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Holiday decoration storage ideas -- Ask Anna

Happy 26th of December!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas yesterday.  Ours was fun, but busy busy.  Now that Christmas is over it’s time to start thinking about packing up and storing all the seasonal decorations.  Last year I did a 14 day cleaning and organizing challenge and one of the posts was on how to store seasonal decor.  Today I thought I’d give you a little re-cap of the post, and also give you some new ideas that I’ve found this year! 

#1 Ornaments
If you’re looking for a storage idea for all of your glass bulbs, look no further than the fridge.  Empty egg cartons are the perfect solution for storing fragile bulbs and other small ornaments.  That’s what I call an EGG-cellent idea!

My other favorite ornament storage solution is one that I found on Pinterest. For ornaments that don’t have boxes anymore, “hot glue plastic cups to pieces of cardboard, sized to fit inside your storage tubs.”

{Mom’s Party Cafe}

#2 Christmas lights
Christmas lights can turn into an huge mess of cords if you don’t store them properly.  Here are a couple inexpensive ideas to keep them from turning into a tangled mess!

If you have left over boxes from Christmas morning cut them down so they will fit inside one of your storage bins.  When you take the lights off the tree and house, wrap the light strands around the cardboard pieces, which will keep them from getting tangled.  This solution will keep the lights organized and keep your recycle bin empty! 


#3 Wrapping Paper
I don’t know about you but I always have left over wrapping paper!  Better to have too much then too little.  Here are my favorite ideas for how to store wrapping paper and keep it from getting crinkled in the closet.




#4 Decluttering
The number ONE key to getting, and staying, organized is decluttering.  If you have decorations that you didn’t use this year, or haven’t used the past couple of years, then get rid of them.  Donate them to a friend or the local Salvation Army.  There’s no sense in storing decorations you won’t ever use again.

If you’re really wanting to get organized this January make sure to top by on Friday to hear all about the HUGE organizing challenge that me, and the other “Top Organizing Bloggers” are hosting!

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  1. I have a question about my ceramic stand alone Christmas decorations. Is there an easier way to store them besides bins? Help too many bins

    • What kind of ceramic decorations are you referring to? How big/small are they? I might be able to come up with a creative solution but I personally use bins to organize all my decorations, it’s the easiest way for me to keep them organized and labeled. :)