Peacock Themed Christmas Tree

I’ve never been a themed Christmas tree kind of gal, until this year. Last month, while we were in Tennessee, I was walking through Hobby Lobby and I saw this beautiful peacock ribbon in with all the Christmas ribbon.  I liked it so I bought it, not really knowing what I was going to do with it. Little did I know, it would be the beginning of my first themed Christmas tree: a peacock themed Christmas tree!!!

When I got all of our Christmas decor down I realized that all my old stuff didn’t really coordinate with the current colors of my living room.  In the last 2 years I have completely made over my living room so now it’s filled with lots of lovely teals, greens and grays.

So looking around my living room, and remembering the ribbon I purchased at Hobby Lobby, I decided to do a peacock themed tree: lots of blues, teals, greens, purple, silver and gold.  Luckily this year Pier 1 has a ton of peacock themed Christmas ornaments so I was able to find new tree decorations pretty easily.

Peacock Themed Christmas Tree - Ask Anna

Peacock Themed Christmas Tree - Ask Anna

I love these big sparkly flowers, I put a bunch of them on the tree because I think they’re so fun!

Peacock Themed Christmas Tree - Ask Anna

Here’s what the whole tree looks like.

Peacock Themed Christmas Tree - Ask Anna

Here it is all lit up at night.

Peacock Themed Christmas Tree - Ask Anna

Here’s a picture of some of the gifts under the tree.  I just love this time of year!!!

I love it.  It fits our living room perfectly and the colors make me so happy!  I think next year I might do a flocked tree so all the bright colors show up even more!

Peacock Themed Christmas Tree - Ask Anna

Do you do a themed Christmas tree?  I’d love to hear your themes, if you do!

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  1. This works so well in your space. Beautiful

  2. Very beautiful!! The colors really pop. We don’t do a theme for our tree. For years, each one in our family of 4 painted an ornament to put on the tree. In the past 6 years, we have gone to each person picking out and buying a personal ornament. Our tree if full of memories from each year of our lives as a family. So, I guess we do have a theme…Family Memories :)

  3. Anne Marie says:

    Stunning tree Anna!

  4. AmberWorth says:

    Where did you find those beautiful flowers that were on your christmas tree?


  5. How did you get your lights to lie flat? I have a canvas I did and wanted to hang on wall. It will not lay flat. Love all of your posts.

    • I spread them far enough apart so they wouldn’t be all bunched together. You could tape them down though, use electrical tape to really hold them down. :)

  6. You asked about themes. I wanted to be a great sentimental mom and keep all the ornaments my kids and others made for me. Finally one of my children asked me as I dragged them through another store with huge beautifully decorated Christmas trees, “Why can’t we have a Christmas tree like this one?” The others chimed in and agreed.
    So after Christmas I started buying up items to start a new theme (they were half-price or more). We have changed themes often. First we had my Crystal or Glass tree; next my Victorian tree where I made most of the ornaments, then my Little Wooden Toy tree, Then Red and Gold, then, Around the World tree with ornaments from living in Europe, then Enchanted Forest, then White and Fluffy(we never really named this one) tree, Seashore tree, Gold and Silver tree and this year we are doing a new one, which is how I got on your site, a Peacock Tree. I have been alive for LONG time. I probably forgot one or two and a lot of the ornaments can be passed to another tree and so it goes. It is great fun to do. But I have seen so many colors that are supposed to be for peacocks, I can’t decide which ones I will use!