If you’re ever going to buy big for baking supplies, this is the month! Make sure you have all the baking tools you’ll need, a pretty apron (for your kids, too) Christmas oven mitts, your favorite Christmas songs ready, and you have plenty of parchment paper and saran wrap.

Time to bake!
This is going to be fun. Make sure your dishwasher is empty and ready to cycle dirty dishes in, the oven is set, your ingredients out and in view, your Christmas music playing and some candles lit. You are now officially ready to make some magic happen! I always start of fresh brew of coffee for all my taste testing. A treat for a job well done.

Here are some of my favorite holiday treats that we bake during the holidays:

Have a wonderful time baking friends, and Merry Christmas! 






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